Has Coming Out Lost Its Shock Value?

All right, I had originally intended to blog about something else today, well, last night, but then I wanted to try and save some electricity during the triple digit weather. I will probably still write about what I intended to write about either later (if I’m bored) or tomorrow.

Raise your hand if you’re gay! Um, yes, you the gray-headed fellow (vasofoto.com/Flickr)

For some reason, Anderson Cooper stayed publicly in the closet for what seemed like an eternity, but not today, today he became a gay public figure. However, Cooper’s coming out is not shocking, and mainly because me and billion other people never thought he was in the closet. More importantly, he probably never considered himself closeted. And that’s where the confusion begins. Now don’t lose it, but I’m gay. So I can look at Cooper and say, yeah, and if he never came out, it wasn’t going to be end of the world. However, to many young people, Cooper’s coming out is a big deal. He or she can look at AC360 or Anderson’s talk show now and say, “that man is gay, and I can identify with him”. I can’t wait to see how Cooper’s pal Kathy Griffin handles the news on her new talk show. Their repartee now has deeper meaning or not. At least Griffn can now call Cooper “girlfriend” or refer to him as “she”, pure hilarity! The best Tweet on Cooper? A little jab at CNN’s premature announcement on Obamacare last week:

After I picked myself off the floor after hearing about the Silver Fox, it was reported yet another public figure, this time from the world of sports had decided to come out.

Megan Rapinoe Facebook fan page

Who is this? Megan Rapinoe is a midfielder for the US Women’s National Soccer Team, a team who is heading to London next month with a very good shot at the gold. Although this one isn’t shocking to me, it just might have a bigger impact than AC. Okay, I know, not every female athlete is a lesbian, but the ones who are, a lot of them have stood up and been counted. I now wonder if Rapinoe’s valor will perhaps coax some of her teammates and maybe other female athletes, especially since the Olympics are right around the corner, to follow her lead. I’m going to say, yes. And this means volumes to all the girls out there who do play sports and they might be trying to figure everything out, or they want to come out but are scared. We’ve come a long way since Title IX.

I can argue that it’s not shocking, but it makes me feel closer to people whom I may never cross paths with, we are all bonded, we are all proud!



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