‘GLEE’ And I Have Irreconcilable Differences

All right, I know I’ve been a champion of ‘Glee’ in the past, but this is how I feel now when I watch it.

Mime stuff! (fox.com/glee)

Mime stuff! (fox.com/glee)

I don’t know if it’s because Cory Montieth unexpectedly passed away or the writers are desperate for ideas (example, last week when Artie had his STD scare, really?!?), but ‘Glee’ is on the verge of being eliminated in my viewing queue. Honestly, even if Montieth/Finn had lived, I still think the show would have suffered creatively. When I look back at the excitement I felt five years ago when the pilot premiered, the show, the idea, they were so fresh. Ryan Murphy and his co-creators took a new look at the high school outcast scenario; he gave them a voice and the gift of song; a purpose for the outcasts and the secret singing jock. ‘Glee’ was not going to be “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, oh no, it was going to take those students’ struggles and catapult them into primetime with a weekly lesson in the choir room. And that first season’s big story, the star cheerleader, Quinn, gets pregnant, and jock turned glee club member is led to believe the baby is his. Yeah, it’s a trite story, but when music helped to tell the story which would end in heartbreak for the young quarterback, the show was at its best. Five years later, both Quinn and Finn are gone, and their former classmates are all trying to “make a go of it” in New York City a la the kids from Fame or Stephen Sondheim. In the end, the NYC move and really the entire series has been centered around Rachel (Lea Michele) and her goal to star as Fanny Brice on Broadway. What do you know? It happened! I understand that when her late on-screen/off-screen boyfriend died, the show had to be re-tooled, but come on, why did it have to be so predictable?

You have the Clap? How icky! (fox.com/glee)

You have the Clap? How icky! (fox.com/glee)

I think we all knew certain members of the original McKinley High Glee Club, I’m sorry, New Directions, had a limited shelf life. Yes, I’m talking about you Tina Cohen-Chang. I’m sure Jenna Ushkovitz is a nice girl, and she can sing, but she will never be able to escape that character, who was a truly selfish person, and I’m sorry, but very unlikeable. I NEVER liked Tina, because she also had a chip on her shoulder and she felt like she had to stutter to get attention?!? Weird, but other characters were so stereotyped, they also became unbearable to watch. Case in point, even though Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch, who won several awards for the role) had her likable moments, her whole “I have to shut down the glee club” campaign went on for too many seasons; however, she finally got her wish just a few weeks ago (SPOILER) in season five. As far as we, the audience are concerned, New Directions is done for good, to make way for ‘Glee’s version of Adventures in Babysitting. Yes I know, that movie didn’t take place in NYC, but humor me! This next section will break your heart, but I’ve never liked these two together.

Someone actually made this? (deviantart.com)

Someone actually made this? (deviantart.com)

Damn me, but I’ve just never liked the chemistry between Kurt and Blaine aka “Klaine”. I get it, I live in Kentucky. ‘Glee’ takes place in Ohio. Even though part of the Midwest is coming around to the idea of at least recognizing out-of-state gay marriages, there is a very long way to go. This part of the country can still be a little limited in thriving gay communities; thus, these two are stuck with each other, at least until the end of the series (TBD). To me, Kurt has always been everything and Chris Colfer, who won a Golden Globe in 2011, has been spot on the entire series. This performance is from a few weeks ago; it’s one of my favorites.

Yeah, I still find things to like about ‘Glee’, but I’m just tired. My sister, who has also soured on the show, she made a good point. She said the show should have started with all of the New Directions kids as freshmen. If you obsess over those kinds of details, the series started when Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Finn, Santana, etc. were sophomores. Well if you want to get specific, Artie and Tina were freshmen at the beginning of the series since they just graduated a few weeks ago on the show. And wouldn’t it have been cool if ‘Glee’ started without Will Schuester? The freshmen struggle in their first year, decide to get a glee club going again and Mr. Schue just happens to come back to teach at his alma mater, then the glee club really gets going in season 2. It’s too easy. Eh, but if you have underclassmen joining up, you would have to get all Menudo every season. Oh what the hell? I’m in too deep, but I will hate watch ‘Glee’, sometimes.

Note to Blaine: You are fine, but you don’t belong with Kurt. I’ve counted to ten.



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