Ryan Murphy Must Love NeNe Leakes Because…

The self-proclaimed “rich bitch” has landed a role on Murphy’s new sitcom for NBC, The New Normal. Will she be appearing on GLEE again? Yes! I must say Leakes is seriously distancing herself from the Atlanta housewives and Bravo. The New Normal sounds a little like ABC and Emmy darling Modern Family, but I’m sure with Ryan Murphy at the helm, nothing will be as cute and cuddly. 
I think I’m just afraid NeNe will end up being typecast in her renewed acting interests, but again, it’s Ryan Murphy! Her character will most likely have a dark side, but I’m sure will mostly serve as an element of comic relief. All of this puts the debate of who is the biggest break out star from the Real Housewives of Atlanta to rest. I know Kim Zolciak, who got a spin-off (Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding) would like to think it’s her, but really, Zolciak isn’t wrapped up in the goings-on of Leakes anymore. I miss their fights! I suppose they all have to grow up. And by the way, it was announced last week, Kim and new hubby Kroy Biermann are expecting their second baby, so Kim doesn’t stay out of the headlines for long. But we have always known NeNe is the real star. No, I haven’t forgotten Kandi Buruss, she’s a star but with a different path and she has chosen to increase her visibility little by little, which is a much better plan.
I cannot wait until this Housewives’ season four reunion! I wonder who will get the most attention?

The Real Housewives Clip Seen ‘Round The World! (By Now)

You know, I’m not sure I’ve ever written about The Real Housewives of Atlanta except for Kim Zolciak’s foray into pop music (seriously?) and lesbianism (seriously?), surely I have, but I’ll have to check my archives.  By now, most of my friends know, it is my favorite out of the Bravo “Real Housewives” franchise, hands down!  I never watched Orange County, which was the first, I gave up on New Jersey (I did write about it when it was good), I love both New York and Beverly Hills (Ramona Singer? please!), both DC and Miami were busts after one season (who cares?), Hotlanta is where it’s at.  Season 4 kicked off a couple of weeks ago, and all of the ladies are going through some major changes.  In brief, NeNe Leakes is now all high and mighty after her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice (didn’t she walk off the show?), Kim is pregnant with her third child and first with boyfriend Kroy Biermann (their son Kroy Jr. was born in March, they were married on November 11th), Phaedra Parks (breakout star this season!) is thinking of getting into the funeral home business, though she refused to lay in a coffin on her first business visit, Cynthia Bailey (yawn!) who married Peter at the end of last season is still modeling and is hoping to open a modeling agency in Atlanta, Kandi Burruss is still in the music business but she is branching out into the world of selling her own line of sex toys (oy vey!), and Sheree Whitfield (I hate her!) is working on building a house but she’s finding the construction slow and next week, she gets into a heated discussion with her ex-husband over child support.  
All right, last night’s episode featured Kandi’s 35th birthday party and the ladies separated into two groups.  NeNe had it out with Sheree in the first episode so they are not on speaking terms; Kim did not attend due to being very pregnant, and Phaedra had the gift of a lifetime for sex-obsessed Kandi, her stripper friend, Ridickulous.  Parks proclaimed last season that Ridickulous, though she did not name him at the time, could “give himself head” OH LORD!  NeNe’s face says it all! Well, here’s the heavily NSFW and blurred evidence:
Yes, Kandi’s mother Joyce was NOT amused and NeNe, Cynthia, and Peter bailed after this quite awkward moment.  I laughed my head off!  Thanks Bravo!