A Christmas Album Memory

While I’m still thinking about what I’ll be writing in terms of a “Best of 2012” post, tonight I got inspired to write something Christmas-related.

My Mom stopped by unannounced, well, she called to tell me she was outside. I decided to tag along while she did some shopping. And to be honest, I needed to buy at least one gift which I did, but I still have a lot more to do. So we stopped by Books-A-Million or BAM! to see if they had any Christmas cards left. While we were searching the store, I noticed the Christmas cds and I spotted one I definitely remember.

John Denver Rocky Mtn Xmas Cover


John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas is one of the few LPs, yes, full-length vinyl records my parents still own. It’s one of the first covers I remember looking at when I was little. I spotted the cd and I told Mom she “had” to buy it. For some reason, she already thought we had a cd of it. Nope. Plus it was cheap; she got it for under 6 bucks. Sure, it has a lot of Christmas standards, but it has one original song my Mom and Dad absolutely love: “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”. Denver was the first to record it, and the only other version I know is by Alan Jackson. Well, I did some digging on YouTube (that came out wrong) and I found a version performed by one of the original songwriters, Bill Danoff.

Some listeners would consider this a sad song, but it’s a sad song with a fun arrangement. You can’t help but smile, or maybe laugh just a little bit. As soon as we left the store, Mom made me tear into the tightly packaged jewel case. She also loves “Aspenglow” a John Denver original. I like a song that was also included on Denver’s Christmas album with the Muppets, “A Baby Just Like You”. I own that cd, and ironically, when I got into the car with Mom outside my apartment tonight, I kid you not, this was playing:

‘Tis the season! Oh and I always loved this illustration on the inside of the the album…





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