We’ve Lost An EGOT: Marvin Hamlisch Passes Away

Officer Phil/Flickr

This summer, we have lost many famous and some talented people. But yesterday, we lost one of the most talented to ever walk the earth–sorry Mars!–award-winning composer and conductor Marvin Hamlisch.

Not only did Hamlisch win an “EGOT”, that’s an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, but he also won two Golden Globes and he’s one of two composers to win the Pulitzer Prize, the only other one being fellow EGOT Richard Rogers. I think of seeing Hamlisch on various music or variety specials, but I’m not sure I ever heard him sing. He enlisted Barbra Streisand, Carly Simon, and the cast of A Chorus Line to do it for him. A Chorus Line won Hamlisch his Pulitzer, and nine Tony Awards.

Some Barbra…from the Timeless concert for which Hamlisch won an Emmy for Outstanding Music Direction.

Carly Simon “Nobody Does it Better”

Some more Babs, “The Way We Were” which is the main reason Hamlisch has an EGOT

Here’s a personal favorite that was nominated for an Oscar but lost to a song from Norma Rae?

The last time I saw Hamlisch on TV was when he attended a birthday dinner party for fellow EGOT Liza Minnelli (Well, Minnelli isn’t considered a true EGOT because her Grammy was a “Special” award) that aired just last August on Bravo’s Rocco’s Dinner Party. I’ll miss him.




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