Happy Birthday!

To Ellen DeGeneres…52 today!…I don’t know where to begin on my love of Ellen…it started with some modest stand-up comedy on HBO, moved on to These Friends of Mine later renamed Ellen on ABC…then she came out!…via her sitcom and the world went into a tizzy…”The Puppy Episode” garnered record ratings and a Best Writing in a Comedy Series Emmy for Ellen…however, during this madness, Ellen disappointed me and probably a lot of my fellow ladies when she started dating actress and cerifiable nutbar, Anne Heche…I never saw their relationship as geniune…it was definitely indulgent as Heche directed her then girlfriend in the final vignette of HBO’s If These Walls Could Talk 2 in 2000…at that point, I didn’t really care for Ellen anymore…yes, she went on to star in another self-titled sitcom, The Ellen Show, for CBS, but it just didn’t have the goofiness of her original series…it did have Betty White!…then Ellen vanished for a while…oh sure, she hosted the Emmys, the Grammys, and she would eventually host the Oscars, but her ultimate comeback came in the form of her own talk show, and stay with me…The Ellen DeGeneres Show…the show has won a total of 25 Emmys…and DeGeneres continues to delight the masses, and me, with her rambling, yet clever sense of humor…in just a few weeks, Ellen will venture into new territory, as a judge on American Idol…I’m very excited, but maybe just a tad cynical…I don’t like it when hit shows, although Idol has not raked in its usual ratings at least the last two seasons, shakes things up…don’t even get me started on The L Word…all in all, Ellen will be great and I hope she’s able to completely embrace her new role as a critic aka normal music buying person on the judging panel…and I’m very glad Ellen finally settled down and got married to actress Portia de Rossi…they are uber-cute together…
Ah, sweet love…later!

A Moustache Ride in Prime Time???

Moustache Ride
Oh yes!…sure, Sarah Silverman lost in the Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category to UNITED STATES OF TARA star Toni Collette(GO DIABLO CODY!), but she provided a very humorous moment in an Emmy telecast that lacked lots of the funny…The Emmy Awards is one of those shows that it’s very hard to pull off humor…it ranks up there with the Oscars, of course more people tune in to the Oscars, but anyway…I am giving host Neil Patrick Harris a B for effort and a D for the jokes…OMG, that whole “best seat in the house” winner gag???…as Aunt Linda would say, “Oh Brother!”…and I’m not sure I like the dividing up of categories in the show…NPH did have one good line, “I hope Kanye is a fan of 30 ROCK.”….

It’s too bad the funniest moment of the show happened right at the beginning….the nominees and the winner for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Comedy Series…oh, one side note…congrats to HBO on their GREY GARDENS wins–Best Actress-Jessica Lange, Supporting Actor-Ken Howard, and Best Made-For-TV Movie!…okay…here’s the clip I was setting up:


A Milestone and Memories of Patrick Swayze…

Today’s post is a milestone because it’s number 100…thank you, thank you loyal readers who have stuck it out with me for the past five months…I’ll do my best to continue to bring you the most entertaining, informative, and humorous blogs I can…

Today is marred by another Cruel Summer death…Patrick Swayze died Monday after a two-year long battle with pancreatic cancer…he was 57…I know he wasn’t going to make it, but I’m still in shock and I’m sad…I confess I had a crush on Swayze when I was 10, 11…I’m trying to remember when the NORTH AND SOUTH mini-series starting airing…well, strike that, the first time I saw Swayze on screen?…RED DAWN…I love RED DAWN and believe it or not, there’s a remake in the works…eh…I was behind the curve on DIRTY DANCING for the longest time…I didn’t see it at the theater or rent it…I didn’t see it until it premiered in HBO…I couldn’t stop watching it!…after that, I can’t remember anything I had to see with Swayze in it, with the exception of GHOST…ROADHOUSE is a cable standard…no, I have a soft spot for another film….TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR…no, it’s not Oscar material, but it has laughs and it has heart…enjoy this clip!

Sorry for the subtitles…

**SIDENOTE: the challenges on Thursday keep adding up…I work until 7…but it’s all good, I’ll have my laptop fired up and ready to go for DIVAS….