Victory Is Mine!

Forgive me, but I’ve been on a bit of a blog break.  I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and though there was a few things to write about this past week (BOO ON TRACY MORGAN!), I just wasn’t inspired.  Until, last night.
I’ll be honest, even though I work for a radio station, I don’t listen to the radio much when I’m in the car; I either drive in silence or I pop in a cd.  But sometimes, especially on Saturday nights, I’ll turn on an 80’s radio show I know and I’ll see what they have on.  Last night was interesting because I think Milli Vanilli’s “Girl You Know It’s True” came out just on the brink of the 90’s, by the way, after the scandal broke out about Rob and Fab NOT being the singers on the record, Arista Records sent all of its customers a letter saying we could return the Milli Vanilli album, mine was a cassette, for a refund, which at the time, cassettes cost about 8 bucks.  Eh, so I kept mine, but I have no idea where it is; there was a mass exodus at my house recently of old tapes and cds.  And  then I heard Erasure, gay-gay-gay, “A Little Respect” which was surprising; I would think an 80s show would just play the run-of-mill “Chains of Love” but no, it was cool to hear it again. 
I think a commercial break was next, then I heard it, the familiar rock riff and I cranked it up to the point where I thought my windows my shatter, Scandal’s “The Warrior”.  It’s such a killer song with a killer melody and Patty Smyth? Come on, she has one of the most underrated voices in rock/pop.  And it rocks so much, I remember occasionally playing it when I worked in rock radio.  When I was in college, I heard it somewhere and I ran out to buy it, some 15 years after it had been released; I managed to find a cheap Scandal cassette at Big Lots!, it’s true.  I did some research and sadly, “The Warrior” did not go to number 1, but it peaked in the top 10 at number 7 in 1984.  Its pop culture impact lives on in Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto-Vice City Stories.  And I realized this morning, I so do not have it on my iPod, that will be remedied later tonight.  Enjoy!