Ryan Murphy Must Love NeNe Leakes Because…

The self-proclaimed “rich bitch” has landed a role on Murphy’s new sitcom for NBC, The New Normal. Will she be appearing on GLEE again? Yes! I must say Leakes is seriously distancing herself from the Atlanta housewives and Bravo. The New Normal sounds a little like ABC and Emmy darling Modern Family, but I’m sure with Ryan Murphy at the helm, nothing will be as cute and cuddly. 
I think I’m just afraid NeNe will end up being typecast in her renewed acting interests, but again, it’s Ryan Murphy! Her character will most likely have a dark side, but I’m sure will mostly serve as an element of comic relief. All of this puts the debate of who is the biggest break out star from the Real Housewives of Atlanta to rest. I know Kim Zolciak, who got a spin-off (Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding) would like to think it’s her, but really, Zolciak isn’t wrapped up in the goings-on of Leakes anymore. I miss their fights! I suppose they all have to grow up. And by the way, it was announced last week, Kim and new hubby Kroy Biermann are expecting their second baby, so Kim doesn’t stay out of the headlines for long. But we have always known NeNe is the real star. No, I haven’t forgotten Kandi Buruss, she’s a star but with a different path and she has chosen to increase her visibility little by little, which is a much better plan.
I cannot wait until this Housewives’ season four reunion! I wonder who will get the most attention?

Murder House I Barely Knew You Or An Airing Of Grievances

It’s Festivus and I have a big grievance to air. Apparently, after this week’s clunky American Horror Story season finale (I’ll get to that shortly), series co-creator/man I love to hate Ryan Murphy, broke the news season two would be totally different, as in a new setting, new lead characters, and a new haunting and/or ghost scenario. HUH?!?
Although I’m not opposed to the idea, what will become of this lady?
Are you telling me Jessica Lange aka Constance Langdon will NOT be back next year???? It’s crazy talk considering Lange and the series have snagged Golden Globe nominations for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-series, or Motion Picture Made for Television” and “Best Television Series-Drama”. Oh and Lange has also netted a SAG nomination for “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series”. Here’s the nutty part, she’ll win, but she won’t have a series to go back to, unless Murphy thinks of a creative way to bring her back without drudging up all of the back stories from the Murder House. I guess this means Jennifer Grey’s cameo as Constance’s hairdresser will go unfulfilled as well. Sigh.
Okay, in the article, Murphy says some of the regulars from season one will be back, but who? I could care less about everyone except for Connie Britton…she is easy on the eyes! Now, about that finale. Could it have been more fluffy?
I say the episode was clunky, because it seemed the writers tried to cram all the Harmons and the other ghosts into one sequence, and when they tried to scare away the new family moving in, it played out much like this:
 It fooled me into thinking it was maybe the first episode of season two, you know the whole “three years later” and then seeing one of the twins holding a bloody knife with a shit-eating grin. Very Dexter which I have not watched since season one. American Horror Story will definitely fall into a sophomore slump, and I hate that. I’m not saying my curiosity isn’t piqued, I’m just not sure you can erase everything that made the first season of the show so good. This is the reason I’m dreading season two of The Killing, a show that also failed to deliver in the season finale. Who killed Rosie Larsen? “We aren’t telling you until season two and then we are going to move on to another case.” BULLSHIT! I guess if Ben (Dylan McDermott) hadn’t died then the series would have continued in LA, but I guess he had to die, he had to be just as an annoying asshole in the afterlife as he was in his previous life. Mission accomplished! 
Thus my tumultuous relationship with Mr. Murphy rolls on. He’s lucky he cast NeNe in Glee or I would have had to dot both of his eyes out.

American Horror Story IS The Anti-Glee

I think I can now officially forgive Ryan Murphy.  All of the drama with GLEE, Chord Overstreet leaving (then returning), an unconfirmed spin-off for Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, and Chris Colfer, The Glee Project process, it’s all been erased with his new FX series American Horror Story.  The show is chilling, it has its dark comedy moments, it has Jessica Lange in her first TV series (she rocks!); in other words, it’s brilliant.  I was a bit skeptical when I heard of the concept: a Boston family in crisis uproots and they relocate to a haunted LA mansion to start over.  How many movies/tv shows have been based on a similar scenario?  Plenty.  The one I compare AHS closest to is The Amityville Horror which was based on a true story.  
You have a child, Addy, played by Jamie Brewer, who has Down Syndrome and she kicks off the story in the 70s by telling these red-headed twin boys “you’re gonna die in there!” when they go into the haunted house to trash the place and then, they mysteriously die.  Each episode begins with a incident that occurred at the house in the past.  Addy’s mother Constance, played by a fiercely sharp-tongued Lange, is in on whatever has happened in the house of horrors.  To be fair, if you have been watching, a lot has been revealed in just three episodes; this week’s episode entitled, what else, “Halloween”, is in two parts and it will mark the first appearance of Zachary Quinto (he’s everywhere!) as a previous owner of the “Murder House”.  On Halloween, FX will air the first four episodes, this would be a great time join the terror!  Or if you have On-Demand service, you can catch up that way too.  
Oh, yes, what about the family?  The Harmons have been messed with by the house from day one.  Ben, played by Dylan McDermott, is in trouble the most so far; he seems to keep losing time and he might be harming and/or killing his patients.  My opinion.  His wife Vivien played by my new celebrity crush Connie Britton,
OH God, she is hot! (eonline.com)
she also is in a great bit of danger.  Another image from the first episode, Vivien goes through a “traumatic miscarriage” and guess what?  whoever that rubber-suited guy in the poster is got it on with her and she’s now pregnant.  Rounding out the Harmon clan is the modern day Wednesday Adams or Lydia from Beetlejuice daughter Violet played by Taissa Farmiga (as far as I’ve investigated, Farmiga is NOT related to actress Vera Farmiga), she’s curious and she’s perfectly fine with the family staying in the house.  Two other key characters are the long-time housekeeper Moira played by Frances Conroy and Tate Langdon, played by the creepy Evan Peters.  Ben seems to always see a much younger and sexier Moira he keeps trying to resist her.  Tate, on the other hand, originally showed up as one of Ben’s patients, he befriended Violet, then he was dismissed by Ben, now he’s just hanging around…something isn’t right here.  One thing is clear, Constance, Moira, and Tate are all part of the murderous history of the house and another former tenant, Larry Harvey, played by Denis O’Hare (what’s with the horror streak man?) keeps hounding Ben about getting out of the house.  He’s probably a ghost, as the others probably are too.  It’s good stuff!
American Horror Story airs Wednesday nights at 10E/9C on FX….the AHS Halloween marathon starts at the same time this coming Monday night…are you scared yet?

The Glee Project Finale: Ryan Murphy Becomes Oprah

Okay, okay, maybe I’ve been too hard on this guy, but as a loyal GLEE fan, can you blame me?!?  Ryan Murphy’s priorities may have shifted from the behind the scenes drama of GLEE to his new FX series, American Horror Story, but he’ll always be the show runner of chaosFirst, a quick recap of the finale.
The final four–Lindsay, Damian, Samuel, and Alex– get their homework assignment, “Glee-ality” (original, huh?) and they finally get to perform the song that started it all for GLEE over two years ago, “Don’t Stop Believin’.  When the finalists see that Murphy himself is their guest mentor, they get right to it.  As Damian starts to sing the first line, Murphy stops him and asks everyone if they have worked on any choreography, they looked puzzled, then the tells them he thinks they need a little help.  No, not from a big GLEE star, but from their fellow rejected competitors, even Cameron the quitter.  So after a rousing rendition of the Journey classic, the final four are told they will be shooting a video for the Pink song, “Raise Your Glass” and the video will co-star all of those other competitors, but feature the final four vocally and individually.  So the final four record their vocals for the video with Samuel lacking in energy.  
After the video shoot, the final four are told they get to pick their own songs for last chance performances, this time in front of the usual folks (Ryan, co-creator Ian Brennan, choreographer Zach Woodlee, vocal coach Nikki Anders, and casting director Robert Ulrich) and in front of their fellow competitors and GLEE mentors from the season (Darren Criss, Dot Jones, Ashley Fink, Jenna Ushkovitz, Max Adler, Harry Shum Jr, but NOT Mark Salling, Kevin McHale, or Idina Menzel).  I still think it’s kind of cheap one of the big stars from the show never made an appearance, maybe next season.  
All right, to the final performances:
First, Lindsay sang “Gimme Gimme” from the musical, Thoroughly Modern Mille, a song I’d never heard before.  She was good, probably the best she’s been all season, but I could not stand she went with her crocheted hat, Bohemian look.  Next, Damian takes on the old Bobby Darin swinger, “Beyond the Sea” (he dedicated it to Hannah and Cameron, awwwe!), I’ve always had a soft spot for Damian, he’s never been the strongest overall performer, but he’s always given 110 percent and then some.  I thought Samuel’s take on Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” was the most understated of the the performances; the audience was a little stunned after seeing two show stoppers.  But he stayed true to himself.  Last, but never least, Alex came out in drag! to perform “I’m Changing” from the musical Dreamgirls; ah, I loved it!  The panel was taken aback and fascinated.  
After taking a few notes from the audience, the panel deliberated and really, I had no idea who was going to win; I was still hopeful Lindsay wouldn’t win.  And I got my wish!  Murphy first eliminated Alex–WHAT?–I was devastated, then he eliminated Lindsay–YES!  So we we were left with Sam and Damian.  Murphy tells Sam he wins; the crowd goes wild, there’s a smattering of confetti, but wait!  Murphy directs his attention to Damian and he tells him he also has won!  Both Samuel and Damian will get seven episode arcs on season 3 of GLEE, unbelievable.  Is it over???  No!  Murphy tells both Alex and Lindsay they will also be on GLEE, but for only two episodes…not too shabby!
I mean, how did this not happen:
If you think you have what it takes to be on The Glee Project, click here.

The Glee Project Will Have A Final Four

Yes, it’s about over…and without this dude…Cameron says he doesn’t regret quitting…whatever…
So let’s see who can actually win this thing/7 episode arc on season 3 of GLEE

Although Alex Newell has had his diva flaws, he’s been the most consistent vocalist, oh, and the best vocalist in the competition. Yes, GLEE already has an overflow of gay characters, but it would be nice to see Alex written as a freshman or as a male diva to compliment Mercedes. We’ve seen him in drag, which that has NOT happened on GLEE, and I believe we’re going to see him in drag again in the finale. In my opinion, with the exception of Damian and Samuel, he should win.

Irish-born Damian McGinty has been a revelation and he’s improved every week; heck the boy couldn’t stay out of the bottom 3 for a couple of weeks in the first half of the season. He’s probably the weakest singer in the competition, but he has charm and he has heart. And I don’t believe GLEE has had an international and/or exchange student in the cast. Damian provides the writers/producers with the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

He looks like a character and he acts like one, and Samuel Larsen would make another great addition to the GLEE cast and not for appearing to be a bad-ass. Ryan Murphy has said in the past few weeks, and he said it when Cameron was still in the running, is that he would like to write a different kind of Christian character. We didn’t find out until last week’s episode, Samuel has several biblical quotes tattooed on his body. Who knew? Think the guy that quit KORN. Well, Brian “Head” Welch quit the band to find God, but he’s still rocking. 

I put Lindsay Pearce last, because she has the least chance of winning. Why? Hello?!? Rachel Berry; I don’t think McKinley is big enough for two of the same type of character. Plus, she isn’t the strongest singer; she’s suited for musicals, but NOT for GLEE. I’ll be so mad if she wins! I think the only note Murphy and co-creator Ian Brennan discussed on last night’s episode was that she would make a good freshman. Wow, revolutionary. (Sarcasm!)

All will be revealed next Sunday night at 9E/8C on Oxygen! Who will it be?

Reversal Of GLEE Fortune!

Breaking news from Comic-Con!  According to GLEE executive producer Brad Falchuk, stars Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, and Lea Michele will NOT be exiting the show after the upcoming season!!!!!  Although all three characters will graduate, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be leaving Lima, OH behind for good.  This is an odd turn events considering Ryan Murphy has spoken about the change/”graduation” for months and now he is usurped at the GLEE panel on the final day at Comic-Con.  Could there now be a big turn-around behind the scenes?  I doubt it since this team is one of the hottest in television, but who knows at this point.  I’m still very nervous about the evolution of the show next season.

Little People, Big Divas (This Is NOT Becoming A GLEE Blog!)

Well, it was bound to happen, and last night it did.  Little cutie pie Matheus Fernandes was sent packing by evil Ryan Murphy.   I was shocked, especially after the “let’s all work as a team” speech Murphy gave concerning Alex’s dissing of Matheus’ hitting the high notes ability.  I totally thought Alex would be let go and he was in the bottom last week.  Matheus, however, has been in the bottom a lot and I have to ask myself why?  He would be a perfect character for the show, he would wow audiences, but maybe he would annoy them, I just don’t know.  Murphy’s constant note to Matheus was “be sexier” or “be more of a leading man” which the latter is sort of silly if you consider how GLEE has evolved.  Yes, Chris Colfer received his second straight Emmy nomination last week, but in the end, the show is about coming together as a team, yet Kurt Hummel is the kind of unique character Murphy is looking for on The Glee Project
Last night’s episode “Pairability” was weird on all sorts of levels.  The initial challenge involved the competitors pairing up to perform Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” (it’s also been on the show) and Matheus and Alex were paired together, oh boy?  Let’s have a look, oh and I apologize for the volume, it was the best copy I could find, so crank it down a little bit:
If you thought that was odd, here’s what happened when Hannah and Alex teamed up for their music video for “Nowadays”:
Alex has his faults, but he is the under the radar contender, however, was it fair to make him go drag, though I’m sure he didn’t mind?  What is now getting on my nerves is this guy is becoming the nerdy, yet sexy contender
 When Cameron was in Egypt’s land indeed.  I beg of you if you still haven’t seen The Glee Project, check it out Sunday nights at 9E/8C on Oxygen–yes that channel made the cut in my basic cable (whew!)–and if just can’t wait or you are bored, hulu has the first 4 episodes available to watch, same scenario on Oxygen’s site, just go to “full episodes” and select The Glee Project, and I’m sure this week’s will be posted soon. 

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

Last week, I wrote about Chord Overstreet not coming back to GLEE as a regular; but an even BIGGER bombshell landed this afternoon. It’s now being reported Cory Monteith/Finn, Lea Michele/Rachel, and Chris Colfer/Kurt will NOT be back after the upcoming 3rd season; their characters will be the first in Ryan Murphy’s evil plan to have Senior(?) New Directions members graduate. At this point, Murphy is now really setting his show up to “Jump The Shark”, how does the show go on without three pivotal and more importantly, series-defining characters?  I’ve loved GLEE from day one, but I’ve always feared it wouldn’t last, and I think when the ratings dip this upcoming season–they will–and then when they really dip in season 4 without 3 major stars, you may not see GLEE anymore.  They will need at least five seasons, maybe four, to make it into syndication status, and then, that will probably be it.  Because how do you make a show like this fresh after two seasons?  Will all the glee clubs/show choirs across the country fall apart if GLEE is not on the air?  And will its young-ish stars find a way to get out of the shadows of their GLEE personas?  All difficult questions to answer.  No more drama!

And The GLEE Fallout Begins! (Somewhat)

Well, I should use the term “graduation” rather than “fallout”; either way, GLEE fans aren’t too happy about Chord Overstreet’s demotion from “series regular” to “occasional guest star”.  And who got bumped up to “regular status”?  Darren Criss/Blaine obviously, and, it pains me to write this, but also Harry Shum, Jr./Mike Chang.  I have nothing against Shum, but I’ve never been able to stand his character.  Making him a regular does make sense, but why limit Sam’s time; I thought Ryan Murphy, when he originally put out the word he was going to “graduate” some of the cast members, he would keep Sam around, and this is also after it was implied at the end of season 2, Sam and Mercedes were now an item.  It doesn’t make sense. 
What some fans may not know is Overstreet is the son of country singer/songwriter, Paul Overstreet.  The elder Overstreet has co-written some of the biggest country songs, including “Love Can Build a Bridge” (The Judds), “Forever and Ever Amen” (Randy Travis), and “When You Say Nothing At All” (Keith Whitely, then Alison Krauss); so Chord will be okay.  It’s rumored he will be recording and releasing his own solo album–Yes!  And he’s being currently seen as part of the season two GLEE Live! tour…so, we’ll just have to see.  I’m really nervous to see what Murphy does next. 

I Love The Glee Project!

If you are having massive Glee withdrawals, fret no more, Oxygen’s The Glee Project is the fix to tide you over until this fall.  One sidebar, creator Ryan Murphy announced last week, when season 3 ends, he will graduate some of the cast members…yes, it’s happening.  The goal of The Glee Project isn’t necessarily to fill the impending void, but to give one of now 10 hopefuls a 7-episode arc next season.  I wasn’t planning on watching the show at first, it airs on Sunday nights, which for me, are booked solid; I really don’t know how I will go on after The Killing‘s unsatisfying season finale; will we ever know who killed Rosie Larsen? and better yet, will we even care by next March?!? 
First of all, if I didn’t love Ryan Murphy enough, I love him even more seeing his critiques on The Glee Project.  He reminds of one of my assistant band directors from high school (I love you Ketih Guier!) and he knows exactly what he wants for his hit show, characters!  I would say the majority of the competitors hit the nail right on the head.  You have the flamboyant male diva (Alex, and he’s sassy!, love him!), you have the regular diva (Lindsey, who the other girls hate!), you have an Irish dude (Damian, that’s really his name), you have the “Rock of Ages” wannabe (Samuel, dredlocks!), you have the nerdy, sensitive type (Cameron), and you have the WHITE big girl (Hannah, I’m rooting for her!)
Last, but not least, you have the short one, no, I mean really short, 4’9″ to be exact.  Meet 19-year-old Matheus Fernandes from Atlanta, GA.
Oh my goodness!  I admire him and I hope he makes it further in the competition.  I wish I could pull up the clip from this week when Murphy, after seeing Matheus and now departed competitor, Ellis Wylie, critique them, he said “…it’s like attack of the little cutie pies…”  I lost it!  Just some other primer, the competitors work with the entire Glee team to dance, sing, and to finally shoot a big group number and each week, a guest judge works individually with the winner of the “group sing in the band room” portion at the beginning.  At the end of each episode, the competitors perform Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On” with the latest one not called back; it’s kind of cheesy.  However, please check out The Glee Project Sunday nights at 9E/8C on Oxygen.