A Bone To Pick With Comedy Central’s @midnight

First of all, I absolutely love Comedy Central’s newest game show @midnight. I like Chris Hardwick, who is lot funnier than I remember. And the show is great exposure for some of the country’s most underrated comedians. Wait, I think at least two non-US comedians have been featured on the show*.

I mean where else are you going to see scary shit like this.



Okay, so what is it I have a problem with? It’s simple, none of my #HashtagWars tweets have been retweeted! And while many that have been retweeted are generally funny and creative, I know I came up with at least one entry this week that someone else tweeted word for word and…it was retweeted?!? Wednesday night’s (1/15) hashtag war was #CelebrityCrimes. Here’s the first one I came up with.

Well, here’s the exact same tweet and,

To be fair, I’m sure a slew of folks come up with the same ones, yet, this one was given “POINTS” after I submitted mine. I’m proud of this one too.

Am I being too obsessive about this? Of course. I jokingly compare my aim to be retweeted on @midnight to the late Roger Ebert’s longtime campaign to be selected for The New Yorker‘s cartoon caption contest. After 280 submissions, Ebert finally won the contest 2011. Did he quit after he succeeded? Hell no.

Thus, I will keep submitting my #HashtagWars and honestly, it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with. My quick wit will pay off…one day.