Looking Back At A Wild Season Of RuPaul’s Drag Race



*NOTE* I was originally going to write about something else, but I procrastinated and I eventually turned my laptop off. Plus, I got some bad news, a family member’s wife passed away, and then I didn’t want to write anything at all. Yet, I just got this idea, so let’s go with it.

On May 6th, we will find out which queen captures the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 5 on LOGO. This season was probably the most dramatical (not a real word) so far. We had the old pageant rivals, Alyssa Edwards and CoCo Montrese bitching at each other, reluctantly working together, and in the end, they sort of finally healed their old wounds. We had a queen from my neck of the woods, Owensboro, Kentucky’s own Monica Beverly Hillz, who became the first contestant in Drag Race herstory to come out as transgendered during the competition. There was Serena Cha Cha, the upstart, who did the worst Raja impression ever, and her outfits were way worse. There were queens, Vivenne Pinay and Honey Mahogany, who underwhelmed and were sent home early. Ivyyyyyyyy Winters was really good, but she’s not quite a superstar yet. Then, we had RoLaskaTox.



Each season has a sisterhood, but this one almost made it to the final three. There’s no doubt, all three are amazing queens. Just last week, I discovered this Detox performance after hearing about it on LOGO’s Elimination Lunch…

You’ll find about six versions of it, flawless, but seriously, what the hell was Detox thinking? She could’ve been in the final three if she had just stepped up her game more during the competition. Alaska, who auditioned for all previous seasons, has been the most pleasant surprise to watch. And yes, if she wins, she and her significant other and last season’s winner Sharon Needles will be the first ever Drag Race Royal Couple. Guess what? Alaska was NEVER in the bottom two this season. That’s impressive. Thus, Roxxy Andrews, along with Jinkx Monsoon (whom I think will win) will be challenging Alaska for the season 5 prize.

Roxxy Andrews. I don’t know where to begin. Is she fierce? Of course. Can she lipsync? Um, hell yeah! Watch this (yes, it’s taken from a TV, but who cares?)

She is a fierce performer, and there’s no doubt she’s a superstar, but…I can’t help but think of one of last year’s finalists when I see Roxxy.

'Memba me? (popbytes.com/logotv)

‘Memba me? (popbytes.com/logotv)

Phi Phi O’Hara had no chance in hell of winning last season and I’m afraid Roxxy will meet the same fate. So Roxxy is a pageant queen, fine. But, being a pageant queen doesn’t mean versatility. I will say Roxxy can out bitch Phi Phi on any day, plus, she’s a better queen. And just as Phi Phi ragged on Sharon last season, Roxxy has done the same with Jinkx. I love that Sharon has brought out the different queens, and Jinkx is definitely different. Is she totally polished? No, but she can create a character in seconds, and she has a great sense of humor.

Narcolepsy be damned! (issacritz.com/logotv)

Narcolepsy be damned! (issacritz.com/logotv)

Honestly, if Alaska were to win, I would be tickled to death, which is exactly how I felt if Chad Michaels had beaten Sharon. Oh and the general consensus when I asked on Get Glue if Roxxy was indeed this season’s Phi Phi? I got a lot of response, and they all agreed that Roxxy was a bigger bitch. In fact one user suggested maybe RuPaul should do a season of Drag Race with the most notorious bitches who have ever been in the competition. Bitch-Stars? It’s not a bad idea. I’ll file that one away in case Drag U doesn’t come back.

Who do you think will take the crown?

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