Pretty Little Withdrawal And A Concussion



Okay, I realize using the word “withdrawal” may have been a bad choice after what I covered in my last post. By the way, anyone going as a Krokodil victim/user for Halloween?

While everyone was desperately binge-watching Breaking Bad so they could be prepared for the series finale, I chose to binge on a show I had no intention of ever watching. ABC Family’s gold star, Pretty Little Liars. Lord knows I didn’t need ANOTHER show to keep up with, but I don’t regret this choice at all. The only fact I knew reading about the show was that one of the Liars, Emily (Shay Mitchell) is gay. As you know, I crave and I seek out all things lesbian in TV and movies. However, I didn’t watch PLL for three years, but I would keeping reading about it. So about three weeks ago, via my Netflix subscription, I decided to start my binge, and I was hooked, and..I could not stop watching. I don’t know how many times I had to recharge the battery on my tablet; that poor device isn’t even a year old. I would also sneak in some PC and laptop viewings. But then last week, it all stopped. You see, season 4 started this summer. They took a hiatus and now the new season resumes with the now traditional Halloween episode on October 22nd. According to all my searches, I won’t be able to catch up fully on what’s happening and it’s driving me crazy. I’m hoping ABC Family will air a marathon in advance of October 22nd. They better or I will be completely lost.

What I like best about the series is that it takes a twist almost every episode, which it has to if you watch the very first episode. At this point *SPOILER ALERT* I think Alison DiLaurentis is indeed alive. It’s her murder that drives the action and the mysterious revenge plot inflicted upon the Liars. If I’ve learned one thing, be careful who you trust with your secrets especially if you told them to someone you thought was dead. And if anyone knows how I can watch the first 12 episodes of season 4 without having to pay for them, please let me know! I’m obsessed! Speaking of obsessed…

I had been reading about Concussion for over a year. It’s one of those independent films that needed a distributor and it screened at all the big indie film festivals. Last week, it was finally got a very, tiny limited release in theaters, and it was made available on iTunes, and as a Video On Demand. I counted down the weeks to October 4th, and that morning, I immediately purchased Concussion and since I didn’t have to be up and out of bed for a while, I decided to go ahead and watch it. I ended up watching it, oh, six times. And just the other night, I purchased it on iTunes. Yes, I have an old laptop, but I didn’t care, this film is that good.

Robin Weigert plays a lesbian housewife who is hit in the head with a baseball by her son and although the term concussion is never used or said in the film, the character’s libido is the most affected area. Weigert’s Abby is suffering from “Lesbian Bed Death” which means her busy wife is either too busy for sex or she has become frigid. Thus the old married couple setttles into a pattern of just being a couple, parents, yet strange bedfellows. So Abby decides she needs to seek satisfaction elsewhere which leads to her new career as a high-end escort for the ladies. The script is smart and Weigert, I hope, will receive multiple accolades for her performance. If you do buy Concussion VOD, it’s $6.99, which is less expensive than a normal movie ticket these days. You won’t regret it!