I Am Not An Expert But The Jacksons…

…are certifiable nut bars! I don’t know where to start. Honestly, is anyone surprised there’s a legal and a allegedly physical scrap over Michael Jackson’s children?


I think the real question is, why now? Michael Jackson passed away a little over three years ago and his mother was granted guardianship of Prince, Paris, and “Blanket”. At the time sure, there were questions over whether an elderly Katherine Jackson, who is now 82, could take care of three kids, two of which are now teenagers. At some point, I think Jackson’s other siblings were all fighting over who would be the better guardian for Michael’s kids, but what is going on right now is just stupid. You’re telling me after three years, Katherine was just going to give up, and pass the buck? Was there a plot to make her look like an unfit guardian? Probably. Or, did she just need a break? And I don’t believe for one second this is the first time the Jackson matriarch has taken time for herself away from the kids. Missing? Are you kidding me? This interview, excuse me, statement that Jackson made on Nightline Wednesday night is very bizarre and very staged, I think, to make it look like she’s out of it. See for yourself:

The poor woman is devastated that certain individuals aka family members who she would not name in the statement would take advantage of her and more importantly, take advantage of the well being of her grandchildren. Before this statement aired, video footage surfaced of Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty, appearing to lightly slap or snatch at a cell phone in her niece Paris’ hand. Paris tweeted that her grandmother was missing. Oh Jeez!

Here’s another theory. After all these years, I think the Jackson siblings (yes, even Janet) are all still jealous of Michael’s success and now, all of sudden, they all want a piece of the benefits of his star-studded and lucrative career. Here are some other questions:

*Where is Joe? I would figure he would throw his two cents in on the situation.

*Will Debbie Rowe have anything to say? According to Jackson’s will, Rowe has visitation rights and she receives yearly payments. She petitioned the courts for custody of Prince and Paris after Michael died, but lost and agreed to a settlement. Oh, she’ll come out of the woodwork.

*Will Janet gain the weight back? It appeared in the video, although the camera adds weight, she already has.

*The biggest question–will the Diana Ross clause be looked at? Okay, there may not actually be a written document, but there was talk of Ross being next in line for guardianship if something happened to Katherine. It’s crazy, but there’s no other words to describe it. There are, but I don’t have time to run down adjectives.



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