The Pros And Cons Of Lady GaGa’s “G.U.Y.” Video (Short Film)

Well Lord, it’s been about a minute since I blogged about Mother Monster. And well, I have my reasons. As far as I’m concerned, GaGa is in need of some reality. Ironically, there is some reality in her new short film/video for “G.U.Y.” Specifically, some reality TV stars. Since GaGa is supposedly a fan of Bravo, she asked the current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, minus Brandi Glanville and new/soon to be gone wife Joyce Giraud, and Bravo big wig/Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen to tag along on this puzzling adventure.

Seriously? (

Seriously? (

That’s a reverse angle and that’s literally all you see of Cohen as “Zeus”. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. This short film begins with GaGa on the ground, dirty, pierced by an arrow, and the track “Artpop” begins. You see as it turns out, this just isn’t a nice tight little video for “G.U.Y.” it’s a semi-promotional deluge of tracks from the album. To be fair, the only other track featured is “Venus”. It’s all a very weird set-up. As “Venus” plays, we see five of the seven housewives, clad in pink, and performing. I must say, Lisa Vanderpump (pink is her signature color) is impressive on the tambourine. She keeps the rhythm, and the sisters Richards play along on guitars, which made me think of some other guitar-playing sisters.

"Are they still alive?!?" (

“Are they still alive?!?” (

The Del Rubio Triplets!!! What ensues is a typical GaGa video. Many outfits, wigs, a dance routine, and another sequence with Kyle Richards, Vanderpump, and GIGGY assisting GaGa with some sort of chic bank robbery. Honestly, a lot of the imagery reminded me of the “Poker Face” clip. Which brings me to my point.

The album was released back in November, yet up until this weekend, the only video released has been “Applause”. There is said to be a clip of the album’s second and I think the best pop-friendly single “Do What U Want” that was directed by photographer Terry Richardson, but for legal reasons, it was never really clear, the video was never released. Why wait all those months to release another single and video? I was thinking when Artpop was released, GaGa would go full steam ahead, and I’m NOT counting that Muppets special. And now, a new tour is in the works, dates have been set, and I fear no one, except the faithful fans will show up. Don’t even get me started on this…

Lady-Gaga-600x450 celebuzzYes, I understand she is an artist doing the whole “art” thing, but honestly, this was sort of too much. WE GET IT! Millie Brown‘s esophagus, I’m worried. I just see another big side track in GaGa’s future. I know one positive I got out the new video. It reminded me I’m still a fan of her music. I need to pull Artpop back out I guess.


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