No Save For You!

Oh yes!…America’s first vote for who goes home in the coveted top 12 goes to Lacey Brown…America?…I may just forgive you…my good fortunes were almost swept away when I remembered that the judges could have saved her…yes, the dreaded “judges’ save” that can only be used ONCE all season up until the final four…my heart sank for about 20 minutes when I realized Lacey could be saved…however, in the first week, this usually doesn’t happen…it all depends on who gets the boot, and then that person has to lipsynch for his or her life…OOOPS…I mean sing one last time to convince the judges he or she still deserves to be there…sorry Lacey, but she NEVER deserved to be there…however, I was a bit baffled by America’s choices for the bottom 3: Lacey, Paige Miles, and Tim Urban…Urban was sent right back to the couch by Seacrest…and Urban is damn lucky, because he doesn’t show any promise whatsoever…Paige Miles will be that “fly under the radar” singer this year I guess…she was okay the other night, but I still don’t see why she’s still there…and yes, Katie Stevens is still around, as is Aaron Kelly…you have to wonder what criteria the nation votes on…is it who they like or is it who is the better singer/performer?….At this blog time, it is not known what next week’s theme is…it doesn’t matter, the weak ones will be cast off one by one just like the weaker teams in the upcoming NCAA tournament..
How’s that for an analogy?

A Jock Trapped in a Lesbian’s Body…March Madness!

I admit it, I’m nuts for the NCAA tournament… this is the only time of year a person who shows zero interest in basketball, let alone spots, thinks he or she can fill out the perfect bracket…I’m not one of those people…I’ve been brought up on basketball, football, softball, baseball, tennis, and so forth, so I think I might have a little bit of an advantage picking out the winners in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament…I have completed several brackets already, I have four laying here beside me…very few will involve money…the whole “fantasy” aspect of picking the correct bracket promises great wealth, prizes, and recognition…in the end, like Aldo Nova says, “it’s just a fantasy”…
Now as for who will make the the championship game….I’m pretty sure, and even though I’m not a fan, the University of Kentucky has a very good chance of winning it all…if you remember last year, they weren’t in the tournament at all…they made it past 3(?) rounds in the NIT…and where is last year’s college champ North Carolina?…in the NIT…I’ll be cheering for the other KY teams…Louisville, last year’s overall no. 1 seed and Murray State…who is coming into the tournament boasting a 30-win season and an OVC conference championship…I’m excited to say the least…