Courtney Stodden Turns 18 (In Dog Years)

Folks, I’m sorry, but I still don’t buy that this 80’s- looking, cracked out vixen is 18.

She looks rode harder than most 40-year-olds I’ve seen and trust me, I’ve seen some rough ones and I know I’m almost 37, and I don’t look it, but what the hell is going on here? If Stodden is 18, I was out of high school and starting my freshman in year in college before she was born. Here’s what’s even more weird, Justin (Les) Bieber turned 18 in March. You cannot tell me this bitch is younger than him and his baby dyke face. Hell, she could be his mother!

Here’s looking at you Principal Rooney (

Not buying it! Nevertheless, now that Stodden is 48 18 and legal, she has gotten tons of offers to do porn, well why not? Exploitation (i.e. fake knockers) keeps your name out there, well mainly on TMZ, but it makes you seem interesting if not whorish. And I ask with all the other train wreck reality shows out there, why in God’s name has she not appeared on my TV yet? Whenever she was really born, Stodden’s plastic style and no substance screams TLC, VH1, Oxygen, and so on and so forth. The fact that she’s married to a D-list actor (Doug Hutchison) who is A LOT older than her, or maybe they’re the same age, is the icing on the reality trash TV cake! Pun not intended, screw porn! Oh and here’s me, Oprahized!

37 and proud of it, you got that Gayle?!?



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