The GaGa-iest SNL Ever!

Thank God the Rapture didn’t happen or we would’ve missed the season finale of SNL and it was a doozy!  Sure, host Justin Timberlake has 2 movies to plug–Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits–but Lady GaGa has the most anticipated album of the last decade to promote!  Duh!  And although I’m still very leery of the SNL writers and producer Lorne Michaels, they were wise to give GaGa the floor in 2 sketches, the digital short, and 2 off-the-wall musical performances.  I’ve said the Nicki Minaj takeover of Jesse Eisenberg’s episode was my favorite of the season, I take it back!  Let’s review in order, shall we?
First up, Timberlake reprised  his “take it on down to (insert service)-ville!” sketch, this time promoting a liquor store in favor of Kristen Wiig’s “teabagging” place and then who shows up? (unfortunately, the clip has not been posted to Hulu) moving on. 
The Digital Short up next…Andy Samberg and Timberlake reprise their “Dick in a Box” and “Motherlover” characters for “3-Way (The Golden Rule)”…more GAGA!
Oh, and I almost forgot, in the first commercial break, a new Google Chrome spot premiered, starring GaGa and her scores of Little Monsters–very cool!
Up next, first musical performance…a little “Edge of Glory” with GaGa playing a lego-like 3D piano, then breaking into “Judas”…sweet!
I thought we probably wouldn’t see GaGa anymore until her last performance, WRONG!…she challenged JT in a celebrity edition of “What’s That Name?”
Hilarious!…and finally, GaGa brought back her egg from the Grammys for a little different interpretation of “Born This Way”…a head scratcher…I hope my sister wasn’t watching.
So awesome, I pray the stores aren’t sold out tomorrow…because I don’t get off work until 4p…GAGA!

Deconstructing THAT Album Cover!

Yeah, there’s a part of me that is a little thrown off by Lady GaGa’s recently revealed Born This Way album cover.  I’ll explain; as you may or may not know, GaGa’s second single, “Judas” dropped Friday after it had leaked and of course it was immediately put up for sale on iTunes.  NO, I did not buy it, why? In my opinion, it’s a poor follow-up to “Born This Way.”  Am I wrong?  Thus, my mood concerning GaGa was already clouded, then a little after midnight Friday, I saw this cover.  My first thought? oh, this is some kind of joke, although it’s a little late for April Fools, but I soon realized, no, not a joke, it IS the cover.  The fan comments were all over the place, many loved it and they loved it because it’s totally what GaGa would do, but then the others thought the same way I did, in saying they thought it was a joke.  I’ll admit, it’s campy, but not campy in the same way as Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment cover.
 I was all about Lambert’s cover, but GaGa’s is on a whole new strange interpretation of camp.  I guess we now know why she was in the egg, why she was–cosmetically–sharpening her facial features and her shoulder blades.  She was turning into a friggin’ chopper, did anyone honestly expect that?  I was under the impression this was going to be the cover, not just a single cover:
 Not too busy, it’s artistic, it gets to the point.  In the end, GaGa will do whatever she wants, because without a doubt, damnit, she can!  And the best part, she doesn’t care what I or anyone thinks of her new motorcycle album cover deal.  That my friends defines a true artist.  Will I buy Born This Way?  Absolutely!  It’s my American duty!

No, It’s Not GaGa, But It’s Good….

Yes, the cries of someone, namely Katy Perry, ripping off Lady GaGa are loud and clear, but please, the “E.T.” video is NOT a rip-off.  Sure, it may have the same themes of alien life and outer space, but in a way, Perry’s is more straightforward.  Oh, and don’t forget Kanye West is there, and you see a naked guy ass at the end, well, in the clip from MTV, the ass crack is blurred.  The song is really good, in fact, it’s Perry’s fifth number 1 single.  And who was de-throned?  Lady GaGa.  “Born This Way” spent six weeks at the top.  I still take GaGa over Perry anyday, but Katy keeps it interesting to say the least.  (FYI, good luck trying to stream this  on YouTube, something funky is going with VEVO).  Check it out!

Just Sink Your Teeth In…

I keep believing Lady GaGa will only get bigger and bigger with each video.  Some are already saying the first video for “Born This Way” is underwhelming, oh hell no!  Anything but.  As with the majority of GaGa’s clips, this is more of a mini-movie and this mini-movie has to be the most intriguing yet.  GaGa keeps saying everything tied to the new album is a “birth”, and we get to experience it two very different, yet similar births.  The birth of good:
 And it’s complete with lots of fluid, as a real birth is.  I love the sci-fi narrative GaGa herself tells and she’s accompanied by Bernard Hermann’s theme from Vertigo….very dramatic, and I totally got a Metropolis vibe.  However, there is a flip-side to the good, the evil. And evil’s birth is just the same only she pulls out a machine gun instead of a um, head????  (Unfortunately, there were only a limited number of stills, and I don’t have the Evil GaGa)  After about 2 and half minutes of back story–The Manifesto of Mother Monster, Gaga then circulates among her disciples as the actual track starts:
 GaGa, though still thin, has definitely tone up, and yes, those pointy, alien-like shoulders will be around for a while.  I would love to see how much work that takes everyday.  The choreography is exactly like it was on the Grammys, only we never see the rubber robes and dresses a la full body condoms.  The second chorus introduces this look/scenario:
 It’s playing on the whole “good vs. evil” theme.  Mostly, the video is strange, dark, and tongue in cheek.  I was waiting for a Madonna homage moment, and at the very end, I got it!  GaGa is shown with a gap in her front teeth, sound like any pop icon you know?  Take a look again and many more times at this strange trip:

GaGa Lays It Down, Literally.

Lady GaGa and her egg walked away with 3 Grammys last night, including, for Best Pop Vocal Album: THE FAME MONSTER–in your face Susan Boyle!!!  Now I didn’t see this live; I confess I’m a huge fan of Big Love which is in its final season on HBO; don’t worry, I have the Grammys DVR’ed, so I’ll be able to see Cee-Lo and Gwyneth and the faux-Muppets in due time.  I would re-post GaGa’s “Born This Way” performance, however, I can’t find a good copy of it, and two, it wasn’t quite the earth-shattering performance the heartland or I was expecting.  Oh, and three, I’m surprised she was on so early, so I didn’t miss it.  But I did miss her acceptance speech for her only televised award:
Yes, the censors were soooooo worried about Cee-Lo and Eminem, they forgot about possibly hitting the delay button during acceptance speeches!  Oh well, she rules, and as of this writing, I haven’t seen a story about that little expletive slipping by.  You know how CBS is about the FCC–in their faces too!!!!  By the way, only 10 Grammys were given away during the 3 and half hour live show which is totally weak.  GaGa also won for Best Pop Female Vocal Performance and Best Short Form Music Video, both for “Bad Romance”.  And somehow, Whitney Houston has been dragged into the conversation; GaGa says the pop diva was her inspiration for “Born This Way”, so Madonna will be on the bench, if only for a little while. 

Same DNA Indeed!

Oh yes, I fondly remember this moment from October 2009 on Saturday Night Live; two music icons, Madonna and Lady GaGa compete for diva dominance in a sort of hilarious fashion.  I’d say Madonna is either really flattered or really pissed at GaGa today. 
“Born This Way” is phenomenal; I’ve already listened to it countless times, but I noticed something, it has a very familiar melody.  I won’t go to the trouble of posting “Born This Way” alongside “Express Yourself” but I think you already know the almost identical similarities.  The melody is pretty much dead on, only sped up a bit, plus GaGa evokes a little “Vogue” with her raps in the song.  Now I look at this two ways, Madonna can cry foul and she should have already with GaGa’s “Alejandro” video, or she can be honored and really is any kind of good pop music original these days?  Of course not.  It’s neat that we already have that familiar melody in our heads; we are ready and willing to listen and by God, make a purchase. (I’ve decided Target may have the better deal, all iTunes is doing is reducing the price on GaGa’s other cds, lame)  I will purchase it, oh yes I will…May 23rd–or earlier or the Grammys–can’t get here fast enough!


Okay, I, no more no less, am ready to hear GaGa’s new masterpiece “Born This Way” (it drops February 13th, if you haven’t RSPV’ed yet GaGa’s official site) and I want to HEAR it rather than read the lyrics.  However, I have to give GaGa props for promoting her single this way; scattering lyrics to different media sources, then today, the whole song was mapped out, complete with producer/songwriter info.  And it’s no mystery the song is being lauded as the next big “gay anthem”, yep, the lyrics totally spell it out.  I will respect those media outlets who are printing the lyrics, but with one exception, the main refrain is “Don’t be a drag, be a queen!”  Oh yeah!  I just think the better marketing would have been to release fragments of the song, plus the lyrics; it would drive the little monsters nuts!  That is all.

Dreams Come True!…Maybe…

So I read online today that Lady GaGa is bringing the Monster Ball to…Nashville!!!!  I’m praying to all the Gods I will be lucky enough to see the spectacle; now if I’m really lucky, Scissor Sisters, who will open several spring dates for GaGa, will also be on the bill.  I will die and go to heaven if that’s who the suporting act is.  I checked the Sisters’ dates and their dates with GaGa only go until the end of March, GaGa will be a Bridgestone Arena April 19th.  Now I must consider, although I have some friends who will be in touch, how much I’m willing to pay; and really, I don’t care.  I don’t think $100 is too much to see a once in a lifetime true artist. Oh you know when I got word of this, I spread it around like wildfire, because tickets go on sale this Saturday (9/25) and they will sell out fast!  And by April, GaGa’s new album, Born This Way, should be out, God let it be so.   

GaGa, Meat, Lettuce, Taylor, and CHER!!!

I made it a priority last night not to watch the VMAs, at least not until after the True Blood finale (cliffhangers galore!), however, I ended up catching most of the second hour…and yes, Lady GaGa is awesome!…who cares about her meat dress, which by the way, the meat? REAL!…since she wasn’t performing last night, she made an impact with both her fashion and her gay activism…YAY!…GaGa won a record 8 VMAs for her opus “Bad Romance”…she arrived at the ceremony with several military members on her arms, as a sign to get members of Congress and the Senate to finally repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which a judge ruled unconstitutional over the weekend…when she won Pop Video of the Year, she had to have several people help her lift her gown so she could walk to the stage, luckily, it wasn’t that far away…the other big happening that didn’t happen last night was a reunion of Taylor Swift and Kanye West after West jumped up on stage and ranted about how Beyonce’ had the “best video of all time!”…geez!…they did not appear onstage together, rather, each performed a new song about the experience…and I’m sorry, but Taylor Swift sang like she had dead lice falling off of her…somehow, the crowd ate up the performance, but I guess I didn’t get it…I only caught the last part of Kanye’s performance, which was virtually inaudible…oh well…
Back to GaGa, she made her first post-VMA appearance on the Ellen season premiere which aired today…natually, Ellen respects GaGa, with the exception of that damn meat dress!…and yes, PETA was not happy, but good God!…instead Ellen offered GaGa a different fashion option:
Lettuce!…oh well…
My biggest thrill, which I didn’t see live on the VMAs, CHER returned to present Video of the Year in her “If I Could Turn Back Time” outfit from over 20 years ago!…yeah, she doesn’t quite look the same in it, but it’s friggin’ Cher!…I cannot WAIT to see Burlesque!…anyway, when GaGa received her 8th award, she announced the title of her new album coming out next year: