Deconstructing THAT Album Cover!

Yeah, there’s a part of me that is a little thrown off by Lady GaGa’s recently revealed Born This Way album cover.  I’ll explain; as you may or may not know, GaGa’s second single, “Judas” dropped Friday after it had leaked and of course it was immediately put up for sale on iTunes.  NO, I did not buy it, why? In my opinion, it’s a poor follow-up to “Born This Way.”  Am I wrong?  Thus, my mood concerning GaGa was already clouded, then a little after midnight Friday, I saw this cover.  My first thought? oh, this is some kind of joke, although it’s a little late for April Fools, but I soon realized, no, not a joke, it IS the cover.  The fan comments were all over the place, many loved it and they loved it because it’s totally what GaGa would do, but then the others thought the same way I did, in saying they thought it was a joke.  I’ll admit, it’s campy, but not campy in the same way as Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment cover.
 I was all about Lambert’s cover, but GaGa’s is on a whole new strange interpretation of camp.  I guess we now know why she was in the egg, why she was–cosmetically–sharpening her facial features and her shoulder blades.  She was turning into a friggin’ chopper, did anyone honestly expect that?  I was under the impression this was going to be the cover, not just a single cover:
 Not too busy, it’s artistic, it gets to the point.  In the end, GaGa will do whatever she wants, because without a doubt, damnit, she can!  And the best part, she doesn’t care what I or anyone thinks of her new motorcycle album cover deal.  That my friends defines a true artist.  Will I buy Born This Way?  Absolutely!  It’s my American duty!