The Great Olympic SPOILER Invasion

We are barely a week into the London Olympics, and cries over winner spoilers are already on my nerves. The only spoiler I wish I had taken up was the opening ceremony failure, seriously, what the hell was that? Queen Elizabeth II, you a sell out girl!

I won’t get into the details, but I would’ve expected a little better showing from director Danny Boyle. I think the saying goes, “keep it simple stupid”, or I would say “simpler” especially when it came to the long, drawn out section depicting the Industrial Revolution. YAWN! And since Sir Paul McCartney closed the opening, I hope Sir Elton John closes the closing. Did that sound naughty? All right, let’s get back to the spoilers.

I’m going to be honest, I could care less when I find out who wins what. We all know Michael Phelps has a bazillion gold medals, so what’s the spoiling in that? Though I think Ryan Lochte definitely screwed Phelps out of getting another gold in the 4×100 freestyle relay. SPOILER, they took the silver! See? So stupid. Four years ago, the Summer games were held in a country (Beijing, China) that is a whole day ahead of us. And yes, Facebook and Twitter were around then. Oh hell, news reporters were around then too. Why is this Olympics, where, in my time zone, London is six hours ahead, being scrutinized for spoilers? I have a friend who is trying to stay off the internet until he watches NBC’s “delayed” coverage of that day’s marquee events each night. However, he had the good sense to try and watch the NBC live stream, that’s where you will really see things happen, only downside, there’s a LOT of ads. The new NBC Sports Network and sometimes, NBC’s other sister networks, MSNBC, CNBC, and Bravo will air LIVE events each day, and they may not be marquee events, but they are happening in real time. In other words, don’t count on the mother ship for complete coverage.

This doesn’t look good at all! ( via Reuters)

I tend to find the lesser marquee events, like ping pong and archery, more interesting. They are world-class athletes too. However, I’m only interested in one event right now, Women’s Soccer bitches! The US Women’s National team is undefeated so far going into the Quarterfinals where they will face New Zealand, AND the match will be broadcast LIVE Friday on the NBC Sports Network at 9:30 AM ET. The Olympics always has these stories of certain athletes and teams. The USWNT has a great story. After being defeated by Japan in last year’s World Cup, they are on fire and they are seeking redemption and a gold medal. My boo Abby Wambach has scored in each of the 3 matches so far in London.

So if you are die hard, take a sabbatical from your usual wired-in social media life and just wait, or watch. Or if you are wanting the big events, wait and wait, and wait so more.





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