Let’s Take A Gander At The ‘Dance Moms’ Season 3 Promo Shall We?

The season 3 promo premiered Sunday night during Liz & Dick, and I missed both. I recorded the ill-conceived movie, but I saw a tweet that the new Dance Moms promo was live and that the new season premieres 1/1/13. Normally I would break down the clip piece by piece, however, even though Lifetime has a YouTube channel, the promo is not available at this time. So what you see was recorded from TV and I didn’t feel like cropping, but I do need to state it is property of Lifetime.

I don’t know where to start, but this may the best promo ever! It’s simple, all of the girls are dressed up a la Alex Owens, Jennifer Beals’ unforgettable dancer character from Flashdance and somehow Abby got thrown into Alex’s welding scene AS THE WELDER! By the way, Flashdance takes place where? Pittsburgh. Genius. And of course, the Moms are trying to get in the locked rehearsal, and it looks like Melissa, Brooke, and Paige are back. Let’s remember, everybody involved in the show is being paid, so Melissa apparently had second thoughts about pulling her daughters out of the Abby Lee Dance Company. Dollar signs and ratings people!

And does it looks like Abby has shed some pounds???? I thought the camera added weight. She looks better than ever, but let’s not forget, unlike Brooke’s music video (what the hell was that????), this is a professionally produced piece, Abby may be bigger than ever.

The final shot? Abby briefly re-creating this scene:

Only when she pulls the chain, the water lands on the Moms…and the tagline? “The Maniac is Back” BRAVA! I don’t know who will claim the idea, but this is the best promo I’ve seen in a while. I’m officially obsessed. Next pitch, the Moms re-create “Manhunt”, why not?

Dance Moms season 3 premieres Tuesday, January 1st 9E/8C on Lifetime.


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