The Great Olympic SPOILER Invasion

We are barely a week into the London Olympics, and cries over winner spoilers are already on my nerves. The only spoiler I wish I had taken up was the opening ceremony failure, seriously, what the hell was that? Queen Elizabeth II, you a sell out girl!

I won’t get into the details, but I would’ve expected a little better showing from director Danny Boyle. I think the saying goes, “keep it simple stupid”, or I would say “simpler” especially when it came to the long, drawn out section depicting the Industrial Revolution. YAWN! And since Sir Paul McCartney closed the opening, I hope Sir Elton John closes the closing. Did that sound naughty? All right, let’s get back to the spoilers.

I’m going to be honest, I could care less when I find out who wins what. We all know Michael Phelps has a bazillion gold medals, so what’s the spoiling in that? Though I think Ryan Lochte definitely screwed Phelps out of getting another gold in the 4×100 freestyle relay. SPOILER, they took the silver! See? So stupid. Four years ago, the Summer games were held in a country (Beijing, China) that is a whole day ahead of us. And yes, Facebook and Twitter were around then. Oh hell, news reporters were around then too. Why is this Olympics, where, in my time zone, London is six hours ahead, being scrutinized for spoilers? I have a friend who is trying to stay off the internet until he watches NBC’s “delayed” coverage of that day’s marquee events each night. However, he had the good sense to try and watch the NBC live stream, that’s where you will really see things happen, only downside, there’s a LOT of ads. The new NBC Sports Network and sometimes, NBC’s other sister networks, MSNBC, CNBC, and Bravo will air LIVE events each day, and they may not be marquee events, but they are happening in real time. In other words, don’t count on the mother ship for complete coverage.

This doesn’t look good at all! ( via Reuters)

I tend to find the lesser marquee events, like ping pong and archery, more interesting. They are world-class athletes too. However, I’m only interested in one event right now, Women’s Soccer bitches! The US Women’s National team is undefeated so far going into the Quarterfinals where they will face New Zealand, AND the match will be broadcast LIVE Friday on the NBC Sports Network at 9:30 AM ET. The Olympics always has these stories of certain athletes and teams. The USWNT has a great story. After being defeated by Japan in last year’s World Cup, they are on fire and they are seeking redemption and a gold medal. My boo Abby Wambach has scored in each of the 3 matches so far in London.

So if you are die hard, take a sabbatical from your usual wired-in social media life and just wait, or watch. Or if you are wanting the big events, wait and wait, and wait so more.




I Am Not An Expert But The Jacksons…

…are certifiable nut bars! I don’t know where to start. Honestly, is anyone surprised there’s a legal and a allegedly physical scrap over Michael Jackson’s children?

I think the real question is, why now? Michael Jackson passed away a little over three years ago and his mother was granted guardianship of Prince, Paris, and “Blanket”. At the time sure, there were questions over whether an elderly Katherine Jackson, who is now 82, could take care of three kids, two of which are now teenagers. At some point, I think Jackson’s other siblings were all fighting over who would be the better guardian for Michael’s kids, but what is going on right now is just stupid. You’re telling me after three years, Katherine was just going to give up, and pass the buck? Was there a plot to make her look like an unfit guardian? Probably. Or, did she just need a break? And I don’t believe for one second this is the first time the Jackson matriarch has taken time for herself away from the kids. Missing? Are you kidding me? This interview, excuse me, statement that Jackson made on Nightline Wednesday night is very bizarre and very staged, I think, to make it look like she’s out of it. See for yourself:

The poor woman is devastated that certain individuals aka family members who she would not name in the statement would take advantage of her and more importantly, take advantage of the well being of her grandchildren. Before this statement aired, video footage surfaced of Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty, appearing to lightly slap or snatch at a cell phone in her niece Paris’ hand. Paris tweeted that her grandmother was missing. Oh Jeez!

Here’s another theory. After all these years, I think the Jackson siblings (yes, even Janet) are all still jealous of Michael’s success and now, all of sudden, they all want a piece of the benefits of his star-studded and lucrative career. Here are some other questions:

*Where is Joe? I would figure he would throw his two cents in on the situation.

*Will Debbie Rowe have anything to say? According to Jackson’s will, Rowe has visitation rights and she receives yearly payments. She petitioned the courts for custody of Prince and Paris after Michael died, but lost and agreed to a settlement. Oh, she’ll come out of the woodwork.

*Will Janet gain the weight back? It appeared in the video, although the camera adds weight, she already has.

*The biggest question–will the Diana Ross clause be looked at? Okay, there may not actually be a written document, but there was talk of Ross being next in line for guardianship if something happened to Katherine. It’s crazy, but there’s no other words to describe it. There are, but I don’t have time to run down adjectives.



Former Idol Contestant Todrick Hall Finds Second Life On YouTube And It’s Worth Watching

I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember Todrick Hall on American Idol. I know he just missed the top 12. However, I always remember a name. When I was looking up info on Hall, I discovered he was in fact part of a stage version of The Color Purple,Β but when he ventured out to do his own musical, and this was pre-Idol, there was controversy over the production because Hall was going to make kids PAY to be in the show. Again, I have no memory as to if this was mentioned on the show. All I remember was season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino missed nearly 50 performances of the musical on Broadway. Let’s not get into that train wreck.

One day a few weeks ago, a friend of mine on Facebook tagged me in a video, well, tagged me to watch a video and it cracked me up! The name of the video is “Beauty and the BEAT!”. Okay, so we all remember Micah McCain’s hilarious send-up of “Belle” entitled “Hey Girl!”, but Hall’s parody takes “Belle” to another level. Just picture if Belle, played another Season 9 contestant who did make the top 12, Katie Stevens, lived in the ‘hood.

Hilarious! Well, Hall just released a new video today called “CinderFella” and it’s NOT a parody of the 1960 Jerry Lewis classic, it’s…a little different. This video has an all-star cast, just see how many you can spot. I’ll go ahead and spoil one for you, Aubrey O’Day. But other than that, it’s interesting.

Wow! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. By the way, he actually has two YouTube accounts, one has more silly stuff, the main one with the music videos is small, but I’m sure it will grow…like Pinocchio’s nose.




Just What The Hell Is Going On With Small Town Security?

I was bound and determined to watch AMC’s new “unscripted” aka reality series Small Town Security after seeing all the weird-ass promos, but never in a million years did I think this show would confuse the hell out of me.

David Naugle/AMC (Courtesy of

AMC has recently been removed from DISH network and I would say it was not a moment too soon. I kid, by the way, season 3 of The Walking Dead looks extremely bad-ass, and it better live up to the hype. In the promos for the reality show, we see just a normal little office space somewhere in America with a little yappy chihuahua running around, but now we know it’s in Ringgold, Georgia, which is just across the border from Chattanooga, TN. So this place is definitely small.

My first question, how in the hell did Joan “The Chief” Koplan end up here? Her back story, to say the least, is interesting. Her accent is not Southern at all. I would guess, she’s originally from New York, New Jersey, that general area. We find out in the first episode, a teenage Joan recorded a single under the name, “Tiger Joanie Scott” and when she puts it on a old record player and sits there listening with her lipstick-stained smile, it’s hilarious and a bit odd. Somehow, Joan was to be cast in one of motion picture’s biggest X-rated bombs, Myra Breckinridge, which starred Raquel Welch, Mae West, John Huston, Rex Reed (?!?), and Farrah Fawcett. The reason Joan refused the role, was because she would have to play the lesbian role, which was scandalous at the time, but no more scandalous than Myra’s sex change, orgy scenes and strap-on dildos, really Gore Vidal? Thus, Koplan though she would be typecast if she took the role. Smart move, but she never gain the fame she longed for. The Chief is married to The Captain aka Irwin Koplan who is the company’s salesman. In the second episode, Irwin is shown to be not much of a seller and he needs his “mojo” back so he starts using testosterone cream. Plus, he’s adamant about his gray hair, so he constantly dyes it with cheap hair color from the “Dollar Zone”, I’m not making this up!

Okay, briefly, the company is called JJK Security, yes, there is an actual business being profiled, but you wouldn’t think so by watching all the perpetual laziness. Watching The Chief is exhausting because she never seems to do anything, she smokes cigars, and, although it hasn’t been mentioned yet, she obviously suffered some kind of breakdown or had a serious injury because she doesn’t get around too well. Oh, and she curses like a sailor. I kept thinking to myself, “where is the hook?” “what is going to make me keep watching this?”. I got my answer at the end of the first episode. (Only two episodes have aired and you can watch both of them by clicking on the link contained in Small Town Security above).

If you’ve read any press on the show, you may have come across the name Dennis Croft. Lt. Croft is The Chief’s second-in-command and he seems to be the only one who gets out in the field. It’s clear from the beginning of the show, Croft is The Chief’s slave; he is at her every, and I mean every, beck and call. They are so involved, you forget Koplan has a husband. One way Joan decides to do something is go back on the air with her public access talk show, “The Joan Koplan Forum”. She had the show for years until her salty language got out of hand, however, the station manager decides to give her another shot.

Before Koplan introduces her first guest, she shows a previously-aired clip….

SPEEECY? Seriously? My jaw hit the floor! And I began to wonder if this show is supposed to be funny, touching, uncomfortable, or all three. If this wasn’t SPEECY enough, in last night’s episode, Lt. Croft basically laid out there that The Chief is the “love of his life” Okay. However, Joan still isn’t used to calling she a HE. Wacky times in North Georgia!

Small Town Security airs Sunday nights at 10C/11E on AMC.

Miscellaneous Meanderings Or I Couldn’t Narrow This Post Down To One Thing

First of all…

Fred Willard has become the new Pee-Wee Herman, in that he was arrested in an adult movie theater, allegedly, with his long hose out. PBS has already fired Willard as narrator of the channel’s Antiques Roadshow companion series, Market Warriors, and, since this is still unfolding, it’s not known if the backlash will continue. Willard also voices those LaQuinta hotel commercials, we’ll see. And there seems to be a tiny controversy over exactly how old he is. The link from lists his birth year as 1939, Wikipedia says 1933…like that matters! In short, I love Willard, and I hope his name is cleared. The comedic actor may be reprising his role as KVWN News Director Ed Harken in one of next year’s most anticipated sequels, Anchorman 2. Not all of the casting has been finalized and the film’s beginning shoot date is listed as February of next year. I pray Christopher Guest won’t cut Willard out of his next mockumentary, if there is one. Oh hell, here’s a Fred Willard penis-related clip!

Then there’s this….

Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone (Courtesy of

Oh my little baby dyke has made the cover for a second time. And let’s be honest, it would make a much better Curve or Girlfriends cover. Seriously, I question the order of “Hot, Ready Legal”, shouldn’t it be “Legal, Hot, Ready”??? I just think “Legal” is in the wrong place. But no one will pay attention to anything past the picture or “Hot”. Rolling Stone has always hitched its wagon to the next hottest teen-almost-adult star, and now it’s wife-beater wearing Bieber. No, this isn’t Lesbieber’s first cover, and to be honest, he looks more like a girl in this one, it’s the hair and the make-up, and okay, the wife-beater. I may wear one to bed tonight in her honor.

Now for something completely different. Are you as obsessed as I am with the Song Pop game on Facebook? Not to brag, but I’m kicking some serious ass, bottom line, you dare not challenge a radio DJ as this game. However, I don’t win all my challenges, because I’m either too freaked out, or I don’t listen close enough to the snippet. It’s an addictive game, but more than anything, I enjoy catching clips of songs I haven’t heard in years. For example, I totally forgot Jennifer Lopez was popping that booty back in the early 2000’s with some serious dance hits. Or Omarion‘s “O” which no one but me seems to remember. It’s great fun and a great walk down memory lane. And as you can see on this graphic, usage of the game is growing by the day. I guess it doesn’t hurt it’s also available for Apple and Android users. Go play now, but beware, I take NO prisoners.



As Expected, Steven Tyler And Jennifer Lopez Exit Idol, Randy Jackson M.I.A.


I’ll be honest, I never thought Steven Tyler or Jennifer Lopez were the best American Idol judges. Away from the show, both are talented entertainers who know when to leave. So is Idol really a sinking ship? Not necessarily, but whomever takes those judging seats will have to exceed expectations big time. The Adam Lambert story has quieted down since early this week, but I would say he’s definitely in the running for a seat whether it’s taking Randy’s place or one of the big name seats.

So, what about the Yo Dawg? His camp, if he has one, has stayed quiet on season 12 contract negotiations. I read somewhere this week that Jackson could possibly stay on the show as a mentor. Excuse me? I’m sorry but why would a someone who is not know for singing be a mentor in a SINGING competition? Come on Idol, grow a pair! Do you really want to sign another multimillion dollar paycheck over to Randy Jackson? I’m not saying that all that money has been wasted, but enough is enough.

The current names being thrown around for judges include, Mariah Carey, who missed out on a mentoring role in season one of The X-Factor USA, Mary J. Blige (eh, maybe), and Celine Dion, I like that one. Perez Hilton is once again campaigning (not sure if he’s completely serious) for a judge’s seat. Perez would be good, but I don’t think he’s a familiar enough name to certain audience age groups, aka, the older ones. I think the idea of throwing a younger artist into the mix as a judge is really the direction the producers need to go. Katy Perry would be great, but she’s extremely busy. Now if you’re telling me the producers are “considering” Miley Cyrus, back that thing up! Not a good idea. The other younger names rumored to be on the list, Nicki Minaj (wild card!) and Fergie, yes, Will.I.Am, NO!

At this point, I would like to see: Adam, maybe Jimmy Iovine, and I’m undecided on who the female judge should be. Oh wait! Shania Twain was great when she guest judged some auditions and she mentored one week, two years ago (???) However, Twain’s name has not come up so far, or I should say, yet. It wouldn’t be a complete curve ball, but it would change the game for sure.

I just pray Nigel Lythgoe’s contract is NOT renewed! Stay tuned…

Adam Lambert > Randy Jackson?

Yes ma’am! (CasparGirl/Flickr)

This is such a no-brainer, it’s a little funny. E! Online News broke the story Sunday night that Adam Lambert is being considered as a judge for season 12 of American Idol, and for once, the producers are finally getting with it.

Although ratings for the Idol monster are still good, as in, the show still wins its time slot every week, the numbers have not been as impressive since all the various judge shake-ups have taken place, not to mention recent years of crowning lackluster winners. According to the E! story, they say Jennifer Lopez is for sure NOT coming back, but other sources haven’t confirmed it. Naturally, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler are not confirmed to be coming back either. And the biggest shocker in the story, master manipulator/producer Uncle Nigel Lythgoe may also be exiting. So a serious attempt at a re-vamp may actually happen this time. No mention of Seacrest, but he’s not the reason people are not tuning in, but he might be.

In today’s rumblings, Lambert is being sought to replace Jackson, who has been there since the beginning. Um, I think Jackson should have been let go when Simon Cowell left. If the series wants to do a revitalization right, they must get rid of Jackson, no question. After Cowell’s departure, I guess the idea was to make Randy the mean, critical judge, that never happened. The only honest person on the show these days is record executive/mentor Jimmy Iovine, who I think deserves a judge’s slot. His pre-taped critiques have been the most blunt in analyzing each contestant’s performances. Plus, Iovine can be likable without dancing around and sputtering out catch phrases. Same goes for Lambert.

He will be real and he will be helpful. The only fear I have is if Adam decides to judge is that he’ll miss out on going forward with own career. I don’t want him to be pigeon-holed as a “judge on American Idol“, he will be great, but I hope he can still devote the time he wants to his other priorities. This will mark the first time a former Idol competitor will be able to relate directly to the hopefuls and the manic process they go through. It’s the missing piece the show needs, but will it be enough? And I have this question, the season 12 auditions are going on now, who is out there judging them? Stay tuned…

The Walking Dead Marathon, The Amazing Spider-Man, And Big Ang

*NOTE: I’m going to do a separate post about Adam Lambert being considered for an American Idol judge next season, because the story broke as going to bed last night Don’t worry, I’ll cover it. This is HUGE news!

Scary. (Al Pavangkanan/Flickr)

I had a fairly lazy weekend, but when I found The Walking Dead marathon on AMC, I pepped up for a good while. Ah memories of the bike girl in the park, which I still say is the best looking zombie ever made for film/tv. I don’t think I had seen season one, which was only six episodes, since it originally aired. You know everything that’s going to happen, but it’s so refreshing to see it again, like when Rick and Glenn distracted the city zombies by wearing suits made out of blood and guts, or when Andrea’s sister Amy succumbs to a zombie attack and then resurrects. The first half of season 2 didn’t seem as slow as when it first aired, and the second half was far superior. I haven’t watched the black and white version of the first episode of season one yet; it’s supposed to give the audience that “graphic novel” experience. Okay. In addition to the marathon, there were a few sneak peeks of season 3….here’s the upcoming poster for Comic-Con.

Michonne and The Governor, pictured left to right minus Rick, are two new characters entering the fray. And the weary survivors take on their biggest challenge yet, an abandoned prison. I don’t expect any slow-moving story lines this season, I expect plenty of kicking zombie ass! October isn’t that far away…

Next up, my parents invited me to tag along with them to see


All right, I’ll admit, I’m NOT a fan of the original set of films from the last decade. In fact, I think I only saw the first one at the theater. I’m not a big super hero movie geek, but I like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire was fine, but Garfield brings a better sense of youth and versatility to the character. The Amazing Spider-Man grossed nearly $140 million the past six days, and it opened on Tuesday I’m sure to puff up the ticket sales. The 2002 version grossed $144.2 million in its first six days, so prognosticators are not completely sold on this new incarnation. And Spidey better beware, The Dark Knight Rises opens a week from Friday (7/20), and I predict it will have a monster of an opening weekend.

Finally, I have zero desire to watch anything on VH1 anymore, but that has changed, thanks to Big Ang!


Angela “Big Ang” Raiola originally appeared on season 2 of VH1’s Mob Wives, but as with all reality shows, at least one cast member breaks out and now Big Ang is lucky enough to star in her own spin-off which debuted Sunday night. As all of you know, I’m a sucker for reality tv, so I was enthusiastic about checkingΒ this one out. And here’s why I like her, she’s loud, she’s herself, and most important, she has NO shame! That voice kills me! It sounds like a cross between Harvey Fierstein and Penny Marshall. And despite the Jersey-like party atmosphere, the series takes place in Staten Island, and Big Ang is focused on re-vamping her bar, the Drunken Monkey. I’m bummed the episodes are only a half-hour long, but you’d be surprised how much tomfoolery can be squeezed into a 25-min show.

Okay, I’ll write about Adam Lambert soon, but before I go here’s Lambert with Big Ang lips:


A Possible Hefty “Price Tag” For Jessie J Or “Domino” Might Be A Rip Off

Okay, this is what I was going to write about originally yesterday. By the way, concerning yesterday’s post on famous people/athletes coming out of the closet, it was not my intention to diminish the process of coming out, meaning when anyone, famous or not, comes out. Shock value can be good or bad, in this case, it was definitely exciting to watch the day unfold. I have to remember to write with a lot more clarity, so if I offended or confused anyone, I apologize. Now..

I had seen the headline about Jessie J being hit with a copyright lawsuit over “Domino”, but I hadn’t read the whole story. Then over the weekend, a couple of friends brought it to my attention. Have you ever heard the song “Bright Red Chords” by California pop rock band Loomis & the Lusts? I didn’t think so, but you might recognize the melody in the song’s verses.

And for the comparison.

I believe Will Loomis has a case. On the band’s website, the main headline links to the copyright lawsuit story. So, what happens next? Jesse J’s camp has yet to comment, the writers credited for “Domino” include the artist herself, uber-pop producer Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, who co-wrote “Price Tag” as well as hits for Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Adam Lambert, Toni Braxton, the list goes on: Martin Sandberg, and Henry Walter. In fact, Jessie J, Luke, and Kelly wrote Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A” Just a random factoid.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a big name star has tried to capitalize on a previously written melody. There are dozens of cases; Mariah Carey has been twice, one for “Hero” and one for “Make it Happen”. One I just read about, involves Men at Work’s biggest hit, “Down Under”. The band lost a suit in 2010 after not crediting the flute line at the beginning, which is based on the Australian nursery rhyme, “Kookaburra”. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

Men at Work (RIP Greg Ham, the dude playing the flute)

One more example that I think of as soon as I hear “copyright infringement” In 1997, the Rolling Stones released “Anybody Seen My Baby?” and the chorus melody is an exact copy of the chorus melody in k.d. lang’s biggest hit, “Constant Craving”. Fortunately, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were wise to credit lang and her co-writer Ben Mink on the track. And for the hell of it, let’s compare! You’re just listening for the choruses.

Now, the Stones (Just who is that with the shaved head? She’s hot! I will envy Brad Pitt for the rest of my life.)

We’ll see how the Jessie J. situation develops….





Has Coming Out Lost Its Shock Value?

All right, I had originally intended to blog about something else today, well, last night, but then I wanted to try and save some electricity during the triple digit weather. I will probably still write about what I intended to write about either later (if I’m bored) or tomorrow.

Raise your hand if you’re gay! Um, yes, you the gray-headed fellow (

For some reason, Anderson Cooper stayed publicly in the closet for what seemed like an eternity, but not today, today he became a gay public figure. However, Cooper’s coming out is not shocking, and mainly because me and billion other people never thought he was in the closet. More importantly, he probably never considered himself closeted. And that’s where the confusion begins. Now don’t lose it, but I’m gay. So I can look at Cooper and say, yeah, and if he never came out, it wasn’t going to be end of the world. However, to many young people, Cooper’s coming out is a big deal. He or she can look at AC360 or Anderson’s talk show now and say, “that man is gay, and I can identify with him”. I can’t wait to see how Cooper’s pal Kathy Griffin handles the news on her new talk show. Their repartee now has deeper meaning or not. At least Griffn can now call Cooper “girlfriend” or refer to him as “she”, pure hilarity! The best Tweet on Cooper? A little jab at CNN’s premature announcement on Obamacare last week:

After I picked myself off the floor after hearing about the Silver Fox, it was reported yet another public figure, this time from the world of sports had decided to come out.

Megan Rapinoe Facebook fan page

Who is this? Megan Rapinoe is a midfielder for the US Women’s National Soccer Team, a team who is heading to London next month with a very good shot at the gold. Although this one isn’t shocking to me, it just might have a bigger impact than AC. Okay, I know, not every female athlete is a lesbian, but the ones who are, a lot of them have stood up and been counted. I now wonder if Rapinoe’s valor will perhaps coax some of her teammates and maybe other female athletes, especially since the Olympics are right around the corner, to follow her lead. I’m going to say, yes. And this means volumes to all the girls out there who do play sports and they might be trying to figure everything out, or they want to come out but are scared. We’ve come a long way since Title IX.

I can argue that it’s not shocking, but it makes me feel closer to people whom I may never cross paths with, we are all bonded, we are all proud!