Random Movie Review: Cloak & Dagger



Ennui has set in for yours truly and I’m very frustrated I haven’t written much in the past two months. I think I’m at a point where I want to write something real, as in fiction. I have many ideas for either a screenplay and/or a TV show; don’t worry, I’ll make it happen one way or another.

Since I caught the last 2o minutes of it this afternoon, I decided to review one of my childhood favorites from the 80s, 1984’s Cloak & Dagger. I can’t remember if I saw this one originally on HBO or not. I probably did, then I would beg my parents to rent it at the video store time after time. It was on one of the HBO channels today and I even DVR’ed it a few weeks ago, yeah, I’m a total nostalgic nerd.

Okay, in case you forgot, the movie stars Henry Thomas, in one of his first post-E.T. roles as Davey Osborne, a kid who obsesses over role-playing spy games and he obsesses over the hero in these games, Jack Flack, played by Dabney Coleman, and Coleman also plays Davey’s father Hal. It’s also important to note Davey’s mother died, so he’s probably obsessing over his make-believe world more than ever. Accompanying Davey on his adventures is his neighbor Kim played by Chistina Nigra, whom you might remember for her brief role as an annoying airplane brat with a creepy W.C. Fields dummy in Twilight Zone: The Movie.

The other medium name star in the movie is Michael Murphy, who plays Rice, the spy who modifies a Cloak & Dagger Atari cartridge with top secret government info. This was way before the NSA took over our lives, allegedly. Somehow, when Davey and Kim go on one of their make-believe top secret missions, Davey stumbles upon Rice and his thugs torturing, then killing a fellow scientist, who passes the boy the hot game cartridge, thus a real-life Cloak & Dagger situation takes off.

Honestly, when I watched this again as an adult, I found it to not be very good. However, I would watch it if I saw it was on again. I always had a problem with the whole bomb scenario and the unbelievable timeline at the end. There’s no way after Davey kills Rice and leaves the park and Jack behind he has enough time to make it all the way to the airport before the bomb in Kim’s walkie-talkie goes off. It’s simply not possible; but in the end Davey’s father saves the day, escapes the aircraft with the spies, and the bomb explodes without him getting even slightly injured. If the lesson is you have to eventually grow up, then the movie isn’t too bad. I give it a C, and only because of that whole debacle at the end. But I do love it. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available for streaming on Netflix, but I’m sure you can still rent it or hell, buy a cheap copy on Amazon or EBay.


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