Who Wins Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?


Okay, so apparently WordPress won’t let me upload a real season 10 cast photo or any other I guess licensed image. Oh well. Churn that butter bitch!

Here we are with another big girl, Eureka O’Hara, in the final four and she can win, but will she fall short? I’m not a fan of the new format Ru uses to determine a winner. Although lip syncing should be the ultimate drag skill, paging Valentina, it’s not fair for a queen who clawed her way to the finale with more than just a jump into the splits.

And, as has been tradition for a while now, they shoot each queen winning the crown, then edit it to show who really won and the said winner finds out live at an event in her honor or she’s probably hosting it.

Of course this season wouldn’t have been worth a damn if not for….

Let’s get real, unless Eureka can really turn it out, Aquaria will win. Do not get me started on Kamron Michaels. She’s the Valentina of this season, not because of her lip syncing, she’s fierce, but because of her aloof attitude. As cool as it would be to have a queen from an area I know well win, it’s not happening this year. Poor Asia O’Hara will have to settle for third place, in other words, forgettable. I hate that for her too.

Miss Congeniality is a tough call this year, but I would give it to either Monet X Change or Monique Heart OR Miz Cracker. Cracker was ROBBED! She will be one of the queens who didn’t win or place in the top 4 who we’ll still be talking about long after the finale.

We probably won’t see another All-Stars season for another year. I give Season 10 a 9.7.