A Christmas Album Memory

While I’m still thinking about what I’ll be writing in terms of a “Best of 2012” post, tonight I got inspired to write something Christmas-related.

My Mom stopped by unannounced, well, she called to tell me she was outside. I decided to tag along while she did some shopping. And to be honest, I needed to buy at least one gift which I did, but I still have a lot more to do. So we stopped by Books-A-Million or BAM! to see if they had any Christmas cards left. While we were searching the store, I noticed the Christmas cds and I spotted one I definitely remember.

John Denver Rocky Mtn Xmas Cover


John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas is one of the few LPs, yes, full-length vinyl records my parents still own. It’s one of the first covers I remember looking at when I was little. I spotted the cd and I told Mom she “had” to buy it. For some reason, she already thought we had a cd of it. Nope. Plus it was cheap; she got it for under 6 bucks. Sure, it has a lot of Christmas standards, but it has one original song my Mom and Dad absolutely love: “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”. Denver was the first to record it, and the only other version I know is by Alan Jackson. Well, I did some digging on YouTube (that came out wrong) and I found a version performed by one of the original songwriters, Bill Danoff.

Some listeners would consider this a sad song, but it’s a sad song with a fun arrangement. You can’t help but smile, or maybe laugh just a little bit. As soon as we left the store, Mom made me tear into the tightly packaged jewel case. She also loves “Aspenglow” a John Denver original. I like a song that was also included on Denver’s Christmas album with the Muppets, “A Baby Just Like You”. I own that cd, and ironically, when I got into the car with Mom outside my apartment tonight, I kid you not, this was playing:

‘Tis the season! Oh and I always loved this illustration on the inside of the the album…





Hoppa What The Hell?!? And John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John Give Us With Their First Christmas Video

Wooly worms? (amazon.com)

Wooly worms? (amazon.com)

December 5th, 2012 will go down as the day not one, but TWO bad videos went viral. First up, some high school students decided to capitalize on the seizure-inducing “Gangham Style” craze by creating the most, well, I’m not sure there are words to describe how bad this is. The irony? It was posted by a student who “hates” his school and he wanted to show the world just how bad and lame his school is. Joke or not, I would say mission accomplished….witness the bad singing and even worse dancing that is “Spartan High School Style”…hey, at least they have a bitchin’ Mac lab.

As soon as I was compelled to bleach my eyes out and poke holes in my ears, I found ANOTHER odd creation. This week saw the release of This Christmas a holiday album from old pals John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. If the album cover isn’t scary enough, the duo has premiered their first video for the only original track from the album, “I Think You Might Like It”. The clip has been described by several outlets as “Grease-inspired”, okay, I’ll sort of buy that. The song was written by John Farrar, who wrote “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, “You’re the One That I Want”, you see where I’m going here? Unfortunately, I don’t think this track will catch fire quite like the Grease hits, but God bless him for trying. You’ll see cameos from: Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston and kids, his plane, and I don’t think ONJ had any special guests, which isn’t fair. And I think the quality of dancing here is just a shade above the kids of “Spartan High”…

On the upside, proceeds from This Christmas will go to ONJ’s charity, The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre, and they will also go to Travolta’s charity, the Jett Travolta Foundation.

Happy Holidays!

My Mini Twitter War With A Carrie Underwood Fan

Okay, I get a few replies and retweets now and then but last night, one fan went a little ape shit on me. As you may or may not know, it was announced Friday that country mega-star Carrie Underwood would be starring as Maria von Trapp in a LIVE broadcast production of The Sound of Music for NBC which will air around next Christmas. Personally, I don’t really care, but I think it’s a great opportunity for Underwood who up until now has only one acting credit under her belt, for Soul Surfer. Plus, she sings, so this ought to work. However, we all know who played Maria and this actress’ performance is as iconic as one performance can get.

So you ask yourself, “why oh why ANOTHER remake?” It’s a question that never seems to be clearly answered. The only hope I have for the NBC production, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are on board. They know a thing or two about producing a musical. Nevertheless, the flood gates opened on Twitter and I begin with the tweet I responded to, courtesy of the hilarious Billy Eichner followed by my response.

Funny? Maybe, it was funny or horrifying enough to be retweeted and favorited by Eichner, plus it was favorited by at least 3 other Billy followers. As you recall, The Sound of Music takes place during World War II  just as Austria is about to go under Nazi occupation. Sorry, no more spoilers!

This response was harmless and it was in the vein of humor Eichner was going for.

But then, out of nowhere, an avid Carrie fan started ranting.

Whoa! And then, he aimed his next tweet directly at me and I responded.

He had to have the last word.

I’m sure he didn’t meant to put an apostrophe on “show’s” but I didn’t pounce back. Oh and he also dragged actress Evan Rachel Wood into the argument and what she said was harmless, but…

I couldn’t find the her original tweet. She probably deleted it, but at least she stood up for herself. I know I sometimes write, tweet, speak before I think, but a lot of the time, my reactions are harmless. If Jeremy was a true fan, he wouldn’t have engaged in this explicit nonsense. And a sense of humor is a very good quality which he also doesn’t have. You can be serious about your idols, but you can also see the lampoon side of the coin. When Carrie Underwood gets roasted? Watch out for this guy! And climb every mountain.