Danell Leyva: Girl, We Need To Talk

If you’ve been keeping up the Olympics, I mean Spoilers, the US Men’s gymnastics team hasn’t been as fabulous as the Fab Five aka Women’s team. I really don’t care about men’s gymnastics. Though I do love former US team member Tim Daggett’s color commentary. Someone needs to hose him down! What a goof ball. So, I normally don’t watch the men’s competition, but I’ve had remote control issues the past two days and I’ve been forcing myself to watch all the delayed NBC coverage. Well, I can’t remember if this was on Tuesday night or last night, but I perked up when I saw the towel Danell Leyva had draped over his shoulders.

Excuse me?!? (yardbarker.com)

All right, confession time, I have THAT towel! I have two of them, and a matching hand towel and wash cloth. Mine isn’t as chalk-dusted as Leyva’s, it’s just unusual to see what anyone else would consider an ordinary towel. I’m assuming, but I don’t really care, this towel is a good luck charm? My set was a gift and I still use them, observe:

A mini-towel of shame. (me)

Of course, I now realize that Leyva is getting attention for more than his pommel horse. He’s been tweeting out nude photos of himself. Pile it on God! And I think this may be a Wiener-type situation. Poor Danell. Does he not know about privacy? Nothing is, ahem, private anymore. Just think the places where his lucky charm has been. GROSS! On the other hand, I hold in my possession an exclusive Olympic item. Okay, I’m sure a lot of other people have the same towel set.

I wonder if I will feel more athletic or bold the next time I use my big towel? Oh dear. I guarantee it won’t get as dusty.



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