Meth, Meet Krokodil Or The Best Reason To NEVER Use Drugs (NSFW!)

I don’t know how many times I will type this phrase, but DRUGS ARE BAD!!!! I had seen the topic “flesh eating drug” was trending, but I just ignored it; I mean, how the hell does a drug eat your flesh? I thought only diseases, bath-salt users, and zombies ate flesh.


BRAIN! sandwich

Nope, apparently heroin has gotten so expensive, the Russians (groan!) have formulated a cheaper type of high called desomorphine or krokodil. Why Krokodil? Um, I don’t how to put this lightly, but when one injects this mixture of ingredients such as gasoline, paint thinner, and alcohol, it causes the flesh to deteriorate or rot away. Oh dear, I finally looked at some pictures of Krokodil users today, and I don’t think I’m going to display them. Honestly, a zombie eating intestines is so much more tame and tasteful than what this shit can do to your body. I’ve seen photos of flesh eating bacteria victims, and although I’m not discounting what they go through, they are lucky compared to what happens to these Krokodil bastards.

Nope, much worse than this.

Nope, much worse than this.

You would think meth would do a similar number on the human body, because it’s made up of so many things one should never consume on purpose, but I’ve never seen a “Face of Meth” as bad as a Krokodil user. Let me paint an image for you, or rather show it to you.

That scene used to scare me to death! Just imagine that process not only happening to your face, but to all of your extremities. Okay, I think I can display one picture that may or may not gross you out. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, NSFW! But not near as graphic as what you find when you type in Krokodil.

Seriously! It's a lot worse than this rotting hand.

Seriously! It’s a lot worse than this rotting hand.

I keep wondering why this fascinates me so much. Is it the extreme depravity? The desperate addicts? Or, the gross out factor? I mean, Halloween is practically here. And now Krokodil has landed stateside. So if you see someone with their bones poking through his/her flesh or their crocodile-like skin, they ain’t no zombies.





Syria And A Coven

So, here we are again. And I use “we” in two ways. We, as in you and me, here together, the writer and the reader. And “we” as in the United States, its leaders, and we the people. Syria is just another country in the Middle East where there’s a dictator and its citizens have revolted resulting in two things. A bloody civil war and the dictator, President Bashar Assad authorizing the use of chemical weapons on his people to abate the uprising. Which is similar to what happened in Iraq over twenty years ago. Remember Saddam? He gassed his own people? At the time, President George H. W. Bush was able to amass an enormous coalition and he got Congressional approval to launch a strike on Baghdad. The strike was swift yet Hussein continued his dictatorship. And..we all know what happened soon after 9/11 with the younger President Bush. Let’s not go there. So now, with President Obama, a strike may or may not happen. Honestly, if we can avoid another war, it will be better for everyone involved. But, I don’t trust Assad OR Russian President Vladmir Putin, who is supposedly going to use diplomacy to convince Syria to dispose of its chemical weapons cache. Don’t even get me started on Putin! If I’m ever reincarnated, I better not come back as a person, place, or thing in Russia. It’s cold, it’s homophobic, and it’s more old school than probably the Middle East. “Inshallah” (seen above) translates as “Allah’s will” or the more familiar “God willing” to us.

And just for good or bad measure, what the hell happened to Secretary of State John Kerry’s face?

Okay, I’ll move on to a more amusing, rather exciting subject. Oh I pray you have seen the new teaser trailer for the upcoming season of American Horror Story. The third season takes place in New Orleans and our theme this season is witchcraft, hence the the title Coven. Ryan Murphy is not only bringing back constant cast members Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Frances Conroy, back for round three are some season one faces including Taissa Farmiga and Jamie Brewer. Yes, Addie will be back, as a witch! Oh dear, I cannot wait.

Kathy Bates bitches! I don’t know if the ensuing teasers can top that one. Be on the look out for more teasers on the American Horry Story Facebook page. Season 3 premieres October 9th on FX.