Adam Lambert Overload?…HELL YES!

Adam Lambert OUT 100
OMG!…Right now, I am streaming FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, thanks to iLike!!!…I love what I’ve heard so far; it’s so much better when you can hear the tracks in their entirety…November 23 can’t get here fast enough, which by the way, I went to Best Buy’s website yesterday to browse for HDTVs, and I looked up the price on FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT?…$9.99!!!!…talk about the possibility of selling millions of records, there you have it!…on the downside, Best Buy has Lady GaGa’s THE FAME MONSTER priced at $13.99…boo!…however, if my calculations are correct, I should have just enough for Lambert, GaGa, AND Mika’s new one I never got around to buying…call it an early Christmas…an early gay Christmas!…and get this, as soon as I went to write this blog, Yahoo! had this headline up: “Do Lambert’s Reps Worry He’s ‘Too Gay’?”…I kid you not!…apparently, OUT magazine, which just named Lambert as its “Breakout Star of the Year”, has said Lambert’s reps “were a little skittish about their star client being featured in a gay publication.”…ARE YOU KIDDING ME????…hey, I know being gay isn’t the biggest selling point for anything, but you have got to give Adam Lambert more credit, he’s freakin’ talented!!!!…his choice to go with an over-the-top album cover is bold, yet, brave and really, who cares?…true fans can overlook the gloss, give me a break!

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for an album release…sure, I have to buy every k.d. lang album the day it comes out, but who doesn’t?…so, check out iLike today, since I’m not sure if this streaming will continue over the course of this week….HALLELUJAH!


A Correction…

My massive apologies to Mika by getting the title of his new album wrong…THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH will land stateside September 22…in addition to the new album, Mika will do a mini-tour of the US and Canada beginning October 12…it’s only 10 shows, but still…if the reaction and ticket sales are good, he’ll do more or land an opening slot on a bigger tour…

I’m still waiting for this one to do a massive US tour…

GaGa huh?

I’ll pay any price!!!!

**my new tires are fabulous!**

Mika is Back!

Mika is wonderful!…in 2007, he released his first album, LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION, which spawned “Grace Kelly”, “Love Today”, “Big Girl You Are Beautiful”…and many others…I was instantly hooked…so I’m am eagerly anticipating his follow-up, WE ARE GOLDEN…scheduled for release on Sept. 21, which is a Monday, so that’s the UK release date, so I figure the 22nd will be when it hits the US…Mika has finally released the video for the first single, the title track…and wow!…what a difference two years makes…it’s an homage, somewhat, to BILLY ELLIOT, by evidence of the many pairs of boxing boots you see him wearing…however, there may be some controversy brewing over the main melody of “We Are Golden”…as you watch and listen, see if you don’t see the similarity to the main melody of Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth”…I’m posting that video too…

Who knows?…they are both awesome songs…enjoy!

A Case When a Label is a Good Thing…

Okay, I know Perez Hilton has not been very nice as of late…which you wonder, when is he nice?…we had the whole Black Eyed Peas manager sucker punching Perez (an investigation is still pending, the manager is supposed to appear in court next month), he jumped the gun and declared Michael Jackson being rushed the hospital as a stunt so Jackson could pull out of his London tour…GALATIC OOPSIE!…I guess he sort of made amends by alerting his blog readers that Jeff Goldblum was indeed NOT dead when word of Jackson’s death was confirmed…

However, one area Perez excels at, supposedly, is as a music taste maker…after all he gave us this glorious creature:

Yes, a little over a year ago, Perez introduced the world to his gal pal, Lady GaGa…Perez is also credited for bringing stateside attention to Mika, who hasn’t blown up like GaGa, but he just might, his second album is set for release this fall…therefore, after years of speculation, Perez is finally getting his own record label imprint with Warner Bros….according to a feature story on Hilton in the new ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Perez plans to announce his first signee by the end of this month…and he’s very serious about entering the music industy: “I have an ear, which is really important in the music world–to be able to hear a hit and to be able to know who has a good song or not..I’m more than just an A&R person. I’m also a marketing person. I’m also a manager.”

I just hope this new venture doesn’t interfere with his 7 days a week/no vacations blogging schedule…and I hope this means I’ll get my own record label someday…anyone? anyone?

Happy Weekend!