Scott Weiland 1967-2015


Last night, as I was attempting to be witty tweeting about ‘The Wiz Live’, I started to see the inevitable news emerge. Scott Weiland was found dead on his tour bus in Minnesota. He was making music again with a new band, The Wildabouts. The band was in Louisville just two weeks ago. He was 48. Continue reading

The False Martyr



For two-plus months, same-sex and straight couples in Rowan County, Kentucky have been unable to obtain marriage licenses. County Clerk Kim Davis, an elected public official, has chosen her almighty God’s authority as a reason to not issue the licenses. What has ensued has been one ridiculous and extremely intolerant ride for those couples who, according to the Supreme Court, have the right to get legally married.

Now being a Kentucky resident myself, I knew this decision would be met with road blocks. The main road block being religion. All of this could’ve been very simple, if a certain Country Clerk, well, there’s 3 total who still won’t issue licenses, would just step down and resign, no harm done. Kim Davis has become the face (ugh!) of the Kentucky clerks who would rather be jailed or be fined than step down. If she’s trying to achieve martyrdom, she’s going to be very disappointed in a couple of days. I mean, the video from this morning seals the contempt of court charges against her.

“God’s authority”, not smart Kim, not smart girl. What’s even more hilarious are these excerpts from her statement after the filmed confrontation

“Some people say I should resign, but I have done my job well.” Um, no you haven’t. You’ve broken the law for the past two months. Nice try at throwing “we have a surplus” in there, no one cares about that.

“In addition to my desire to serve the people of Rowan County, I owe my life to Jesus Christ who loves me and gave His life for me. Following the death of my godly mother-in-law over four years ago, I went to church to fulfill her dying wish. There I heard a message of grace and forgiveness and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. No one is. But I am forgiven and I love my Lord and must be obedient to Him and to the Word of God.” When did public office become a church? And if her “godly mother-in-law” had the dying wish to spread bigotry and intolerance, mission accomplished!

“To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience.” Wrong, it violates the law a hell of lot more. But hey, who would give up their conscience for $80,000/year? Not Kim.

“I want to continue to perform my duties, but I also am requesting what our Founders envisioned – that conscience and religious freedom would be protected.” What Founders is she talking about? I don’t think it’s the Founding Fathers.

Here’s what’s really sad, even though she and her deputy clerks have been ordered to appear in court later this week, Davis and her religious liberty lawyers will try to come up with an excuse to delay it. However, since she actually crawled out from under her rock, I mean her desk and made clear her views in the video above, maybe she will hike her skirt up and finally face the music.

On a personal note, I used to work with a Penecostal woman who struggled constantly with her sexuality. At the time, I still wasn’t sure about coming out myself. We were totally different, but the same. Whatever her opinion on the Rowan Co. situation is, I hope she is happy.

You Can’t Remove Everything and Make Everybody Happy

I’m going to preface this by writing about another controversial removal. When longtime Penn State coach Joe Paterno wasn’t totally up front about Jerry Sandusky’s molestation, he was fired, and seven months after his death in 2012, his statue outside Beaver Stadium was removed as was all of his wins, 409, which were accumulated from 1998 until his dismissal. *Earlier this year, the NCAA reinstated 111 of those wins as part of a settlement stemming from a lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania State Senator.

It’s simple, you and everybody else can remove all symbols of the Confederacy, but it won’t erase what its primary goal is with the call to remove the flag from the South Carolina state grounds which is racism and segregation. Is the Confederate flag “a part of history”? Yes. The Civil War, the Confederate States, it’s all history. Yes, the flag, a statue of Jefferson Davis, a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, they are all symbols of that time in history, but they are objects.

Personally, when I see a Confederate flag I think of a couple of things. I think of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard” and the General Lee Pontiac GTO. I think of the time I went to see Hank Williams Jr. in concert and I saw a truck with a huge rebel flag flying out of the bed. I’m from Kentucky and although we were neutral during the Civil War, a good majority of folks will tell you Kentucky is a part of the South. I know we all talk a little funny, myself included, so to an extent, I agree with that view. What I don’t agree with is the Confederate flag being used as a prop for the KKK. It’s a prop for down and dirty hate. It’s a sign of stubborn values built on the foundation of a war that ended 150 years ago. It’s a double edge sword of pride and of shame.

Will anything be ultimately resolved if all the Confederate symbols are removed? Absolutely not. It all boils down to freedom of expression weighted with a good healthy dose of empathy. In other words, we may not agree, but we both have the right to express how we feel about the rebel flag, the gay pride flag, Nazi symbolism, selfie sticks, Rachel Dolezal (where did she go?!?) and so forth. You have to understand where everyone is coming from, whether you think it’s right or wrong, and for God’s sake, have some respect!

I’m Not Happy, Happy, Happy

I know some people who read this might be shocked to learn that I do watch Duck Dynasty, at least I used to. And my favorite Robertson? Phil, the patriarch, the guy who started at QB ahead of Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech, the former boozer and drug user who found God; he is bar none, the most real person you will ever see on “reality” TV. However, A&E has all but omitted the Robertson clan’s deep rooted religious beliefs. In other words, the only connection to the family’s Christian world that you will ever see on the show is when they are involved in their church activities. Oh, and when Phil says the prayer over supper at almost the end of every episode. It seems he isn’t satisfied, yet if there’s one thing I do admire about him, he will always be honest and speak his mind about his beliefs, no matter what the cost.

I’ve already had one friend ask me why Phil would do an interview with GQ? Why not? In reality, any publication, no matter what that publication’s objective is, he would have no problem speaking his truth. And now, the truth has cost Robertson his role on one of cable TV’s highest-rated shows. Robertson has been suspended “indefinitely” from the series by A&E following the controversial remarks he made about homosexuality in the GQ interview. Here’s what the network had to say:

“We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty. His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community.”

Okay A&E, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Robertson’s personal beliefs are the same beliefs of his family. Of course when you read the GQ article, you’ll notice the sons stay mum when Phil starts pontificating about the Bible. They may not be as outspoken as their father, but will carry the burden of defending him for the rest of their lives. It wouldn’t surprise me if in the next few days, you might see another family member pipe up and say something along the lines of “although we respect other people, this is what we believe and no one will change that.” I call bullshit. It will also be interesting to see what other parties who have invested in the show will have to say in wake of this controversy. I’m mainly referring to Walmart. Everywhere you turn, there’s a Robertson staring at you. I see an old cut out of Willie every time I leave and see the Duck Dynasty line of sunglasses. UGH!

I know one thing, I can no longer watch Duck Dynasty. I knew something like this interview would happen, and I would have to stand my ground, so to speak. If A&E is really “champions and strong supporters of the LGBT community”, they would drop the series. Backlash is a bitch. I’ll be waiting for their next move.

Sorry Phil, but it’s not cool to quack about queers and get away with it.

Let’s Pick An Actor (Or A Chef) To Play Rob Ford

Obamacare has saturated the 24-hour news cycle for most of the week; seriously, we get it, the website sucks, no one trusts the President or the government, move on! You may have caught the story of the crack-smoking Toronto mayor, more like over-sized crack baby, in between the healthcare yammering. Honestly, I don’t see how this guy didn’t pop up on our radars sooner. He’s a walking dump truck of ridiculous character. Thus, a cheaply made TV movie about the salt lick of the week is almost certainly in the works.

And although the internet has lamented how if Chris Farley were alive, he would have made a perfect Ford, this all got me thinking of just who could take on the “drunken stupor” challenge.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, obviously.

This choice is pretty much right on the button. And bonus! Hoffman has had substance abuse issues in the past. I smell an Oscar, well, it would probably be an Emmy or a Golden Globe. Hell, even if a “Funny or Die” parody is made, Hoffman is your man.

David Burke

Yes, I know he’s a chef, but look at him! He’s jowly, full of pep, and I’m sure when he’s in a drunken stupor, it would be cinematic gold.

Rainn Wilson

Honestly, who plays crazy and irrational better than Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson? He would need to put on a little beer weight, but wow, he would knock it out of the park. He looks pretty sane without glasses.

Val Kilmer

Hey Iceman! Put a suit on and you’re in! Needless to say, Kilmer has shied away from the limelight, but this role + his unfortunate weight gain? Comeback baby!

Melissa McCarthy (Wild Card)

Why not? She’s red hot and she is a master at comedy and character work. Okay, I take it back, McCarthy is your parody choice. I am going to bank on it. Especially if and when she’s asked to host SNL again.

So? Choose wisely.

Equality Creeps Closer And Pixie Cuts Are The New Black

This week, Illinois became the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Illinois is right in my back yard, I better watch out! This means Indiana is next, maybe. I could never imagine marriage equality would be so close to where I live. Did someone finally wake up and realize it’s 2013? I could never imagine almost a quarter of the country would recognize same-sex marriage in my lifetime. I mean the state line is literally an hour and a half from where I live. So, will the Midwest continue to fall like dominoes? I say yes, but it all depends on congressional and gubernatorial elections next year. AND what happens with the Affordable Care Act. Health care is an area where equality will be much harder to achieve.

In more breaking equality news, just Thursday, the US Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which means no LGBT prospective job candidate or existing employee can not be not hired or fired on basis of who they are. Of course, it has to pass in the House; which is always a fun time. And it’s no surprise, both KY Senators voted “no” on passage. Typical partisan bullshit. Alas, let’s remember at least one KY Senator (McConnell) will be in a fierce fight next year for his seat, and I predict KY will consider lifting its constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Maybe not next year, but it will be considered again.

Moving on…

If you obsessively follow pop culture like I do, you may have noticed in the past week, several female stars have decided on new haircuts. Specifically, short ones or the pixie cut. Yours truly published a blog almost four years ago as I was considering a very short haircut. Here’s the link and from what I’ve seen on my stats, many of you are still reading it, thanks! First up, Jennifer Hudson….and I think it looks perfect on her.

Next, someone I thought would be the last woman on Earth to cut her hair shot, Pamela Anderson, yeah.

Another shocker, sort of, Kristin Chenoweth.

Next, Jennifer Aniston, wait! No, she didn’t get a pixie cut, but she got it hacked off because she was “bored”. In other words, it’s the same cut she got for the last season of Friends. That’s boring.

Last but not least, or before next week, Oscar-winning actress and KY native Jennifer Lawrence debuted her pixie cut this week at the Google headquarters.

All of the ladies look great, however, one Bravo-lebrity decided to opine on the situation and I wasn’t quiet about it.

Yeah, Patti Stanger thinks short hair equals gay. I’m done.







Meth, Meet Krokodil Or The Best Reason To NEVER Use Drugs (NSFW!)

I don’t know how many times I will type this phrase, but DRUGS ARE BAD!!!! I had seen the topic “flesh eating drug” was trending, but I just ignored it; I mean, how the hell does a drug eat your flesh? I thought only diseases, bath-salt users, and zombies ate flesh.


BRAIN! sandwich

Nope, apparently heroin has gotten so expensive, the Russians (groan!) have formulated a cheaper type of high called desomorphine or krokodil. Why Krokodil? Um, I don’t how to put this lightly, but when one injects this mixture of ingredients such as gasoline, paint thinner, and alcohol, it causes the flesh to deteriorate or rot away. Oh dear, I finally looked at some pictures of Krokodil users today, and I don’t think I’m going to display them. Honestly, a zombie eating intestines is so much more tame and tasteful than what this shit can do to your body. I’ve seen photos of flesh eating bacteria victims, and although I’m not discounting what they go through, they are lucky compared to what happens to these Krokodil bastards.

Nope, much worse than this.

Nope, much worse than this.

You would think meth would do a similar number on the human body, because it’s made up of so many things one should never consume on purpose, but I’ve never seen a “Face of Meth” as bad as a Krokodil user. Let me paint an image for you, or rather show it to you.

That scene used to scare me to death! Just imagine that process not only happening to your face, but to all of your extremities. Okay, I think I can display one picture that may or may not gross you out. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, NSFW! But not near as graphic as what you find when you type in Krokodil.

Seriously! It's a lot worse than this rotting hand.

Seriously! It’s a lot worse than this rotting hand.

I keep wondering why this fascinates me so much. Is it the extreme depravity? The desperate addicts? Or, the gross out factor? I mean, Halloween is practically here. And now Krokodil has landed stateside. So if you see someone with their bones poking through his/her flesh or their crocodile-like skin, they ain’t no zombies.





Syria And A Coven

So, here we are again. And I use “we” in two ways. We, as in you and me, here together, the writer and the reader. And “we” as in the United States, its leaders, and we the people. Syria is just another country in the Middle East where there’s a dictator and its citizens have revolted resulting in two things. A bloody civil war and the dictator, President Bashar Assad authorizing the use of chemical weapons on his people to abate the uprising. Which is similar to what happened in Iraq over twenty years ago. Remember Saddam? He gassed his own people? At the time, President George H. W. Bush was able to amass an enormous coalition and he got Congressional approval to launch a strike on Baghdad. The strike was swift yet Hussein continued his dictatorship. And..we all know what happened soon after 9/11 with the younger President Bush. Let’s not go there. So now, with President Obama, a strike may or may not happen. Honestly, if we can avoid another war, it will be better for everyone involved. But, I don’t trust Assad OR Russian President Vladmir Putin, who is supposedly going to use diplomacy to convince Syria to dispose of its chemical weapons cache. Don’t even get me started on Putin! If I’m ever reincarnated, I better not come back as a person, place, or thing in Russia. It’s cold, it’s homophobic, and it’s more old school than probably the Middle East. “Inshallah” (seen above) translates as “Allah’s will” or the more familiar “God willing” to us.

And just for good or bad measure, what the hell happened to Secretary of State John Kerry’s face?

Okay, I’ll move on to a more amusing, rather exciting subject. Oh I pray you have seen the new teaser trailer for the upcoming season of American Horror Story. The third season takes place in New Orleans and our theme this season is witchcraft, hence the the title Coven. Ryan Murphy is not only bringing back constant cast members Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Frances Conroy, back for round three are some season one faces including Taissa Farmiga and Jamie Brewer. Yes, Addie will be back, as a witch! Oh dear, I cannot wait.

Kathy Bates bitches! I don’t know if the ensuing teasers can top that one. Be on the look out for more teasers on the American Horry Story Facebook page. Season 3 premieres October 9th on FX.

Let’s Face It, We Are A Twerk Nation

That’s the only Miley pic you are going to get in this post. Sorry, but even I’m tired of the VMA twerk felt around the world. However, I can’t believe Sunday was maybe the first time people saw this beloved dance move take place. It’s only been around for a bazillion years! Unfortunately, since Sunday night, everybody  just havs to know how to twerk.

Like these people….

Oh, just wait…

Smack my damn head!

This is a breakdown of different kinds of twerking, courtesy of Big Freedia

Here’s a hilarious “twerking intervention”….

One more…and Miley needs to take notes!

You see? We won’t be getting rid of this anytime soon. Especially since “twerk” was just added to the Oxford Dictionary.

Stand up twerkers of America! It’s your time!



What Does It Mean?

Okay, before you stop reading, this post will NOT be all about Beyonce’s stunning new pixie cut. I’m going to take a few current topics and tell you what I think they mean. And we will start with Mrs. Carter. What does it mean? It means a lot of people will be wasting their time on Twitter analyzing and humorously carrying on about a friggin’ haircut. And let’s be honest, she probably just snatched her weave. I have feelings about the haircut, but I haven’t been able to fully process them yet.

A-Rod’s infinite suspension

What does it mean? It means this no-talent, overpayed, whiny dickbag may never play MLB again. As you can tell, I have zero love for Rodriguez. I’ve never liked him and when he joined the Yankees, I really, really, really didn’t like him. If A-Rod does get to play again, he will be nearly 40. Not many 40-year-olds can play out one or two more years in the big leagues. And I heard the other night, the Yankees farm system is virtually dead with no hopes of any future stars and/or good trading material available. It’s the great Bronx meltdown and I am loving every minute of it.

Lady GaGa releases this video

What does it mean? Uh, I know I should have something witty to say, but I don’t. And by the way, why is everybody shocked that she’s naked? Jesus, if you haven’t seen GaGa naked by now, go and look at Beyonce’s haircut again. This extreme yoga, called the Abramovic Method, video reminds me of a Wes Anderson film. It just needs some catchy retro music, or some Boots Randolph. Oh and if you haven’t heard her leaked track “Burqa” (some sites are naming it “Aura”), I implore you to skip it! I already have a sinking feeling Artpop is going to be an “art flop”, and I hate that for GaGa. I think she should’ve just laid low and she should’ve taken the rest of the year off. If you are curious, click here to hear the demo; lyrics are included.

another wordpress blog

another wordpress blog

Miley Cyrus releases the name of her new album, BANGERZ

What does it mean? I believe we can safely say now Cyrus has crossed over to the dark side, as in, no more Hannah Montana, EVER! I’ve had a lot of cruel things to say about Miley, and here’s some more. If she thinks she will ever be as successful as a (gulp!) Lady GaGa, P!nk, or hell Madonna with her new schtick and sound, she needs to step back about 500 feet. She’s pretty much a novelty act; it’s all about the display of questionable, staged behavior and a few okay tracks. Yes, I like “We Can’t Stop” the song, NOT that silly video. It turns out, I can wait to see her again.