Adam Lambert > Randy Jackson?

Yes ma’am! (CasparGirl/Flickr)

This is such a no-brainer, it’s a little funny. E! Online News broke the story Sunday night that Adam Lambert is being considered as a judge for season 12 of American Idol, and for once, the producers are finally getting with it.

Although ratings for the Idol monster are still good, as in, the show still wins its time slot every week, the numbers have not been as impressive since all the various judge shake-ups have taken place, not to mention recent years of crowning lackluster winners. According to the E! story, they say Jennifer Lopez is for sure NOT coming back, but other sources haven’t confirmed it. Naturally, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler are not confirmed to be coming back either. And the biggest shocker in the story, master manipulator/producer Uncle Nigel Lythgoe may also be exiting. So a serious attempt at a re-vamp may actually happen this time. No mention of Seacrest, but he’s not the reason people are not tuning in, but he might be.

In today’s rumblings, Lambert is being sought to replace Jackson, who has been there since the beginning. Um, I think Jackson should have been let go when Simon Cowell left. If the series wants to do a revitalization right, they must get rid of Jackson, no question. After Cowell’s departure, I guess the idea was to make Randy the mean, critical judge, that never happened. The only honest person on the show these days is record executive/mentor Jimmy Iovine, who I think deserves a judge’s slot. His pre-taped critiques have been the most blunt in analyzing each contestant’s performances. Plus, Iovine can be likable without dancing around and sputtering out catch phrases. Same goes for Lambert.

He will be real and he will be helpful. The only fear I have is if Adam decides to judge is that he’ll miss out on going forward with own career. I don’t want him to be pigeon-holed as a “judge on American Idol“, he will be great, but I hope he can still devote the time he wants to his other priorities. This will mark the first time a former Idol competitor will be able to relate directly to the hopefuls and the manic process they go through. It’s the missing piece the show needs, but will it be enough? And I have this question, the season 12 auditions are going on now, who is out there judging them? Stay tuned…


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