Worst Season Of ‘Real Housewives Of NYC’ Ever!

Never mind #LegGate or #BookGate, this was the single, worst season of the ‘Real Housewives of NYC’ EVER!!!! Forgive my over punctuation, but I’m seething right now. I just watched the finale, and Aviva threw her prosthetic leg to prove a point, but honestly, she was justified. On the other hand, I think this was possibly a contrived aka produced moment. Here’s what she told ‘EXTRA’: Drescher said, “You know sometimes my leg just gets away from me… I was actually provoked all season long, attacked, and I just got to my wit’s end. Some people throw down their glasses in anger. I just was looking at Heather Thompson standing above me, which was really in poor form, and Heather was screaming at me, calling me a fake, calling me this and that. I just had this knee-jerk reaction to take my leg and bang it on a table to hopefully shut up these shrews who were coming after me.” Okay, from a production point of view, this moment was pure gold. Of course, there have been rumors the ratings for this season have hit an all-time low, and another rumor? If there is a season 7, Ramona will be the only wife invited back. If the latter rumor is true, AMEN! And why the hell was LuAnn considered a “supporting wife” this year? She was on more episodes than Aviva. Oh Aviva. Does she have some issues with hypochondria? Yes, but why would she purposely take herself out of half of the season if she didn’t really have even slight asthma? I think there’s another reason she was omitted from the Montana trip episodes. I think the producers wanted to show off Kristen as maybe the new crazy one, and she delivered. I zoned out during the last Montana episode because it was majorly boring beyond belief. I’ll tell you one thing, Kristen will not be invited back for another season. Speaking of making cuts, I know no one from BRAVO or Andy Cohen will be reading this, but please get rid of Heather! I think she could be the new Sonja with all her name-dropping. Honey, no one cares about P. Diddy, so please stop already! And every time she says “HOLLA!”, I want to crawl under a rock. Guess what Heather, you may be from NYC, but YOU’RE WHITE! In a lot of ways, you are whiter than white. Oh, and don’t sing ever again. I would take back every other wife that has appeared on the show before I ever gave her the time of day. Yes, even Kelly, the star of Scary Island. Now Scary Island in season 3? Those were the best vacation episodes ever in any of the franchises. The real drama that should have been in this season, Ramona and Mario’s marriage troubles, was swept under the rug, and we were stuck with Mario warbling through a shitty song at “Bird Land”. For all her insanity, Ramona is still Ramona. Her M.O. from season 1 has never changed. Even though she had her ridiculous “don’t get my hair wet” rant this season, which was stupid and she could have really hurt Kristen with her glass, she was the same Ramona. So, let’s see. We need LuAnn back full-time. We need to get rid of Heather, Kristen, and as much as it pains me, Aviva. For her own good and her own sanity, Aviva needs to look elsewhere for self-promotion other than a “ghost written” autobiography. Yeah, maybe Carole stays, but when Aviva went after her writing ability, that was mega-low.  She does amazing charity work with amputees. She was shown with a Boston Marathon survivor in one scene this season; it’s too bad the editing couldn’t show more of her good deeds. Instead, we have to watch exhausting scene after exhausting scene of Sonja and her army of interns. I don’t think I would let Sonja go just yet. She’s crazy, but she’s real. Well, she’s not real when facing her financial issues, but it makes a good storyline. I’m still waiting on her “brand” to make an appearance. Now there’s been other rumors circulating now that Bethenny Frankel’s talk show has been canceled, she may be looking for something else to do. Honestly, I don’t think moving back to the Housewives would be her best move, but if it happens, I’m so on board. And why does the series need a minimum of five ladies? Story development flows so much better when there are fewer miniscule spats to follow. If you have six or more Wives, each one has to fight for airtime. Here’s the real truth, all of the Housewives series, except maybe OC, need to step it up a notch. I’m already bored with New Jersey. I loved Dina in season one, then she left in season two, but now she’s back, and everything with her so far has been snooze city. Her only leg to stand on, so to speak, is her support of Teresa and Joe, which frankly, I’m over their problems. Do they deserve some jail time? Absolutely. Will it happen? Maybe, but I’m leaning towards probably not. The new Wives on NJ are boring. Maybe Franklin Lakes finally ran out of crazy bitches. ‘Ladies of London’? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, really. I’ll keep watching BRAVO, but all the Housewives need a reality check.

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