Rebecca Black: Silent Video Co-Star…A Good Thing?

Oh Rebecca Black…you just keep showing up in the oddest places…you should really be glad Katy Perry let you co-star in her brand new video for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, because your 15 minutes were about up….You should really try to not be the punchline at this point…but I’m afraid that won’t happen…you’ve already landed your own little piece of pop culture history thanks to You Tube….So you have that going for you, don’t be sad, be extremely grateful…and girl, please be smart and don’t take any bad advice, oh and maybe pick some better songs…
On the other hand, Katy Perry continues to wow with her outrageous personality…the Kathy Beth Terry character is priceless….She’s come a long way from kissing girls and liking it…I still hate that song! And thank God you gave some screen time to Debbie Gibson, Hanson, Corey Feldman, and KENNY G!