The Bravery of Becoming Chaz

Back in June of 2009 is when we first learned of the beginnings of Chaz Bono’s transition.  I jokingly blogged, Main Man?  I joked, but I totally took the story seriously.  This week has been the ultimate media blitz of a nearly two-year process for Chaz to become the man he always wanted to be.  
Becoming Chaz is a powerful, yet understated documentary about the process and how Chaz’s girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, has learned (well, I would guess she’s still learning) to deal with falling in love all over again with her partner.  Do we see Cher?  Of course, and as Chaz has explained, both in the documentary and in several recent interviews, his mother is slowly coming around, though I must say Cher appeared a little uncomfortable in her interviews for the doc.  It was Cher who wasn’t ready to accept then Chastity as a lesbian almost 15 years ago.  In the end, this story will never be about Chaz’s famous parents, it’s about how he dealt with feeling different as early as when he hit puberty to when he made the decision to finally go through the transition.  
I have to admire Jenny; she’s had to re-learn what it’s like to live with a man after she fell in love with the woman that man once was.  It’s the one part of the process I’ll never understand; does this mean Jenny is now straight?  I don’t know.  Does it mean Chaz is straight?  Well, not counting the bottom surgery he has yet to have, he is a straight man.  Chaz even expresses he may never have the bottom surgery because ultimately, gender is not defined by genitalia.  And that’s a totally fair statement.  I’ve saved Becoming Chaz in my DVR to watch again, to see if I missed something; if you have OWN, check your listings and don’t miss this touching and informative documentary.
(Chaz with Cher at the Burlesque premiere last November)