Nails For Hair, Mamma’s Got A Mugshot, AND A Pregnant Man Update

I feel like I should should be adorning a turban on my head and tearing open an envelope like Carnac to reveal what these three things have in common, but I got nothing. I think I would’ve been diagnosed ADHD because it’s hard to find one thing to write about, so I thought I would just go off and hit some highlights.

First up, this: WARNING if you are the “medical shows/issues make me squeamish” type.

When I heard about this story yesterday, and I looked it up, I was thinking about sharing the story with the tagline, “It Sucks To Be Her!”, however, I had a change of heart. Most cases like Isom’s are not found in lower 48. They are found in third world countries. Although there’s no way in hell I would ever become a doctor, these types of conditions fascinate me. I watched a documentary a couple of weeks ago about young boy from South America who had a giant mole covering part of his torso and all of his back and he was nicknamed, “Turtle Boy”.

The mole was successfully removed and the Dieder was able to function normally and he got to attend school for the first time. God bless him and God bless Shanya Isom!

Yes, it’s true! According to, Honey Boo Boo’s Mom June Shannon (I know I used Thompson in my previous post, so this proves she and Sugar Bear are not married) was arrested–SHOCK!–four years ago and the charges? Contempt of Court and Theft by Taking. Uh huh. The article states this could have been a child support issue. Nevertheless, witness! I think this barn needs some love.

Yeesh! I think she may have grown another chin since this glamor shot. And despite the naysayers, I’m going to continue to watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and I think I now know why I want to watch it. Call me redneck, but I see people like this family all the time where I’m from in Kentucky. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I get a kick out of it. Let’s just chart it up to one of my many guilty pleasure shows.

Finally, “Pregnant Man” Thomas Beatie is back in the news.

Slightly my ass!

When we last left Beatie, he/she had been punched in the crotch by his soon-to-be ex-wife Nancy, therefore he/she had been awarded temporary full custody of the couple’s three children, who were all given birth to by Beatie. So now we are at the divorce phase, but the Arizona judge presiding over the case is puzzled over whether Nancy and Thomas are/were legally married, because technically, the marriage is a same-sex one and same-sex marriage (thanks Jan Brewer!) is illegal in Arizona. But the marriage is supposedly being recognized as a “transgendered” union. To make things more confusing, Beatie has finally had the final female-to-male gender reassignment surgery, and his wife has yet to see him as a complete, physical man. I’d be scratching my balls, er, my head too if I were this judge. Hopefully, this will all be resolved, but no more womb.


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