Not Myself Tonight????..indeed!

Well today is the big day Christina Aguilera’s video for her new single “Not Myself Tonight” hits the web…all I can say is: really?…I’m sure this will be blogged to death, but why is Xtina ripping off everybody???..yes, we know she has been ripping off GaGa for a while, but this video has some definite Madonna overtones…and you’ll see them all over the place…on the upside, the song is not bad at all…I dig it, but she really needs some originality concerning her wardrobe, make-up, hair, and image…please!…she preceded GaGa for God’s sake! Happy Friday and enjoy!

Be Good Friday…Johnny Weir!

Okay, I guess it hasn’t quite been a year since I started this blog…that will come around the end of this month…one of my very first entries was a blog and a video about Johnny Weir’s skating routine to Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face”…you can still find the clip from Festa on Ice on YouTube, sadly, it was taken off my blog…however, I read recently, Johnny was prepping a routine set to GaGa’s “Bad Romance”…I was antsy, so I checked around today and BAM, here you go…and I didn’t think it was possible for this routine to be any gayer but it is and I loves it!…Happy Easter! *one note, it’s obviously an amateur video, but it’s not bad coverage and quality*