Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 9 (Dim All The Lights!)

As I was comtemplating this week’s recap, I thought this week’s designs, made up of lights, would have come in handy with all the wacky weather in the area. This challenge was a little odd, if not ridiculous, but after nearly 10 years of shows, the producers have to pull out all the stops, and plugs. Guest judge for this light show was Pharrell Willams, who, according to the show, was voted “Best Dressed Man of the Year”?
Um, okay…I’m not seeing it.
All right, let’s get to the photos, courtest of
Austin is either puzzled or wondering how he can carry off that shirt in the outback.
Yay! We get to make light up things, and yes, Kenley is the only girl left, surprised?
Why or why? We’ll never know, nice lattice work…and emoting.
Project Run-rave!
Mondo makes Pretty in Pink look good.
Austin is such a tulle!
Nicki Minaj somehow snuck in.
Michael Costello’s audition for TRON: The Musical
Austin is such a tulle!
I don’t know what the hell this is, a Mortal Kombat reject?
Wake me up before you go-go, out the door! Is that a dude?
Kenley has covered up the same dress she always makes with giant things and Isaac didn’t notice.
Your winner! Austin’s ode to Katy Perry’s “E.T.” (not really)
4 are left, oh yeah, Jerell was out! Until next week…

When In Doubt (Or Bored), Robyn It Is!

I know I harp a lot on how bad Saturday Night Live has become. Okay, it has its bright spots–I still heart Kristen Wiig, but it just isn’t the same. That said, sometimes the behind-the-scenes footage can be a gold mine. Case in point, second year featured cast member Taran Killam, along with a few other cast members/writers were burning the midnight oil in anticipation of this past Saturday’s show starring Katy Perry (as host!) and Europop goddess Robyn as musical guest. I just want to once again point out the only part worth investing time lately in is when the musical guests are on, because in the past, if there had been DVR, I would’ve wasted no time in fast-fowarding through the music segments. Anyways, Taran and the others decided they were so bored or so in procrastination hell, they decided to act out Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” video. All I can say, this is classic and I hope we see a few more unseen moments like these come to life. Taran Killam, you are good people.

Jo Calderone Overkill? And Other MTV VMA Musings…

Was I the only one who wasn’t surprised by Lady GaGa’s, er, Jo Calerone’s antics last night?  No, but I think GaGa’s move was genius with a dash of overkill.  I mulled over whether of not I would even be interested in the VMA’s past GaGa’s rough and rousing opening performance of “You and I”.  To be fair, I missed most of the first hour of the show (True Blood, hello?!?), though I did see Jo Calderone’s opening monologue (too damn long!) and then his performance complete with Queen’s Brian May joining Jo on-stage. 
When I turned on the VMA’s after I returned to my apartment, I saw Jo again and I thought “is he the host?” since MTV decided at the last minute to go without one.  Then he started another long-winded speech about Michael Jackson Video Vanguard winner Britney Spears.  After a dance montage of some Spears’ hits, Calderone then presented her the award.
Clearly, Calderone/GaGa wanted another Britney make-out moment a la the Madonna/Spears/Xtina threesome of the 2003 show, but after some awkwardness, it didn’t happen.  DARN!  It makes me wonder how much of the whole Jo Calderone schtick was rehearsed and how much was “let’s see what happens”.  MTV’s bleep machine was working perfectly, so that’s why I question how much was planned.  I’m assuming Beyonce’s pregnancy was planned…I’m already over that, not really over her, but over the hype. 
I felt bad for Adele, yes she won 3 awards, they were all technical, but I’m sure she was a little overwhelmed with the MTV machine.  All she has to do is sing (last night, “Someone Like You”) and the crowd respects her, it’s too bad that silence only lasted a few minutes.  It was like a different awards show.  Same thing with the Amy Winehouse tribute; it was heartbreaking to watch the footage of Tony Bennett and Winehouse recording “Body and Soul” for Bennett’s upcoming second duets album.  The Bruno Mars performance of “Valerie” was really good and it was high-energy. 
The only other moment that stood out for me was looking at this:
Katy Perry’s “cheesehead” mystery hat as she accepted Video of the Year; I like her, but her fashion choices are below par more often than not.  She was the other big winner with 3, whoopee zip!
So that’s what I thought….but I couldn’t resist one last shot.

Rebecca Black Unfriends YouTube

Did someone hear the billion cries of agony through our computer screens?  Because guess what kids, it’s over…Yep, Rebecca Black’s Friday video has been yanked from YouTube….why?  It’s all a fight over who controls the rights, Ark Music Factory or Rebecca’s family.  In other words, someone wants a lot of money out of this little cash cow.  How will we go on?  How will I go on?  I’m figuring Black will try to record a full-length record and I’m betting it won’t be with Ark.  But who will touch this viral talent?  And I do mean viral….from now on, if anyone extends Black’s 15 minutes, cue Katy Perry, there will always be a reference to “Friday”, no matter what.   And now that Raquel Castro didn’t make the semi-finals on The Voice, no more dopplegangers either!  I’m not-not-not excited….I know this won’t be the last we hear from Rebecca Black, but we’ll always have this.

Rebecca Black: Silent Video Co-Star…A Good Thing?

Oh Rebecca Black…you just keep showing up in the oddest places…you should really be glad Katy Perry let you co-star in her brand new video for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, because your 15 minutes were about up….You should really try to not be the punchline at this point…but I’m afraid that won’t happen…you’ve already landed your own little piece of pop culture history thanks to You Tube….So you have that going for you, don’t be sad, be extremely grateful…and girl, please be smart and don’t take any bad advice, oh and maybe pick some better songs…
On the other hand, Katy Perry continues to wow with her outrageous personality…the Kathy Beth Terry character is priceless….She’s come a long way from kissing girls and liking it…I still hate that song! And thank God you gave some screen time to Debbie Gibson, Hanson, Corey Feldman, and KENNY G!

When Beyonce’ Goes Blonde….

I have to admit, I’m not all that jazzed about Beyonce’s new song, and I think it’s because it’s been almost two and a half years since she put a new album out.  A lot can happen in two in half years, like Lady GaGa, the fall then resurrection of Rihanna, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and so on; so we ask ourselves, does Beyonce’ still have the ovaries to keep up with the ever-changing face of female pop music?  Sure She does, but “Run The World (Girls)” has seem to have fallen on deaf ears.  It only debuted in the 30s on the Billboard Hot 100 and its momentum has been slow; her new album, 4, will be released on June 28th.  I’d say we’ll hear at least one more single before then and I pray it’s a good one.  Now this video, it’s pretty damn good; it’s sexy, it’s in your face, it’s a little Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and let’s be fair, Tina Turner rocked the blonde look in that very movie.  If nothing else, this number will be very hot live, and Beyonce’ taped a performance of the single as part of Oprah’s farewell episodes….Sob!  Check this out, because on Idol last night, they cut the video the short.  Oh yeah!

No, It’s Not GaGa, But It’s Good….

Yes, the cries of someone, namely Katy Perry, ripping off Lady GaGa are loud and clear, but please, the “E.T.” video is NOT a rip-off.  Sure, it may have the same themes of alien life and outer space, but in a way, Perry’s is more straightforward.  Oh, and don’t forget Kanye West is there, and you see a naked guy ass at the end, well, in the clip from MTV, the ass crack is blurred.  The song is really good, in fact, it’s Perry’s fifth number 1 single.  And who was de-throned?  Lady GaGa.  “Born This Way” spent six weeks at the top.  I still take GaGa over Perry anyday, but Katy keeps it interesting to say the least.  (FYI, good luck trying to stream this  on YouTube, something funky is going with VEVO).  Check it out!

Song I Liked in 2010…oh Ke$ha…

Finally, it’s here! No, not Ke$ha’s dead eyes, but my top songs of the year.  2010 saw a lot of new artists break on the scene and it saw a lot of established artists kick up their game.  So, in no particular order, here we go.
“Tik Tok”-Ke$ha…this song, according to Billboard is the number one song of the year, or most played, but I’m pretty sure it was a hanger-on from late ’09.  No matter, Ke$ha is an interesting gal; she probably uses way too much auto-tune, and she can’t dress for shit, but she makes some catchy pop.  Her latest hit, “We R Who We R” is in the running for next year’s list. 
“Hey Soul Sister”-Train…Oh God, where do I start?  Lead singer Patrick Monahan co-wrote the tune with Norwegian producers, Espen Lind and Amund Bjorlund, the team also known as Espionage.  They were behind Beyonce’s 2006 hit, “Irreplacable”, which became the best selling single of 2007.  If you haven’t heard this song in the past five minutes, just turn on your TV, and wait for a commercial break; chances are, you’ll hear it!  I liked the song at first and I especially liked it when the Dixie Chicks covered it in concert this summer; however, by now, it’s really annoying, but no doubt a solid hit.
“Need You Now”-Lady Antebellum…this is another hanger-on which started dominating in late ’09.  It’s plain to see, Lady A is not just a country group anymore, as “Need You Now” finished at number 2 on the Billboard year-end singles chart.  It also claimed the number one spot throughout the year, on the Adult Contemporary chart, not to mention late last year, it spent 5 weeks at number one on the country chart.  It will be interesting to see where the group goes next musically.
“Teenage Dream”-Katy Perry/Darren Criss of GLEE…Personally, I prefer the GLEE version of this song, as it toppled the GLEE download record held by “Don’t Stop Believin” and it made Criss an instant star.  Katy Perry was not too shabby herself this year.  I didn’t like “California Gurls” because I thought it sounded too much like “Tik Tok”.  “Firework” is really good. And she married Russell Brand; hmmm? 
“Bad Romance” “Alejandro” “Telephone”-Lady GaGa, “Telephone” with Beyonce’…yes, GaGa is ruling the world and she shows no slowing down.  Her new album, Born This Way, is set to drop in May, and for the first time, we’ll hear GaGa duet with Elton John on a track from the new Disney film, Gnomeo and Juliet next year.  GaGa’s videos sold these tracks and I cannot wait to see what comes next.
“Just The Way You Are”-Bruno Mars…This is maybe the biggest breakout star of the year.  Mars not only made his own hits, he helped other artists out.  B.o.B, Cee Lo Green, and Travie McCoy all had big hits this year co-written by Mars. I was impressed with Mars when I saw him on SNL in October.  He did have a slight mishap when he was arrested for cocaine possession in September; oh that fame.
“Fuck You”-Cee Lo Green…or “Forget You” if you watched GLEE or heard it on the radio.  Cee Lo has been building an eclectic  fan base beyond his Goodie Mob days since he joined forces with Danger Mouse in 2006 to form Gnarls Barkley.  And his music since then, has taken on many facets; funk, blues, pop, old school.  The Lady Killer is excellent!
“Whip My Hair”-Willow Smith…Is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s now 10-year-old daughter a rising music force?  Maybe.  This is catchy pop at its best.  However, I don’t forsee a thriving career in Willow’s future.  But who knows, she always has acting to fall back on.
“Only Girl in the World” “Love The Way You Lie” w/Eminem-Rihanna…I was worried about Rihanna in 2009; after monster hits for a few years, her album Rated R bombed big time.  And she also had that little Chris Brown domestic abuse thing hanging over her head.  But this year, she rebounded, first with Eminem on “Love The Way You Lie” and then she released her fifth album, Loud which has so far produced two number one hits. Rihanna is back!
“Radioactive”-Kings of Leon…Okay, so this song hasn’t quite reached the fever pitch of 2009’s “Use Somebody” but it’s a fine rock track.  They have extended their sound just enough to straddle the pop and rock formats.  It’s not just about guitar, bass,and drums anymore.
“Raise Your Glass”-Pink…Turning to constant co-writers, Max Martin and Shellback, Pink released one of two new songs on her first greatest hits collection.  In my eyes, Pink can do no wrong when it comes lyrics, music, and all in all fun.  Her next production? Her first child with on-again-off-again husband Carey Hart; wow!
“Bulletproof”-La Roux…I wasn’t aware, until I saw the group live, that La Roux is NOT the name of the lead singer.  Elly Jackson is the voice of the British synth-pop band.  This wasn’t your normal pop hit, but this band turned out to be one I believe I will be following from now on.  They are nominated for two Grammys in the Best Electronic/Dance Album and Best Dance Recording categories.
“Dog Days are Over”-Florence + The Machine…OMG! This song rules! and the video is amazing; that’s another album I’m picking up soon!…Look this group up and marvel!
Honorable Mention-Scissor Sisters!  No, you won’t see their name on any year-end charts or see them perform live much on TV, but they produced their best album yet with Night Work…oh, and they are joining Lady GaGa in February on the road!!!! Here’s their year that was.

(UNOFFICIAL!) J-Lo Will Be An Idol Judge After All????…

Holy crap FOX!…This is getting a little old….and I mark this blog as “unofficial” because who knows if any of this is the truth…according to TMZ, a deal between Fox and Jennifer Lopez for Lopez to become a judge on American Idol is “imminent”…this after Lopez was said to be out of control with her diva demands and the network was tired of negoiating…well, all of that?…not true!…the network is said to be in “typical negoiations” with J-Lo…and the kicker?…the deal could be announced as early as next week!…right….and apparently another source is reporting a deal that would’ve brought Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler to the show as a judge has fallen through..again, all of this is unofficial…of course, Randy Jackson is definitely coming back, which was recently confirmed…I just happened to catch Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul chatting on the Emmy red carpet the other night…they were going to have lunch soon…LMAO!…Paula had to move on and that’s okay…I guess if an annnouncement about judges is going to be made, Seacrest will be all over it….ass!
Also on the judging front, the following lady is said to be in the running to be on the new US version of The X Factor, debuting next fall:
KATY PERRY!…She’s been one of the better audition judges Idol has ever had and now, she might be rewarded for it by Simon Cowell himself…once again, all of this is very unofficial…one source is even saying Perry will be paid $300,000 a week for her services…however, since Perry is hot right now, who knows what will transpire in a year’s time…
If and when this big American Idol judge announcement takes place, don’t worry, a blog will be written…HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND!

Ke$ha?…I’m intrigued!…

However, I’m still forming an opinion…Here’s what I’ve learned about Ke$ha…she’s 22, her mother was a singer, she lived in Nashville at one time and I think she had some sort of songwriting deal there…she is the featured female vocalist on Flo Rida’s huge number one “Right Round”…and she appeared in Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” video…oh yeah, the other day I read, by no great suprise, she’s bisexual or heteroflexible…”Tik Tok” is growing on me…I really didn’t know what to make of it at first…mostly because when she raps she sounds eerily like Alix Olson or Ani DiFranco…brownie points if you know who Alix Olson is!!!…
Ke$ha’s debut album, Animal, was released yesterday and what better way to promote it than with a performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show…I had never seen Ke$ha perform, so I was very interested and I was very impressed…although, I think she stole Adam Lambert’s keyboard player…no, not the one he deep-throated on the American Music Awards, the chick you keep seeing in his band on TV performances…eh: