The Idol Winner Curse Continues!…Don’t Act Shocked!

Well, to no one’s surprise, and I hope Simon Cowell is included in this group, Kris Allen’s debut CD is not selling well…sales projections for the first week? 80,000 copies…and I hate to say this, but I kind of feel sorry for Allen…he did not get to perform on the American Music Awards, he just presented an award…you blinked and you missed him…and we all know who stole the show and had people talking the next day…once again, in comparison, Adam Lambert’s cd is projected to sell at least 225,000 copies…we knew all along Lambert was the better singer and better performer, but Kris Allen somehow siphoned Adam’s votes in the finale meant for Danny Gokey, who by the way, is releasing a COUNTRY album soon…YIKES!…in other Idol releases, Allison Ireheta’s debut cd hits stores Tuesday and it’s gotten decent reviews…I haven’t really heard anything from it, and I’m still not a fan…sure, she has that smoky, rock and roll voice, but she’s still very young…it will take a while for Ireheta to reach her musical performance peak…in time, she will be really good…however, Kris Allen, I’m not sure what it will take to get him more attention, he’s vanilla and he’s a copycat of other acoustic artists, like Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz…the only type of artist giving Allen hope is John Mayer, his new cd, Battle Studies, is currently at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 album chart…he even duets with country-pop sensation Taylor Swift on one of the tracks…you have strike while the iron is hot!…
Kris Allen will survive, but for how long?…I still have the same fears about Glambert, his every move is now being heavily scrutinized…he will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow performing, “Whataya Want From Me”…DeGeneres, speaking on her new gig as an Idol judge, said she likes him, but didn’t like him sticking out his tongue when he hit his high notes…I’m sure that will be brought up…I think she’s half-joking, she tends to do that…speaking of Ellen, I’m getting my new pixie haircut tomorrow!…it’s not going to be as funky as Ellen’s, but it will be very different…I’ve NEVER had it cut that short…I will post pictures!