More Examples Of Children With Questionable Music Cred

What a crazy week! And yes, I know you are sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus’ grown-up video “We Can’t Stop”, but guess what? I found three more clips that may be just as creepy if not creepier than Miley kissing a life-size Barbie and doing this…



Seriously, did Billy Ray have his thumb up his ass when he was “raising” his kids?!? Don’t even get me started on Miley. The sad part of all the video controversy this week? “We Can’t Stop” is a decent song. I may even download it. And in case you are interested to see how this track plays out live, Smiley will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, followed by an appearance on GMA AND LIVE with Kelly and Michael on Wednesday morning. She better purchase several bowls in advance of next week.

Moving on, I was alerted to this next song by one of my fellow radio co-workers. Country singer Travis Tritt has recorded a cover of “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” which was an Adult Contemporary chart-topping duet (it peaked at no. 2 on the Pop chart) for Patty Smyth and Don Henley in 1992, with his daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt. Yes, this has happened, and…a video has happened. Get ready to cringe and/or lose your lunch.

Wow. Finally, you may or may not have heard of Kidz Bop, the outlet which takes current pop hits and they have kids perform them. Now, I’m not sure if this is an official Kidz Bop release, but tiny rapper Matty B. has recorded a kids version of “Thrift Shop” which is one of my favorites. But now, I’m not sure it is. *UPDATE* this is NOT the Kidz Bop version. Let’s get to that momentarily, here’s Matty B and his eyes may or may not be a little crossed.

Okay, after quickly reviewing the Kidz Bop version, Matty B has the advantage. “I’m gonna ROCK some tags…” I’m sure Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are flattered and hey, they will be richer than ever since the track is pretty much the same as it is on the original. No more thrift shop for them!

I gotta go and get “this real big coat”! Later!







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