American Idol: A Top 13 (Hey, It’s My Lucky Number!)

As much as I dwell in a pit of American Idol cynicism every year since Jordin Sparks won, I can’t believe that America (you!) got things right this time. Was there a “no Bieber-no Bieber-no Bieber” filter in the voting system? Did Ryan Seacrest see another pile of ashes flying at him? Did the Mayans arrive early? No, what we have in store is shaping up to be a real competition for the first time in years, and Lord knows the show needs it. A level playing field of dreams for the masses. Let’s skip the “melting faces” of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez and get down to brass tacks shall we? The top 13 are as follows…
Phillip Phillips-Okay, Phillips has been a shoe-in for the top 12, 13 from his first audition, however I see another Dave Matthews knock-off, Lee DeWyze contestant in the making. Thus, I’m not sure how far he will go…the votes have made it clear, America is only interested in two types of music: pop and country, the remaining gray area will be tricky for Phillips.
Jessica Sanchez-She is my favorite female so far, she’s 16 and she is a powerhouse of talent…holding her back? Possible vocal cord issues but a friend of mine pointed out she sang sick the other night, thus when she heals, LOOK OUT!
Hollie Cavanagh-I don’t remember her from Hollywood Week, and really, do we honestly want to remember Hollywood Week? Her speaking voice may be weird, but she can sing and she took a risk on ladies’ night, all good, but we’ll see.
Joshua Ledet-He has the top male voice in the competition and he can prove it over the next few weeks, at least we hope he can prove it and bring it! So real and so refreshing.
Heejun Han-Polarizing is the best word to describe Han…personality-wise, he wins my vote, but how far can he go with his “oh well” attitude and jokes? But again, he can sing, an interesting contestant who could hang around for a while.
Shannon Magrane-Well Shannon is the daughter of a former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, she already has my attention, I kid…she was another contestant who took a risk singing Kathy Trocolli’s “Light Your World” which is totally random, but it meant something to her…whey a contestant feels what they are singing, it’s a good sign.
Skylar Laine-or as I’m calling her, “Lil’ Miranda” as in Lambert…I love her energy, she will capture of lot of young votes and even more country votes…forget Lauren Alaina, Skylar is already catching fire in a big way…she’s a young one, but she’s a firecracker!
Elise Testone-If Sanchez is the one to beat, Testone could do it, but she has to avoid that gray area…her Adele cover was great, I can’t wait to see what else she can do.
Colton Dixon-The guy from Murfreesboro, the guy who couldn’t break through to the top 24 last year, the guy whose sister didn’t make it through, he has a multitude to prove…in all honesty, I’m not a fan…he’s not dynamic enough, and he might fall into that gray area category, he could get lost fast, but we’ll see.
Jermaine Jones-Mama’s boy, lucky 13 when the guys performed…I like him, and I can’t get his “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” duet with Curtis Law (didn’t like him!) from Vegas out of my head, that’s a good thing…he’s older, but he can compete.
The Wild Cards:
Erika Van Pelt-I really like her soulful voice…this DJ is a force to be reckoned with, that is if she can just pull out more from within…older, but she will rock it out. 
Jeremy Rosado-Young and big, he has the potential to be a true dark horse…he has soul and soul works every time.
 Deandre Brackensick-He’s perhaps another polarizing contestant…and he just missed the top 24 last year…I liked his Vegas group performance, but I never saw him during Hollywood Week or his original audition…I hate when we’re left in the dark…I like his falsetto, but he’ll need to be careful how much he relies on it.
American Idol will be good this year? Yes? Maybe? I pray so, the talent is there, let her/him rip!