The Hostess Products I’ll Miss The Most

Really Hostess? (marioanima/Flickr)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you know that Hostess is closing its doors after a fervent union strike. The company also filed chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year. I ask how can a company that produces some of the most delicious confections ever made be both broke and inoperable? As with the question of shelf life of the Twinkie, it’s a mystery that will never be solved.

Honestly, I’m at an age where I don’t really eat any Hostess products anymore. Oh, but the memories I have will last as long as perhaps a Twinkie. First of all, I was never a Twinkie fan; yes they are/were good, but they didn’t make as giddy as two other mouth-watering Hostess snack cakes, okay, now that I think of it, three other cakes.

In all the madness and Twinkie hype today, where were all the Cup Cake fans? That’s back to basics right there. In the 90’s my mom used to buy the kind that were low-fat (ha!) and they were noticeably smaller. The cream inside was always good, but that shiny, gooey icing? Man, there’s nothing else, aside from a homemade cup cake, like it. What about Ding Dongs? Or Ring Dings or King Dons? Those are all the same thing. The packaging was weird, but that waxy chocolate cream-filled cake inside was heaven.

Just shove it in already! (ohsarahrose/flickr)

Now I only learned just today, that Dolly Madison, maker of my beloved Zingers, was also a division of Hostess. DAMNIT! Each snack cake has its own character, the Zinger was a Twinkie-like cake that came in several flavors, but chocolate ones? I remember when I was little, the Peanuts characters appeared on the boxes.

Excuse me while I weep! (gregg_koenig/flickr)

I can’t remember my Mom buying another snack cake until I started school, then the Little Debbie stuff was laid on me. Good, but not good enough. In the beginning, Zingers were packaged two at a time, but as the years went by, both Hostess and Dolly Madison slipped in a bonus cake. Mind blowing! Zingers were special because in a tiny way, they brought the Cup Cake and Twinkie experience together, and the next level was achieved and it was delicious!

As I never remember my parents buying Wonder Bread, I have no comment. We were Colonial people. Oh hell, it’s all white bread! I need to go get some Zingers.

Which ones will you miss? Don’t forget the milk!




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