Was Winger Underrated?

Seriously? Yes, I’m being totally serious. I don’t know if it’s the daily and nightly nostalgia I get from playing that damn SongPop game, but when I heard some Winger this week, I smiled and I was truly happy-happy-happy!

Were the chaps necessary? Absolutely! (lastfm.com)

Kip Winger and his ballet training will always mesmerize me. Whether he could play bass or not, I didn’t care. And he had one of the whitest set of teeth ever on hairband guy; there’s a reason his band mates aren’t showing their teeth off in the above picture. Come to think of it, Kip probably had more teeth than the average human being a la the Osmonds. Now, I know, Winger was just another cookie cutter, late 80s-early 90s faux metal band with a penchant for not only power ballads, but some pretty rocking tunes, but they had something different. Personally, I prefer their ballads; the melodies and the arrangements are captivating. Maybe captivating is a strong word, but how can one song just take me back?, I can’t explain it.

“Headed for a Heartbreak” is my ultimate favorite, yet “Miles Away” with it’s piano/keyboard thing happening, is also good.

Oh, to break out the hairspray, spandex pants, and Crest White Strips again. I miss Winger, however, they still make music. Cue the time machine! Because I “Can’t Get Enuff”!!! And just for good measure, I present Winger’s very minor 1993 hit, “Down Incognito”, bless their hearts, they couldn’t quite get the hang of the grunge sound that took over.

By the way, when you look up pictures of Winger, you will get a healthy dose of this…

The original Winger (movieactors.com)


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