Kim Done Flipped Again!!!…

Oh dear…I just wonder how many times Kim Zolciak will say she’s gay, then she’s not, and so on and so on until I go nuts…Zolciak, in a Fox News exclusive, has now admitted she is in a relationship with a female, namely DJ Tracy Young…which I think she denied a relationship too…I know a new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta will be filming before the year is out and you know, it will include all of this friggin’ drama….here’s Kim’s quote on her first kiss with Young, prepare to gag!
“We were both going through heartbreak at the time. I had split up with Big Poppa, and she had just ended a relationship she had been in for three years. The first night we met, we just connected on a different level. We ended up talking for two hours. After that, we started working in the studio together, remixing ‘Tardy for the Party.’ We gradually became closer,” she added. “There were sparks, but [physically] it was a gradual situation. Tracy made the first move. Our first kiss was passionate and exciting.”
These actions prove Kim will do ANYTHING to get attention and press! uh huh.

Don’t Hate Me Because (I Think) I’m a Lesbian…

I’m not sure what to say about this…but last night, I found a story that Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is now dating a woman, namely, DJ Tracy Young, who just happened to remix Kim’s auto-tune extravaganza, “Tardy for the Party”…now, my opinion on women turning gay for publicity reasons is clear…I don’t like it…and I’m willing to bet you a case of wine–Kim loves her wine–that this is exactly what is going on…I had a feeling something was going on when Kim changed her avatar to a NOH8 picture of Young and her…I kept thinking, “is Kim going gay???”…so I am not all that shocked at this news…one of the producers of the RHWA says Kim may “come out” in the next season, which hasn’t started filming last I checked…it should also be noted, both Kim and NeNe Leakes were demanding huge pay raises for next season…in the spirit of this news, and I pray Bonnie Hunt parodies this before she goes off the air, here we go: