Let’s Face It, We Are A Twerk Nation



That’s the only Miley pic you are going to get in this post. Sorry, but even I’m tired of the VMA twerk felt around the world. However, I can’t believe Sunday was maybe the first time people saw this beloved dance move take place. It’s only been around for a bazillion years! Unfortunately, since Sunday night, everybody  just havs to know how to twerk.

Like these people….

Oh, just wait…

Smack my damn head!

This is a breakdown of different kinds of twerking, courtesy of Big Freedia

Here’s a hilarious “twerking intervention”….

One more…and Miley needs to take notes!

You see? We won’t be getting rid of this anytime soon. Especially since “twerk” was just added to the Oxford Dictionary.

Stand up twerkers of America! It’s your time!




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