Miscellaneous Meanderings Or I Couldn’t Narrow This Post Down To One Thing

First of all…

Fred Willard has become the new Pee-Wee Herman, in that he was arrested in an adult movie theater, allegedly, with his long hose out. PBS has already fired Willard as narrator of the channel’s Antiques Roadshow companion series, Market Warriors, and, since this is still unfolding, it’s not known if the backlash will continue. Willard also voices those LaQuinta hotel commercials, we’ll see. And there seems to be a tiny controversy over exactly how old he is. The link from IMDB.com lists his birth year as 1939, Wikipedia says 1933…like that matters! In short, I love Willard, and I hope his name is cleared. The comedic actor may be reprising his role as KVWN News Director Ed Harken in one of next year’s most anticipated sequels, Anchorman 2. Not all of the casting has been finalized and the film’s beginning shoot date is listed as February of next year. I pray Christopher Guest won’t cut Willard out of his next mockumentary, if there is one. Oh hell, here’s a Fred Willard penis-related clip!

Then there’s this….

Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone (Courtesy of mtv.com)

Oh my little baby dyke has made the cover for a second time. And let’s be honest, it would make a much better Curve or Girlfriends cover. Seriously, I question the order of “Hot, Ready Legal”, shouldn’t it be “Legal, Hot, Ready”??? I just think “Legal” is in the wrong place. But no one will pay attention to anything past the picture or “Hot”. Rolling Stone has always hitched its wagon to the next hottest teen-almost-adult star, and now it’s wife-beater wearing Bieber. No, this isn’t Lesbieber’s first cover, and to be honest, he looks more like a girl in this one, it’s the hair and the make-up, and okay, the wife-beater. I may wear one to bed tonight in her honor.

Now for something completely different. Are you as obsessed as I am with the Song Pop game on Facebook? Not to brag, but I’m kicking some serious ass, bottom line, you dare not challenge a radio DJ as this game. However, I don’t win all my challenges, because I’m either too freaked out, or I don’t listen close enough to the snippet. It’s an addictive game, but more than anything, I enjoy catching clips of songs I haven’t heard in years. For example, I totally forgot Jennifer Lopez was popping that booty back in the early 2000’s with some serious dance hits. Or Omarion‘s “O” which no one but me seems to remember. It’s great fun and a great walk down memory lane. And as you can see on this graphic, usage of the game is growing by the day. I guess it doesn’t hurt it’s also available for Apple and Android users. Go play now, but beware, I take NO prisoners.





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