The Voice Rocks And Look Who’s There!

Where do I begin?  Today is day number four for possible severe weather where I live; yesterday, a tornado rushed through just north of my hometown, and then when I returned home from work around 9:30 last night, surrounding areas were under the gun yet again.  To make a long story short, my NBC affiliate had to deliver this important weather information, 30 minutes into the premiere of The Voice, thus taking up the remaining programming time.  So I saw the first few, but just after the weather coverage broke in, a familiar face graced the stage: FRENCHIE DAVIS!!!!  (I watched all of the premiere online)  I thought I saw her in a long shot going into a rehearsal space, but I was like “nah, that’s not Frenchie”, it was!!!  I could not believe it when I found her performance clip earlier today.  We all know what became of Frenchie; she was disqualified from season 2 of American Idol after an internet porn scandal popped up, but then she went on to star in RENT on Broadway, so she hasn’t suffered, but she is now in the position to really make something happen on The Voice.  
Now, onto this bald-headed beauty.  Beverly McClellan has been making music and albums for years now; and yes, she’s a big fixture in the LGBT community.  Side note, one other out lesbian, Vicci Martinez, also made the cut.  That’s what’s wrong with Idol, not enough lebanese!  (Props to last night’s GLEE!)–McClellan is high-energy to the nth degree, and I predict she will do well; and this may sound a little morbid, but when I was watching McClellan’s performance of “Piece of My Heart”, I flashed back to the 2005 Grammys when Melissa Etheridge, bald from chemotherapy, rocked the same song in a tribute to Janis Joplin.  Eerie, but that’s where my mind went.  Now how is Xtina doing so far on the show?  Great; she seemed to be the first one turning around everytime and she was extremely catty with Adam Levine, who I thought would never get a team member.  One other note, when Blake Shelton finally turned around to see Beverly, I got the sense he was a little scared; he said something like “…I don’t want you that mad at me…”  I’m still on the fence about how I feel about Shelton, the guy I saw at P.F. Chang’s in Nashville.  He’s tall.

Levels of Sensitivity

It has been nearly a year since singer and former country music darling, Chely Wright came out of the closet.  I chose this picture, because after a joke that was made at Sunday night’s ACMs, I doubt you will see Wright back on that particular red carpet.  I first read about this Twitter war between Wright and ACM co-host, Blake Shelton, just today. The joke that was made was in reference to Jake Gyllenhaal’s break-up with Taylor Swift and Brokeback Mountain.  And that was the punchline to the joke, “…wasn’t he(Gyllenhaal) in Brokeback Mountain?”  I was live tweeting myself and I heard the joke; I didn’t flinch, because most jokes on award shows are corny, but I admit, this one got a huge laugh/reaction from the audience.  Earlier today, Wright admitted she was NOT watching the ACMs.  Of course, this isn’t the first time Shelton has baited Wright.  Not long after the singer came out, Shelton took to his Twitter and posted this:
And not long after that tweet, Wright’s friend and singerJann Arden, who wrote a song called “Insensitive”, fired back at Shelton. 
Wright has not tweeted anything about the ACMs joke, only to say she wanted to set the record straight that she wasn’t watching the show.  However, Shelton’s fans have weighed in and they have given the singer a pass…see what you think….
  1. “@TeamBiranda: Said it before, Saying it again. I’m a lesbian and you’re still funny.” Yeah!!! I love lesbians!!!! 
  2. “@ethanletter:please tell me you didn’t write that weak brokeback mountain line you said during the awards” Awe.. You’ll be ok little buddy.