Was Lifetime High Clairee?

Last night, I wasn’t sure I would have time to watch Lifetime’s remake of one of my top 10 favorite movies, Steel Magnolias, Mondays are early for me, downgrade! However, since I DVR’ed it, I could race through the commercials and I could still be ready for bed before midnight. Plus, ninety percent of the time, I sleep on my couch, problem solved!

Did this really happen? (mylifetime.com)

I suppose Lifetime’s intentions were good and they were harmless, BUT, I think they went way over their heads here. Behind this questionable production were musical producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan. I’m going to give them a pass this time because they also produce one of my favorite TV shows I can’t wait for to come back, Smash. Queen Latifah, who takes on M’Lynn, was also a producer, and she was one of the remakes biggest problems. She simply went through the motions, like it was a dress rehearsal. Seriously? One review I read on Saturday stated the leads lacked the emotional pull of their 1989 counterparts. You think?

One casting choice I don’t understand is why Dr. J aka Julius Erving was the only recognizable male actor and he’s not even an actor! I hope he gets an Emmy nod. Fun fact, playwright Robert Harling played the preacher in the original film.Well besides my general disappointment, I was surprisingly most disappointed in Alfre Woodard’s Ouiser. She was all over the place and not funny at all.

Okay, I could on and on about how unoriginal and how terrible this was, but one moment stood out. One scene I absolutely love in the original film is when Shelby lays old flame Owen Jenkins on Ouiser at the Christmas party. So, I’m expecting just the usual crap, but when Owen appears, HE’S WHITE! Now that’s original! I screamed out “dear God!” when it happened. Unfortunately, Owen was a little too white and nerdy for me.

That’s all I got…what did you think?


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