TV Shows I’m Almost Over

I started to write a blog about Cory Monteith the other day, and my laptop froze up, then my draft didn’t save. Thus, a new idea has surfaced. Well, it just popped into my head.

I’ve decided the following shows, all of which I will always love, are starting to eat away at my last nerve. For now I’ve chosen three, and I maybe would have chosen GLEE, but that show needs me and its fans now more than ever.

The Killing (AMC)

I will never understand why after waiting not one, but TWO seasons to find out “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” AMC would cancel, then order more of this seriously flawed series. The original Danish series ran three seasons, so, maybe we will only get three here in the States, and I couldn’t agree more. Now I love Mirelle Enos and Joel Kinnaman, who play detectives Linden and Holder respectively, and they are still doing good work, but the series just doesn’t feel the same. To boost star power, the series has added Peter Sarsgaard as death row inmate Ray Seward, but his character has nothing to do with the case the investigators are following. Linden and Holder are searching for a missing girl, imagine that, and this one may still be alive. One new character I’m enjoying is Bullet (Bex Taylor-Klaus), a teen bull dyke street kid who is trying to help with the investigation. The rest of the goings-on are pretty boring. However, I will finish the season so I can have some answers.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)

Gah! I don’t even know where to start with this bunch. Now in its fifth season, the Franklin Lakes ladies are really annoying the shit out of me. Although we all know reality TV isn’t real, the RHONJ production is at a point where every single scenario has to be 90 percent contrived. Prime example, this past week’s episode where Teresa Guidice’s brother Joe calls her “scum” and then her Joe comes charging in to demand an apology, and brother Joe dashes at husband Joe and a “brawl” ensues. Sheesh! And I think the real reason Teresa fights with everyone and her family is because she is more than likely the top paid wife on the show. High salaries demand high drama. Just ask NeNe Leakes. The only person I can stand on the show is not a housewife, it’s Rosie, Teresa and Joe’s cousin and Kathy’s sister. She’s probably about as real as you can expect. Jacqueline and Caroline? I don’t know why they are still on the show, they are totally useless, especially Mrs. Manzo. Damn I miss the good old days of Danielle, flipping tables, and cops without badges.

Okay, this last one I’m over, it pains me to write it but…

Dance Moms (Lifetime)

What?!? Yep, I’m about to throw in the towel on the ALDC. No, wait, the Candy Apples. Just who the hell is this show about anymore? Contrived beyond compare and I really believe it was from the beginning, but it didn’t matter, I was entertained. Now, I’m bored. Lifetime is rolling out new episodes faster than new Twinkies, and it has to stop. Seriously, unless there wasn’t a salary involved, what mother would put her daughter(s) through this? Well, I know one personally and so far, I haven’t heard one negative thing (except the cost!) about her and her daughter’s experiences. Thank goodness. The other day when I was having lunch with my sister, she talked about how she wants to put my niece, who is almost 2, into dance classes in a couple of years. I say fine, as long as her instructor is not an Abby Lee Miller. Dance should be fun and none of the girls on Dance Moms hardly ever look like they are having fun. And I got the most upset when there was a 3-episode arc this past season devoted to Cathy and her rotten Apples. You can’t make that scenario up. Vivi may be a human prop, but I really feel sorry for her. She is one unhappy and bored little girl.