Project Runway All-Stars Finale (And My Final PR Blog!)

Oh Lord, don’t cry! I just think I need to move on. Will I still watch it? Maybe. Season 10 will begin airing this summer. I know I write a lot of other blogs, but I need to put this subject to bed. Thank goodness we’re going out on a good note: SPOILER ALERT!
Season 8 runner-up Mondo Guerra finally won the big one. Why? He walked that fine line between wearable/sellable and totally creative, whereas Austin Scarlett went totally over the top and Michael Costello made his collection too commercial. Of course I’m bummed Austin didn’t win. I’ve loved him since season one, which seems now like it aired a billion years ago.
So, for one last time, picture/caption time!
(ABC lead singer Martin Fry doppleganger, Ken Downing of Nieman Marcus, scary-looking!)
(“Girl you ain’t gonna win, but I’ll help you anyway!”…good to see old Anthony again.)
(“Look, I won!” Michael thought it would be cool to also point.)
(What’s one last blog without a shot of Austin entangled in some type of frilly fabric.)
(“Hey, how about a pocket for your cervix?”
(Liza getting her hair did before the big show.)
And since I’m such a big fan of Miss Austin, let’s took a look back at his time on All-Stars…GOOD BYE!
(sorry for the alignment)

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 10 (It’s Almost Over!)

And I say “It’s almost over!” with great enthusiasm. I’ve decided once and for all, this will be the last Project Runway season I’ll be blogging about. I won’t bring up the usual excuses, it’s been crap since it moved to Lifetime, I’m tired, etc. I just want some peace. It’s funny when I think about it. I keep hanging on to the possibility something good will happen and it doesn’t, it’s all very predictable now. And this group of “all-stars” has been very disappointing. Sorry, but when Kenley Collins AND Michael Costello are in the final four, it’s not exciting.
(Bizarro Seinfeld times infinity!
The producers have exhausted every possible option for a challenge and this week’s was good, but sort of boring. The designers met with Nanette Lepore and she is one of the struggling designers trying to save NYC’s garment district. The designers had to make a garment on a very tight budget for both fabrics and trim. I think the only good part this week, Kenley finally found her claws and brought them out with Lepore criticized her design in the workroom. When Kenley originally incorporated a detail Lepore liked, Kenley removed it in favor of this peacock print.
(And wouldn’t you know, it’s the same darn ol’ dress she’s put on the runway week in and week out.
So basically, Kenley’s mouth and attitude we all remember so well cost her this week. Spoiler alert! Kenley will NOT be in the finale. I thought I would be rooting for Mondo, but I really want Austin to win on principle.
(Check my design stats yo!
He’s the true definition of an out there designer and he deserves this long-overdue chance to win…in reality, he’s been the most entertaining part of the season. While I’m scanning next week’s NCAA tournament, I’ll be watching Austin Scarlett, hopefully, take the crown…

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 9 (Dim All The Lights!)

As I was comtemplating this week’s recap, I thought this week’s designs, made up of lights, would have come in handy with all the wacky weather in the area. This challenge was a little odd, if not ridiculous, but after nearly 10 years of shows, the producers have to pull out all the stops, and plugs. Guest judge for this light show was Pharrell Willams, who, according to the show, was voted “Best Dressed Man of the Year”?
Um, okay…I’m not seeing it.
All right, let’s get to the photos, courtest of
Austin is either puzzled or wondering how he can carry off that shirt in the outback.
Yay! We get to make light up things, and yes, Kenley is the only girl left, surprised?
Why or why? We’ll never know, nice lattice work…and emoting.
Project Run-rave!
Mondo makes Pretty in Pink look good.
Austin is such a tulle!
Nicki Minaj somehow snuck in.
Michael Costello’s audition for TRON: The Musical
Austin is such a tulle!
I don’t know what the hell this is, a Mortal Kombat reject?
Wake me up before you go-go, out the door! Is that a dude?
Kenley has covered up the same dress she always makes with giant things and Isaac didn’t notice.
Your winner! Austin’s ode to Katy Perry’s “E.T.” (not really)
4 are left, oh yeah, Jerell was out! Until next week…

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 8 (We Aren’t The World)

Yes, I must apologize for my late blog. It’s not that I don’t like this season, I think it’s because I’m just tired of all the various “make me a famous designer” shows. I have my priorities people! Which I might add I’m two weeks behind on Smash, no I didn’t fall off the wagon, I just felt former President Clinton’s American Experience two-night documentary was more important. I’m weird, but I’m topical.
As with last week’s blog/recap, I’m going to caption pictures from the episode, it’s more fun and it’s a hell of a lot easier. But not as easy as this:
 I love her to death, but what the hell? (Courtesy
All right, back to All-Stars. The challenge? Take a flag from a nation that is represented at the United Nations (plug!) and make an outfit inspired by not only the flag’s colors but also take inspiration from that nation’s culture. Since Mondo won the last challenge, he got to pick first from: Papau New Guinea, Jamaica, Greece, India, Chile, and Seychelles (???), talk about “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” And Mondo picked Jamaica. 
 (Austin goes all gay-friendly train conductor on us)
(Costello proudly picks Greece, I think his mother is Greek, hence, he’s Greek, HOPA!)
(WERK those flags girls!)
(UGH! Why are you still here?)
(Blue and white, yep, that’s all I need! Tragic foreshadowing)
(Yes, Kenley picked some sort of polka dot pattern, though they’re hearts, again)
(Mondo is thinking, “do I tell him it looks like a Greek Miss Universe gown?”)
(Austin is perplexed, as was I, by the Seycelles)
(Mein Herr!)
(That is a flag bitch!)
(Erykah Badu realness)
(Austin trades in his conductor hat for Fred from Scooby-Doo, and his dress was okay)
(In case you don’t remember where the tramp stamp goes)
(Kenley had Chile, and how does this dress translate to that?, doesn’t matter, the judges loved it)
(Jamaica back!)
(Yeah, I would turn away and run too)
(Ladies and gentlemen, Papau New Guinea! or YOU’RE OUT! finally!)
Mila was sent packing, but Jerell escaped certain death by gaudiness, oh and Mondo won, which makes 2 in a row. I have no idea what’s on tap for this week since the show cut right to After the Runway (I don’t watch it) after the episode ended.


Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 7 (I Only Know "Day By Day")

(Courtesy of Flickr/kevin dooley)
For the first time ever in the history of the Project Runway franchise, the designers were asked to design a costume for a character in a Broadway show. I don’t know how this challenge never came up considering 90 percent of the seasons have in NYC. The show? The Broadway revival of Godspell. Why? Because the characters in the show are never defined by what they wear, in fact, they don’t really have names. The musical, composed by Tony winner and Oscar winner Stephen Schwartz, is an urban re-telling of the Gospel of St. Matthew. I saw the movie version from 1973 a couple of years ago and I actually liked it. The designers’ character must be dressed on-stage by her fellow cast members, so separates were on the slate.
Okay, since I’ve had a busy week and weekend ahead, I’m going to try something a little different. Pictures from the episode!!!!

(Yes, Kenley had rollers in hair, did she have a premonition? I doubt it.)

(Austin is the zone, will Broadway inspire him? If not, his hat will.)

(The workroom turns into a mini-salon, why the rollers?)

(The two designers that are lucky to still be there are goofing off, oh Lord!)

(“See what I want to do is…is hold my hands in a questionable position”)

(“Who am I?)

(The most heterosexual moment Michael will ever have.)

(Kara wanted to “YMCA” but then just gave up, surprised?)

(If Kenley has backed off her annoying behavior, this lesbian prom moment isn’t helping.)

(Speaking of another designer who is lucky to still be there, nice prostitute chic Mila.)

(Mondo’s jazz hands leave a lot to be desired, but his design WON!)

(Austin’s ode to Marie Antoinette placed 2nd.)

(In the bottom, obviously…the bow? WTF?)
And yes, one of season 2’s brightest stars faded as Kara Janx was eliminated, six designers remain. Damnit, I forgot to mention, Anything Goes Broadway star Sutton Foster served as guest judge. She agreed with me on Mila’s “prostitute/pre-Pretty Woman” disaster. Unless Kenley screws up really bad next week, Mila will be on the chopping block, but who knows? Everyone is vulnerable. I would tell you about next week’s challenge, oh wait, I remember, the designers head to the United Nations….it’s been a long week.

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 6 (Wrestlin’ With Polka Dots)

Wrestling seems way too manly for the All-Stars, but this week the eight remaining designers had to pair off in a “Fashion Face-Off”. Ironically, wrestling was also the theme on this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and it was fierce! Well, I only use the wrestling theme because Mondo says this week’s challenge is like Wrestlemania, well, Fashionmania.
The paired off designers were assigned a season and to design sportswear for said season. Kara and Austin got Spring, Mondo and Kenley got Summer, Mila and Rami got Autumn, and Michael and Jerell got Winter. Naturally, Jerell decides he wants to design a coat, however, Costello also wants to design a coat-like thing, and as he moves along in his creative process, Jerell gets suspicious. Mondo and Kenley opt for polka dots. Quote from Mondo, “if she (Kenley) is the polka dot queen, I’m the polka dot princess”, polka dots? Really? Why not embrace their competitive spirit?
(I’m not gay brother! Courtesy of Flickr/reubendn)
Costello is not a sportswear designer, and neither is Mila. I thought she was in trouble, because she decided to take on a cape and she had never made one before. That’s why there are called “challenges”! I don’t remember Mila at all, I think she was on the season when I got sick of the show and I decided not to watch. It obviously didn’t take or I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Ha Ha huh? After an awkward dinner break where Jerell and Michael argue about their coats again, both decide to forge ahead and let the judges decide.
  (Yeah, not similar at all, Courtesy of
As expected, the judges favored Jerell’s over Michael’s and for the first time in two weeks, Costello ended up on the low-scoring end (Finally!). Moving on to the Summer face-off, I was totally expecting Mondo to take it, but…
(Courtesy of
The judges were more impressed with Kenley’s design, even though she keeps repeating the same concept with the short sleeves and such. By the way, when Kenley gets a hold of a pair of scissors, watch out! Didn’t she throw a cat at an ex-boyfriend??? As boring as Kenley is, she’s been well-behaved this season. No sassing the judges, yet. 
Austin, Mondo, Michael, and Rami ended up losing their fashion face-offs and sadly…
    (Say it ain’t so, Courtesy of
Rami was sent home and Jerell won the challenge. One side note, Rami’s designs were seen during Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, yes, draping pays off!
 (Rami’s designs on the front row Courtesy of Project Runway’s Facebook/
Next week: one word…BROADWAY!!!!

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 5 (Lemme Borrow That Top!)

(Courtesy of Flickr/ME!)
I’m sorry, but when I paused the intro for this week’s episode to go to the bathroom, the image was hilarious. That’s Michael reacting to Diane Von Furstenberg last week. I love how Mondo is like “what?” and Kara is like “I have gelato!” I know I’m weird. 
Well, the gelato hopefully all melted and the designers’ challenge this week involved acquiring half of their materials from folks in Central Park and they had to use whatever funds they had left to buy materials at MOOD. And that involved asking normal (yeah right) people for “the clothes off their backs”, what ensued was Anthony getting more men than women to say yes–he got one guy to strip his shorts off, Austin wanted the guy’s underwear, but the trade-off? Austin got the guy’s phone number. BURN! Michael obviously found the challenge a little daunting as he was struggling to find a dress, you know he’s a draper and he was coming up empty. But when he did find what he wanted he said “it’s like chickens were hatching, Jesus was coming back…” really? I mean all they had to do was take this betch’s advice:

(“Lend me the top betch! Courtesy of
Anthony was fire with the one-liners this week. When he saw Jerell’s he said, “it looks someone is Coming To America” and he had a point.

 (Seriously, what is that? Courtesy of
And the bottom looked worse, but he was safe. Of course Jerell thought it was hot, he was totally delusional. Anthony on Kenley, “she is loud…if a black person says that you are loud, you are too loud!” I was dying. By the way, Kenley helped Kara finish a pair of pants, huh? I still can’t believe both Kara and Kenley are still around. Ironically, all the surviving ladies in the competition will survive to see another week as all three, including Mila, were safe. 
Austin’s outfits, which I’m totally obsessed with, more than any designs on the show, was again bizarre.

 (Leather pants, circa 1980-something Courtesy of
Speaking of Miss Scarlett, he was safe this week. In the bottom? (rim shot!) were Michael (finally!), Jerell, and Anthony. On top, Rami and Mondo…and thank God Mondo finally won a challenge and he damn well better win the whole thing! 

(Courtesy of
Oh yeah, this week’s guest judge was hockey player (?!?) Sean Avery; he interned at VOGUE and he apparently has some sort of fashion sense. In other words, they were desperate. That’s all I got. Next week the designers pair off, as 8 are now left, to face-off against one another, hmmm?   

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 4 (Gelato IS Ice Cream)

I’m loving how this season’s shows are only an hour long. It makes these blogs a bit easier to construct. And the hour really flies by when I DVR it, thank you baby Jesus! It’s not that the shows are all bad, I just think the whole Project Runway franchise has run its course. It’s no wonder Lifetime has developed other fashion-themed shows like 24-Hour Catwalk and Project Accessory. I haven’t watched either and I don’t plan to. That said, let’s move on to this week’s challenge.
(Definitely NOT Freddie Mercury, Courtesy of
I find myself obsessing over what Austin Scarlett will wear next, and this week I guess he was tryng to evoke the late Queen frontman, acid-washed jeans, wife beater, and all. A personal style FAIL. This week’s challenge was to create a design in just six hours based on a flavor of gelato, or ice cream to you and me.
(Yummy?, probably)
Why ice cream? Not all gelato is vibrantly colored, but to interpret a flavor is mind-boggling. And the designers’ gelatos all had fancy names like Fruit of the Forest, Grapefruit, and Cantaloupe, well not that fancy. IT’S ICE CREAM! Many designers, including Mila and Mondo went the literal route on color choice and (spoiler!) they both did well. Michael Costello was given the opportunity to choose his gelato first and he picked…grapefruit? And he ended up with fabic I assume he thought looked like pink grapefruit, but it read more like a pink-like flesh tone. But guess what?
(The Jackass won his second challenge in a row with that, Courtesy of
And Michael about lost his shit when guest judge/fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg told him to give her a call. Puuhlease! The winning design would be/will be worn by Aussie supermodel/Orlando Bloom’s baby mama Miranda Kerr who also served as a guest judge. I loved Jerell Scott’s dress this week, by the way, he seems to be the cattiest in his interviews, yet he hasn’t won a challenge yet, step it up girl! He was safe, as was Austin, Kenley (who is making the same dress over and over), and Rami.
In trouble this week once again was Kara Janx. She seems to grasp what she wants to do but then can’t convert her ideas to her design, which ended up looking like a maternity dress/upside down gelato cone. April Johnston was also in the bottom; her dress was nice, but poorly constructed which she blamed on the 6-hour time limit. Also in trouble?
(Hey Girl! Courtesy of
Sassy Anthony Williams, who went a little too literal. His looked really clunky and he said he wanted the effect of a melting cone, okay. He won’t go very far. Mila and Mondo also joined Michael at the top; I’m really wanting Mondo to step it up since we all know he should’ve won his season. Alas, we said good-bye to April, and I knew she wouldn’t go far either.
Next Week: The designers head to the park to ask a bunch of strangers for their clothes, or that’s the impression I got. YAY!

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 2 (Mustache Rides Again)

(courtesy of
I really don’t get Austin Scarlett’s mustache.  When I went to look up images of him, there were no new ones, except the one you see now. His look is still as feminine as ever, but the mustache, I guess, butches him up. It’s almost as if I don’t take him as seriously as a designer on All-Stars. Oh well. Scarlett’s talents were in full effect for this week’s challenge, design a couture gown appropriate for a “night at the opera”, seems easy enough. But it wasn’t for everyone. 
Michael Costello had to chime in that he grew up listening to opera and I swear he mentioned the name Michael Buble’, but then he mentioned Andrea Bocelli. What a kiss-ass! Costello’s confidence this time around is very surprising, considering he’s not much of a designer. As strategies begin, April Johnston decides she will NOT use a black fabric for the challenge, I thought I was going to fall off the couch. Instead, she decides to go with red, but when the designers head to MOOD, Michael also initially decides on red. Ruh-roh! If you recall last week, the two designers also chose the same implement–mops–for their respective designs. So Michael decides on black, which as it turns out would be a good decision. April’s choice of red gets mired by the fact she wants to dye it at the bottom, uh oh. 
The designers only have 24 hours to complete their gowns and on day 2, Austin’s wardrobe reminded me of that old band from the 80’s Madonna got her start in in the late 70’s, The Breakfast Club, remember this ditty?
At first, we see Mondo assessing Costello’s neck piece for his gown, and I’m thinking, “is this jack ass really going to stray for help?” No, he was just seeking some advice. Enter this season’s mentor, Marie Claire’s Joanna Coles, who I’ve decided is the poor man’s Tabatha Coffey. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Tabatha rip apart the contestants? And wouldn’t it be cool if Project Runway was still on Bravo? One designer from the Bravo days of the series is season 2 runner-up Kara Janx and she was in trouble this week; her fabric was a butt-ugly floral print, not appropriate for the opera. Also spotlighted is Anthony Williams who I didn’t think had a great fabric, but his design, with some crucial accessories, looked pretty good. I’m still not wild about Angela Lindvall taking over the Heidi Klum role on the show. 
Guest judges for this week were design team Badgley & Mishka who are pretty much one of the go-to teams for any big event, like an opera or red carpet. Top designers: Austin-SHOCK!, Anthony, and Michael; the bottom 3: Kara, April, and one of last week’s bottom 2, Sweet P, who designed a dress so not worthy of the opera. 
(courtesy of
And sadly, Sweet P is no longer in the competition, though I think her print was better looking than Kara’s. Next week is when the designers take on Miss Piggy–Hi-Ya!

Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 1 (Seriously?)

I’m really not sure how I feel about this new edition of All-Stars. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great competitors: Mondo Guerra returns hopefully to win after being screwed over by that bitch Gretchen Jones, Austin Scarlett and his mustache, Rami Koshou (another runner-up), and season 2 darling Kara Janx. Those are the ones to watch. The rest are just filler.
 First of all, Michael Costello got way too much camera time; he’ll be gone soon. Although he did make a good point, he and Rami are “drapers” so Costello sees him as his main competition. Sweet P declared Janx to be her main competition which is totally random, because Sweet P doesn’t have a chance to win. Also back are fellow season competitors, Jerell Scott (good) and Kenley Collins (bad!!!), her voice is annoying as ever. The spitter Elisa Jimenez is back, but she says her saliva is a “blessing mark” and that people pay her to do this. Someone needs to tell her spitting is a form of assault and it is so not fashionable. Anthony Williams is there for nothing but his sassy comments. He said he can accept Jimenez because his grandmother was committed to a mental hospital, zing! 
Aside from the designers, the biggest changes, which are the host and judges may scare away viewers. Supermodel Angela Lindvall slips into the Heidi Klum role and she’s very boring. The new Tim Gunn is Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles, she’s not bad, but Gunn is always a delight to watch. To be fair, Gunn has moved on to a new project, ABC’s newest foray into the daytime talk show world, The Revolution, which will begin airing January 16th. It’s a life change show, and it will be interesting to see how it fairs. Lastly, there are new judges, Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman and designer Isaac Mizrahi. Mizrahi is catty, but not as catty as Michael Kors, fail! Chapman is a little better to look at than Nina Garcia, but she won’t be as catty either. Another change? No individual challenge winner gets immunity, so this will make the show go by faster. The prize package for the winner is the biggest ever, $500,000 which includes a cash prize of $100,000, a year-long guest editor position at Marie Claire, various sewing equipment, $100,000 from HP, and the winner will get his/her own boutique at Nieman Marcus plus he/she will get to sell his/her designs on Nieman Marcus’ website. So the ante has been upped considerably, sorry Michael Costello. Oh, I almost forgot, another change, the designers’ workspace is no longer at Parsons, although the school will still host the runway shows. It’s all too different. Here’s another reason this season will be way too different, one of the guest judges?
 Miss Piggy, need I say more…