First Daphne, Now Pink Nail Polish?!?

Oh Lord, where do I begin?  You may recall a couple months ago when a boy named “Boo” dressed up as Daphne from Scooby Doo and the internet was set afire with everybody throwing in their two cents on what appropriate gender roles should be.  Well now, a new J.Crew ad featuring a little boy named Beckett, who just happens to be the J.Crew creative director’s son, getting his toenails painted PINK by his mother.  And as you can see the quote in the ad is:
“Lucky for me, I ended up with boy whose favorite color is pink.  Toenail painting is way more fun than neon.”
Let’s not throw stones shall we.  I grew up a tomboy and I played with boys’ toys and I dressed like a boy most of the time; note, I still hate dresses and skirts to this day, however, if you had seen this same ad with a little girl trying to shave her face for example-(yep, I tried that too!)-would you have batted an eye?  Of course not, because it’s Daddy playing with his little girl, it’s cute, it’s acceptable to society.  I know I’m probably repeating myself from something I wrote last year, but I believe it’s all worth repeating again.  Yes, some kids may or may not be influenced by what their parents do or say, but let them at least try and figure it out.  The main argument in this debate is that both “Boo” and Beckett will need a lot of therapy to understand what they went through.  Bullshit!  No matter how these boys turn out, they can look back and reflect how ever they see fit when they get older.  I can’t wait for the day the culture war chills out over gender roles.  It’s not worth anyone’s time.  Children are curious and they are creative; let’s try and understand that rather than keeping parents, or God forbid, their children awake at night wrestling with “did I do the right thing?”