Bangs Don’t Lip-Sync Honey

Happy post-Inauguration! As usual, all of the social media interaction had very little to do with the meaning of the ceremony but more to do with who wore what, who acted weird, and who lip-synced for her life. I’m talking to you Queen B.

The ripped out ear piece was a rip off! (

The ripped out ear piece was a rip off! (

Aside from the not surprising revelation Beyonce went with a pre-recorded anthem, the main focus was on the Obamas. Sasha and Malia, Barack and Michelle and Michelle’s new bangs and Michelle’s Jason Wu Inauguration Ball gown. WERK!

Honestly, why do we care what these people look like? Sure, they are most scrutinized people on the face of the Earth, but I don’t see what the big fuss is. That was until I told my mother about Michelle’s new bangs.

The conversation went like this:

Me: “Did you see Michelle’s new bangs?”

Mom: “No.”

(You have to forgive my mother and my father, they don’t always keep up with breaking news, plus, they are Republicans, I ain’t mad at them.”

Mom: “I thought she had bangs already.”

Me: “She sort of did in the past, but this is a whole different look.”

(I turn the TV to Fox News, because the President was already sworn in on Sunday in private, but not private, because cameras were there. Mom see’s the First Lady’s bangs.)

Mom: “Well she looks like Flip Wilson!” (Mom laughed a lot and so did I.)

The late Flip Wilson had an award-winning variety show, “Flip”, in the 70’s and his most famous character by far was Geraldine. Wilson in drag? Hilarious!

More like a young Oprah.(

More like a young Oprah.(

After Mom made her funny, she ran immediately to the computer and she started looking up Geraldine pictures. She found some good ones, including this:

She is fierce! (

She is fierce! (

Of course, the one thing missing from yesterday?










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