Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 10 (It’s Almost Over!)

And I say “It’s almost over!” with great enthusiasm. I’ve decided once and for all, this will be the last Project Runway season I’ll be blogging about. I won’t bring up the usual excuses, it’s been crap since it moved to Lifetime, I’m tired, etc. I just want some peace. It’s funny when I think about it. I keep hanging on to the possibility something good will happen and it doesn’t, it’s all very predictable now. And this group of “all-stars” has been very disappointing. Sorry, but when Kenley Collins AND Michael Costello are in the final four, it’s not exciting.
(Bizarro Seinfeld times infinity!
The producers have exhausted every possible option for a challenge and this week’s was good, but sort of boring. The designers met with Nanette Lepore and she is one of the struggling designers trying to save NYC’s garment district. The designers had to make a garment on a very tight budget for both fabrics and trim. I think the only good part this week, Kenley finally found her claws and brought them out with Lepore criticized her design in the workroom. When Kenley originally incorporated a detail Lepore liked, Kenley removed it in favor of this peacock print.
(And wouldn’t you know, it’s the same darn ol’ dress she’s put on the runway week in and week out.
So basically, Kenley’s mouth and attitude we all remember so well cost her this week. Spoiler alert! Kenley will NOT be in the finale. I thought I would be rooting for Mondo, but I really want Austin to win on principle.
(Check my design stats yo!
He’s the true definition of an out there designer and he deserves this long-overdue chance to win…in reality, he’s been the most entertaining part of the season. While I’m scanning next week’s NCAA tournament, I’ll be watching Austin Scarlett, hopefully, take the crown…