Rebecca Black’s Doppleganger?

If you think I’m going to put you through the torture of listening to and watching “Friday”, you are wrong!  Instead, I want to introduce to whom I’m pretty sure is Rebecca Black’s doppleganger, 16-year-old Raquel Castro.
 Castro is currently competing on NBC’s The Voice and I don’t remember her from the blind auditions, but I swear, when I saw her on this week’s battle rounds, I couldn’t believe how much she resembles Black.  And I also didn’t know Castro played Jennifer Lopez’s daughter in the 2004 stinkeroo Jersey Girl.  She is now 16 and I won’t spoil the results for you, but she will continue on The Voice as part of Christina Aguilera’s team.  Wait, I just spoiled, excuse me.  For the life of me, I can’t remember how to display images side by side, but here’s Black.
 It’s frightening!  However, when you see Castro, you’ll notice she is very tiny which leads me to believe she could also pass for:
 Yes, Olympic gymnastic gold-medalist, Dominique Moceanu.  So weird!  Here’s Castro winning round versus Julia Eason and I hate to say it, but this battle was underwhelming, but Castro definitely had the edge…she’s so damn short!

The Voice Rocks And Look Who’s There!

Where do I begin?  Today is day number four for possible severe weather where I live; yesterday, a tornado rushed through just north of my hometown, and then when I returned home from work around 9:30 last night, surrounding areas were under the gun yet again.  To make a long story short, my NBC affiliate had to deliver this important weather information, 30 minutes into the premiere of The Voice, thus taking up the remaining programming time.  So I saw the first few, but just after the weather coverage broke in, a familiar face graced the stage: FRENCHIE DAVIS!!!!  (I watched all of the premiere online)  I thought I saw her in a long shot going into a rehearsal space, but I was like “nah, that’s not Frenchie”, it was!!!  I could not believe it when I found her performance clip earlier today.  We all know what became of Frenchie; she was disqualified from season 2 of American Idol after an internet porn scandal popped up, but then she went on to star in RENT on Broadway, so she hasn’t suffered, but she is now in the position to really make something happen on The Voice.  
Now, onto this bald-headed beauty.  Beverly McClellan has been making music and albums for years now; and yes, she’s a big fixture in the LGBT community.  Side note, one other out lesbian, Vicci Martinez, also made the cut.  That’s what’s wrong with Idol, not enough lebanese!  (Props to last night’s GLEE!)–McClellan is high-energy to the nth degree, and I predict she will do well; and this may sound a little morbid, but when I was watching McClellan’s performance of “Piece of My Heart”, I flashed back to the 2005 Grammys when Melissa Etheridge, bald from chemotherapy, rocked the same song in a tribute to Janis Joplin.  Eerie, but that’s where my mind went.  Now how is Xtina doing so far on the show?  Great; she seemed to be the first one turning around everytime and she was extremely catty with Adam Levine, who I thought would never get a team member.  One other note, when Blake Shelton finally turned around to see Beverly, I got the sense he was a little scared; he said something like “…I don’t want you that mad at me…”  I’m still on the fence about how I feel about Shelton, the guy I saw at P.F. Chang’s in Nashville.  He’s tall.

Can’t Hold Her Down

I guess to say 2011 for Christina Aguilera has not been smooth so far is a giant understatement.  Although now, if I think about it, 2010 wasn’t too good either.  Let’s review; her Bionic album failed so miserably, a tour to support it was completely scrapped, then, she got separated and eventually divorced from her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, oh and a little movie called Burlesque came out in November (it’s on DVD now!) and Aguilera’s acting  was critically skewered–though I must say Cher made a mini-comeback and the movie won songwriter Diane Warren a Golden Globe for Cher’s ballad, “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me”.   Unfortunately, Warren did not receive an Oscar nomination, and there’s old Randy Newman up there winning again.  Okay, back to Xtina. I guess that little National Anthem at the Super Bowl debacle is!  Just a week later, Aguilera appeared on-stage at the Grammys for an Aretha Franklin tribute and wouldn’t you know, she tripped right as the performance ended.
Just yesterday, Xtina and her current boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, were arrested on suspicion of DUI and public intoxication.  My first thought?  She’s ever so slowly turning into another tragic pop star a la Courtney Love.  No formal charges have been filed and Aguilera made bail.  At this point, her ex-husband could seek full custody of the couple’s 2-year-old son Max.  Yeah, it was all going down hill pretty fast until the announcement today, Xtina would be joining the NBC reality singing competition, The Voice, as a vocal coach and judge along with Cee-Lo Green and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine; Carson Daly will be hosting when the show debuts next month. 
Aguilera is a powerful singer and I’m sure she’s just a tad bit side-tracked, but can she regain her glory and more importantly, her credibility?  It remains to be seen, I just hope she can make The Voice work.

Burlesque?…Oh Boy! (Not All Bad)

I’m really surprised I actually ended up going to see Burlesque.  It’s not really the type of movie that goes over well in my household, which consists of me and my parents.  However, I declared in a tweet last Sunday night I wanted to see Burlesque but I would probably end up going alone.  I know, whaa-whaa! Woe is me!  And honestly, I would’ve gone by myself to see it; if I’m hell-bent to see something I’ll go alone.  Nonetheless, I found someone who would go and I ended up seeing a few other friends there, so this was good times! 
The plot is very simple, Christina Aguilera plays Ali, a girl in Iowa who gets fed up with her dead end job and she decides singing and dancing in LA is where it’s at.  We see several montages, the first one being where Ali is going through ads in the paper for “singers/dancer/etc”, then all of a sudden she sees the Burlesque Lounge as if it’s an oasis in the desert.  She’s instantly taken with the show, who wouldn’t?  Alan Cumming appears as the doorman and I’m mad he didn’t get more screen time.  She encounters a bartender, Jack, played by one of the bazillion Twilight darlings, Cam Gigandet.  The other main star is someone you may have heard of, CHER! who plays the Burlesque Lounge’s nervous, yet talented owner, Tess.  Ali tries to ask for a job and Tess naturally shoots her down and she tells her to come back and audition another time.  Stanley Tucci did a better job as a gay design assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, but he’s mildly enjoyable as Tess’ gay show/seamstress/assistant Sean in Burlesque.  Other minor characters, Kristen Bell as the “always late for the show/alcoholic” Nikki, Eric “McSteamy” Dane as Marcus, who wants to buy the club and Tess always says no, even though her establishment, wait for it…is in financial trouble.  Eventually, Ali proves herself to Tess, as someone to replace trainwreck Nikki, however, the Burlesque performers only dance, they don’t sing until a jealous Nikki pulls the plug on one of Ali’s performances, she doesn’t know what to do, but what else? Sing!  Tess realizes Ali is great and she decides to re-design the entire show around Ali’s powerhouse voice.  So after many montages of Ali’s rise to the top, Jack seduces her even though he has a fiancee’ played by Glee’s Diana Agron, Ali comes up with a scheme so Tess can keep her club.  AIR RATES!  I had never heard of people owning air above buildings until this evening.  Thus, everyone is happy at the end and so ends the torture of Burlesque.  But let me indulge in a little Cher…here’s her solo from the movie, “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me” written by Grammy winner Diane Warren…best part of the film!

First Look at Burlesque…

I just found the “exclusive trailer” for Burlesque…you know…Cher, Christina Aguilera, and I think I saw McSteamy…it’s due in theaters on Thanksgiving…and I just don’t know…I guess it’s not a run-of-the-mill musical, but it has tones of Chicago, Cabaret, and Nine….unfortunately, I also see hints of Showgirls…YIKES!…it’s a crap shoot, but I might just take a chance and see it…see the trailer:

Not Myself Tonight????..indeed!

Well today is the big day Christina Aguilera’s video for her new single “Not Myself Tonight” hits the web…all I can say is: really?…I’m sure this will be blogged to death, but why is Xtina ripping off everybody???..yes, we know she has been ripping off GaGa for a while, but this video has some definite Madonna overtones…and you’ll see them all over the place…on the upside, the song is not bad at all…I dig it, but she really needs some originality concerning her wardrobe, make-up, hair, and image…please!…she preceded GaGa for God’s sake! Happy Friday and enjoy!

Project Runway: Week Nine Breakdown

**You may have noticed my lack of normal blogs lately…I’ve been working early again this week and frankly, nothing has peaked my interest in the past few days…in fact, I’m thinking of giving up my blog after Project Runway is over, because I have no idea how to get more interest and more readers**

Here we go…

9:01pm: Christopher is reflecting oh how he started strong and he’s floundered as of late, ya think???…Shirin practices yoga…Carol Hannah-“you could say slow and steady wins the race???”…she wasn’t sure…no immunity from here on out….

9:03pm: BOB MACKIE!!!…”the sultan of sequins”…love love!…create an extravagant stage look, take design to the next level…look is for Christina Aguilera, who, I’m sorry, has not done ANYTHING lately…in like 2 years…

9:07pm: Designers are going for shiny fabrics, lots of sequins!!!…oh, thank God Nicolas got to buy his precious feathers…in case you forgot Xtina, here’s what she looks like:

9:10pm: Nicolas is super, over-confident!…this could be the coolest or worst runway show ever…Gordana has immunity, and she is not working it in this challenge…she’s a Debbie Downer…

9:16pm: Gordana is staring from square one, she’ll have to be “Speedy Gonzalez”, a German one anyway…Shirin?…oh, it does not look good…Gunn check!…he just said “super sexy slut!”…Christopher says he’s the only designer left who hasn’t dressed a celebrity…um, I don’t think so…Gordana gets angry…Tim thinks Nicolas’ is deja vu…I would agree…

9:20pm: Carol Hannah’s is good, she deserves better…Tim says Shirin’s looks “like bad prom, student work…”…Irina is complaining about Shirin again, “bargain basement”…Shirin is starting over…Althea’s is a little too sparkly…

9:24pm: CH expresses her hots for Logan, again…Gordana is going totally mental; she has immunity…

9:29pm: Shirin’s still looks really bad…why has Macy’s decided to take over the world and not allow the GLEE cast into their Thanksgiving Day parade???…sorry, venting…Irina is hating on Carol Hannah…you know karma right?…

9:32pm: Mental breakdowns are on tap for the runway show…oh shit!…Nina is back!

9:38pm: Well, no Michael…Christina is working a Lady Gaga inspired wig…Althea-not bad, train’s too long, Logan-sexy, Shirin-hot mess!, Christopher-cheap, Nicolas-Cher reject, Gordana-terrible, Irina-eh, Carol Hannah-not bad…Irina is safe, Gordana has immunity-“I had a complete meltdown”…

9:41pm: Critique…Carol Hannah has the best piece, gets good marks…Shirin-Heidi “upscale Halloween witch dress”…Althea-good comments, the train may be an issue…Christopher-Nina “revisit of ‘Lady Marmalade'”…Christina gives a “big fat E for effort”…Nicolas-the panel likes it…UGH!!!…Logan-punk rock princess, Christina “cavewoman”…

9:55pm: No idea on winner or auf’d…Carol Hannah gets the win! yay!…it’s between Shirin and Christopher…I would lean more Christopher, and that’s sad, he had so much potential…AUF’D: Shirin!…Christopher dodges yet ANOTHER bullet…

Next Week: Rodeo Drive field trip…and Michael is back!

Here’s some Bob Mackie, good night!

Cher by Bob Mackie